The Disease

Everyone on earth was infected with a disease with no cure. The only thing keeping humanity alive is a drug that fights the disease, but can’t kill it. Jan runs out of money to buy her daily drug and she realizes something. SHE ISN'T DEAD!


1. Patient zero

My name is Myla Tena I am 17 and this is the story of the way I became an angel.

It was a nice day of summer and only five weeks until the first day of school. I was cleaning up the kitchen a bit when Katey, my little sister, turns on the tv. It immediately went to har favorite channel. Katey is eight and she loves the movie my little pony. She is watching and an interruption message comes on. She starts to yell at the announcer , “what the heck I was watching something dumbo.” I yelled at Katey saying, “shut your mouth. What is he saying.”

“I don’t know something dumb. He interrupted my movie.”






The announcer was saying something about a serious disease that they found and told everyone to not go to the forest. I wondered why and Katey was about to throw a tantrum. I remembered that my big brother, mason, was going into the forest to get some flowers for his wife. I didn’t know why but he just wanted to. I looked at my phone and saw that it was still recording from my video I was posting. This was prof if he needed any.


............………………...........A couple hours later..........………………….


I saw mason walk in the house with a grosey bag. He walked in and just fainted. I rand and caught him before he hit the floor and just realized how heavy he was I called for my other sister Emma to get down her and fast. She runs down the stairs and freezes as soon as she sees mason on the floor. I yell at her, "CALL 911 NOW!!!" She pulls out her phone and dials 911. "911 what is your emergency?" was the voice on the other line.


"My brother fainted on the floor and he wont wake up!" Emma said crying.


"We will send someone out right now. Is their anything else about what is going on."


"His face is turning purple and his eyes are bleeding from the finger nails."


"Is someone doing CPR?"




"There is someone on..."


Emma interrupted screaming, "He just woke up and now he is coughing out blood!!"

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