Car academy

It's a high school for cars what could be more fun! Also their are no teachers, but as result the top students who are the fastest of the cars made a system. The school is divided into two halves. The upper half thinks their better than the lower and doesn't associate with them much. This is also the first year girls have been allowed in. Follow the students through their school days and see what this fun school for cars is really about.


11. Day 11

Hi I'm lightning I am the 6th place racer this week. After the humiliation of last week I'm gonna train harder than ever. I let my guard down and that wasn't ok. This morning Fang called for a floor representatives meeting. It is when the top racers of each floor come together to talk about how the school can be improved. It rarely happens and only the top floor representatives are listened to. Luckily I was one of them. I went to the floor above the top floor. This is where the race is held for the top 5 to race for graduation. One day I'll be racing here for graduation. Right now there are only 8 people who have ever been in the top 5 so i have a pretty good chance. I will let you know Fang's speech was terrifying. He kept going on about how the lower half shouldn't be here. he made it mandatory for them to do 20 laps around the school square each day. They can only get the lowest quality gas. They are not allowed to get a car wash. The list goes on. If they broke any of the rules they would go to the tower. The tower is a cold dark place located right at the edge of the school. It used to be an old jail before the school was established. Now students use it as a place to punish one another. I've even heard about one guy who went there and starved to death, because everyone forgot he was there. I was even more sure now that i needed to practice and stay on top. Finally he put down a final rule that made his rules unchangeable! So even when a nicer person came into power they couldn't do a thing. He immediately announced his rules this morning. When i went outside to practice I saw Pink. She looked absolutely terrible. Her wheels deflated from the laps her windows covered in dirt. I quickly finished my practice and went back to my room. I saw Volt on the way back two. He is a very good friend. he should be the one to become leader not Fang. I went to sleep in a burning rage and Fang. Imma make sure he never gets the top spot again and he definitely doesn't graduate.
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