Car academy

It's a high school for cars what could be more fun! Also their are no teachers, but as result the top students who are the fastest of the cars made a system. The school is divided into two halves. The upper half thinks their better than the lower and doesn't associate with them much. This is also the first year girls have been allowed in. Follow the students through their school days and see what this fun school for cars is really about.


31. Day 10

 Hi, it's Yellow. A lot of people love me! I can't blame them I am amazing. Some people say I'm self-centered enough to rival Baby blue. I don't know what they're talking about I'm just speaking the truth. I mean I did save the world. Yes me Blue, Red, Purple, Green, and Orange saved the world together. I'm so sad though. My beloved Orange isn't in school when I finally get in. She acts like she doesn't like me, but I know she does. Oh did I also mention the god of our world's favorite color is Yellow? I must be blessed! I went to Blue's room today though I'm not supposed to be on the 1rst floor. Purple didn't get in either so we couldn't talk about girls so the discussion ended up on Red's disappearance. Shadow must've heard us talking because he busted through the door. How rude! he told us what he knew about the disappearances. I was shocked. I had to get my rest to soak all this in goodbye.

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