Car academy

It's a high school for cars what could be more fun! Also their are no teachers, but as result the top students who are the fastest of the cars made a system. The school is divided into two halves. The upper half thinks their better than the lower and doesn't associate with them much. This is also the first year girls have been allowed in. Follow the students through their school days and see what this fun school for cars is really about.


23. Day 2

It's me Blue again. I'm in the top 5 where I belong again. We also have much better racers this year and my best friend Yellow is in. I only wish Red could've got in too. It's been kinda sad when I and Yellow get together ad we know we will probably never see him again ever since he had gone missing. I and Yellow talked about new racing techniques by the track. I miss purple I'm surprised she didn't get in this year. Yellow seemed sad to every year he is on Orange his girlfriend isn't, and when he isn't she is. It's nice to have Rolly back though. We saw him as we went to get an oil change. We caught up and he told us about the rough way he lived when he ran away, but I'm pretty sure he made up half of it. I don't think a car can drive straight off a train, and I'm pretty sure he was camping out in an alley, not the deep dark forest. I'll have him tell you the story himself when it's his turn. I went to practice after that got a few laps in. Then I texted Purple and went to my garage and called it a day.

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