Wounded Dream

3 towers. Millions of teens. Trapped and willing to escape at midnight tonight.The Apprehsives, The Despondents and the Bidirectionals try to break free for their freedom into an unknown place. No doubt there will be blood, death, heartbreak and the unexpected....

*May contain strong language and Profanity*


Author's note

This story may be a work of fiction, but the writer has drawn upon real experiences. Most of the work written stems from an experience. Maybe the 'Towers' are real... but just not physical...

3. Free...


The strip search took longer than I expected. Puffy Eye was going slow on purpose, just to annoy the hell out of me. It was 12:10. There was no sign that the mission was even operating, but that was one thing I anticipated. The Despondents would be careful about how they break through. My floor, Floor-Three, was still going under 'Cell Checks' and strip searches. The Securers must have told the Guards to start from Floor-one hundred and work their way down. So technically, Ninety-seven floors of Despondents should be currently active, but that was unlikely. I was wrapped from head to toe, in what must have been a used beach towel, to cover up my nude body as Puffy Eye went through my clothes, searching the pockets thoroughly. He threw my tattered T-shirt over his shoulder and sneered at me.

'' Your clothes are pretty clear, but I don't believe that for one second, boy.'' He taunted, his hands going through the pockets of my tracksuit bottoms. They were old and getting tight on me anyway. What used to be a warm, cosy grey blanket for my cold and weak legs was now nothing but a ripped piece of fabric, covered in dirt and blood that I wore just for modesty reasons. Not that I needed to be modest. I hardly ever left my cell, much like the other Despondents, but tonight would be the first time we do. Guard A was getting bored too, constantly yawning, and looking outside my Cell door, as if begging Puffy Eye to quicken the process. 

Sleepiness and loneliness have been my only two loyal companions for the past three years since I've been in The Tower Of Despondency. My mind zoomed back to my days where I lived in a cosy little cottage, near the coast of Australia. My father was the town's favourite baker, making daily fresh cakes and buns, but always saving me the eclairs and chocolate-cheese cake for the end of the day, while my Mum worked in the town's local nursery, nurturing and educating toddlers five days a week, then coming home in the evening to sit on the family table with us but not before kissing dad. We would switch the telly on and make jokes about Jeremy Kyle, and the Kardashians and life seemed like it could not have gotten better. On the morning of my twelfth birthday, my mother had gifted me a brand new console and Dad had given me some extra cash that he had been saving up for me. I remember taking it out of his hands and my face beaming, then running upstairs and looking into my mirror, which was on the left to my window but the right to my bed. I remember looking at a boy with eyes that shone a bright hazel brown that matched his spiky 'chocolate-chip' hair as mother used to call it. A reflection of my content and ecstasy- I was one year off from being a teenager. I reminisced my utter excitement, galloping out the door in the early morning, the sun's rays tenderly stabbing the Earth's fragile land as my fingers hugged onto invitation cards. I remember Mum's laughter as Dad called after me, telling me it was too early. There was not a cloud in the sky, the birds were singing their familiar melody of tranquillity as joy kissed itself onto my cheeks.

I looked at myself now. Broken. Scarred. Craving for death. The only thing that kept me from being nude was this stupid towel, that was tied at my waist and held up by four paper clips. That is how fucking ridiculous this place is. Mother and Father would be wondering where I am. Or they would have given up. It has been three years. They must think I'm dead, because all they know is that when I was handing out invitations for my twelfth birthday, I didn't come back. My once 'shiny hazel eyes' were now nothing but boring, dull eyes that stared into space or teared up at the most inconvenient eyes. My 'spiky chocolate' hair that met Mother's lips every morning before school was nothing more than just lifeless and limp strands of an ordinary brown. Everything seemed to have lost its colour about me. That's because there is no colour. I'm empty. Full of emptiness.

After what have must have been forever, my conscious was bought back to Puffy Eye.

'' Where is it?'' He scowled.

'' Where is what?'' I asked, yawning and stretching my bony body in all directions.

 '' I look a lullaby to you, eh?'' 

'' No sir''

'' Answer the damn question boy, where is all that shit that you guys hide?''

'' I don't think you can expect him to make them magically appear'' Guard A interrupted, ''We searched him up. He's got nothing. Best if we search up the rest.''

Silence. Puffy Eye glared at Guard A, and was met with a pair of eyes, brimming with unwavering calm.

'' I do not receive orders from a try hard Guard who has no idea what he's doing.'' Puffy Eye responded, his rolling voice dangerously quiet.

'' Neither do,I sir'' replied Guard A, and with that, he walked out of my cell without dismission.

'' The damn fool'' I heard Puffy Eye mutter. He turned to me, '' You better get your stinky arse back into what you call your 'clothes'' 

I decided not to argue as he threw the pieces of fabric onto my face and walked out, as I heard the familiar ‘click’ of the cell door locking after him. I unpinned the towel and let it drop dramatically to my feet. I was cold. I crawled myself into the pieces of ripped fabric: my grey tracksuit bottoms and my blue shirt- with only one sleeve. I had no underwear to wear under my bottoms either- one of the reasons why the Tower Of Despondency had worse living conditions than the other two towers. I looked at the pale beach towel at my feet- it was sticky and damp. I had no idea how many people have used it- and for what reasons, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the last to use it before it gets a wash. I lowered myself and carefully removed a pin, and left the remaining three untouched. I stood back up carefully and placed the pin into my mouth, just in time before Puffy Eye barged his way back into my cell.

“ Almost forgot about this” he said, walking over to me and picking the towel off the floor. He stared at me suspiciously for a few moments, before shaking his head and walking out whilst locking the cell door behind him. As darkness enveloped my tiny cell once again, I spat the pin into my hand. I finally had a way to get out....


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