Wounded Dream

3 towers. Millions of teens. Trapped and willing to escape at midnight tonight.The Apprehsives, The Despondents and the Bidirectionals try to break free for their freedom into an unknown place. No doubt there will be blood, death, heartbreak and the unexpected....

*May contain strong language and Profanity*


Author's note

This story may be a work of fiction, but the writer has drawn upon real experiences. Most of the work written stems from an experience. Maybe the 'Towers' are real... but just not physical...

2. Breaking





'' Oi! Scarlet!! Get your lazy ass up now!'' I whispered. Not only was she my best friend, my roommate and one of the best people I've ever had in my life, Scarlet also was the laziest soul anyone could have ever come across. It's a wonder how us two got along so well- we are literally polar opposites. A few months ago, I had a long silky curtain of blonde hair, and hers was a brown short 'bob cut'. Fast forward to the present and you can see she is growing hers out while I've cropped mine so short that it just reaches my jawline. This gave her the regal and elegant look that she's dreamed of having, and gave me a more edgy and 'rebel' look that I've been craving. She still hadn't woken up so I kicked her hard in her ribs.

'' For Gods sake! You said it once and I heard okay? I get it!'' She scowled, rolling out of her sleeping bag on the floor.

'' No you don't. Its 12:10. Word has it, the Despondents are so far doing the best at breaking off. They apparently started earlier than us. The Bidirectionals- we have no idea but you are lucky I let you get an extra ten minutes of sleep''

She swore and uttered a few profanities before getting up. Our bags were already packed. I decided to wear skin-tight black jeans and a white hoodie that I stole from a fellow Apprehensive a few months ago. Scarlet was in a similar outfit but only difference was that her hoodie was grey- and was actually hers. 

'' You ready?''

I didn't need her to respond. She might be lazy but knew the difference between nap time and time to break free. No alarms have went off yet and the Security seem to be getting a goodnight's rest. This was expected for the next fifteen-minutes or so. There would be approximately a hundred active Apprehensives at this moment. 

We walked the few paces to the cell door. It is locked every night, and Scarlet had managed to organise Christian and Peter to open ours from the outside. I pressed my left ear against the hard, cold metal of the door. No footsteps could be heard. Not even the slightest. Sweat began trickling down my neck in steady rivulets.

'' They are not here yet. How long do you think they will take?'' I asked, barely whispering.

'' I'm not sure'' was Scarlet's nervous response, '' But their cell is on Floor ninety-six, it would take them a while anyway''

I began scratching my leg nervously. Anyone would have thought that I was suffering from a rash, but Scarlet was also doing the same but on her arm. I managed to catch a glimpse of her old silver watch- it read 12:14. 

'' Peter! Christian! Hurry the hell up!'' I begged under my breath. At that moment, the cell door's lock flicked and I instantly ran out, crashing into three hooded figures, then Scarlet's weight catapulted itself onto me. Untangling ourselves and stood up as the realisation hit me. It was still too dark to recognise any faces and the corridors were as narrow as my desperation, but I could tell Scarlet was as confused as I was.

'' You're not Chri..'' I began

'' Christian and Peter sent us to get you out. Security on third floor know something is up, and have locked all remaining corridors that link. Christian is working with Peter on the rooftop, getting as much people from the hundredth floor out as possible through the windows, as planned. We were the first three that got out, and Christian asked to get you guys.'' The hooded figure had a deep rolling feminine voice and drew out two knives from her pockets. The other two figures ran on either side of the corridor, and began unlocking each cell on our floor. 

'' Okay. Thanks for the into but me and Shade are gonna go. Bye!'' Scarlet snatched out the knives and ran off to the left. Without a word, I followed her. Sure enough, as planned, many Apprehensives were pouring out their cells. It took a while for me to catch up with Scarlet, she was already in a lift by the time I was by her side. 

'' We are gonna need these'' She handed me the knife as the doors closed and the lift began moving upwards.

I nodded and just admired at how my best friend can morph from a 'Sleeping Beauty' to a full blown rebel in minutes. 

'' Getting this lift is gonna make things easier for us'' She continued.

'' I know. I thought all lifts froze after 11 pm.''

'' They do- apart from the Securers' lifts'' She responded calmly, a mischievous grin stretched across her face as I met her eyes.

'' Oh you are almost as bad as me!'' I laughed. The lift began slowing down. We both drew our knives. Our faces set. 

Welcome To Floor Ninety--two

The view of a dark, empty corridor embraced our eyes as the door opened slowly. We dashed out in a heartbeat. I could see Scarlet was already shaking but I was not sure if it was rooted from fear or adrenalin.  My body's muscles tensed up to the point where it was almost painful and my throat tightly hugged my vocal cords. It was eerie. Silence. Silence meandered in every space that my eyes examined. Scarlet was the first to relax and slowly crept forwards. I followed her, my deafening pulse bouncing around in my mind, and blocked out any existent noise- if there was any. Without wasting time, the two of us sprinted down corridor Ninety-Two and slowly pushed the big iron doors to the stair way. CREEAKKK. We winced at the ear-piercing shriek of the double-doors- Iron scraping against Iron in the loudest manner possible. A dull thud followed. Multiple dull thuds. They gradually became louder and more recognisable. Footsteps- from the floor beneath us.  

'' Quick!'' Scarlet hissed, as we both dashed up the stairs. It was a spiralling, endless cord of metal stairs that reached the end of eternity. The occasional 'clang' was the sound generated when either of us hit our knees against the steep steps, whining in excruciating pain but continuing to try and make our ascent as quiet as possible. It must have been ten minutes when we reached half way. We both sat on a step- that was unusually larger than the rest, and took a few moments to catch our breaths. Scarlet's knee was bleeding. It was dark, but you could see a huge 'splodge' of something wet leaking from her jeans. 

'' You stay here'' I advised, '' I'll go down and try to hold off as much Securers as I can. I'll send someone to help you.''

Scarlet shook her head and attempted to stand. '' No, I'll be fine. We need to get to the rooftop before 12:40.'' Her legs buckled and she fell back into a seating position, crying out in pain. Tears blossomed in my eyes. Seeing my best friend like this was awful.

'' You can barely stand. The stairs did your legs dirty.'' I continued with a soothing voice. '' Stay here, I'll get an Apprehensive to get you up but until then I need to stop the Securer's from discovering you on the stairs.''

'' They don't even know I'm here''

''... Yet. But you know they will cover every inch of the Tower now they know somethings up. Our floor, floor one-hundred and you've even seen yourself, Floor Ninety-Two are completely empty. The Apprehsives are doing a great job at getting people out their cells but now EVERYONE knows about it. Everyone. I'm not sure how many other floors have been emptied but I'm guessing more than half by now. You're not in a good state to run. I'll get help. Trust me.'' I offered a supportive hand to her shoulder but she dragged me into a deep, long hug. Too long. Reluctantly, I broke off and carefully placed my weight on the previous step. Then the next. I carried on and watched as Scarlet's silhouette became increasingly smaller and smaller, until I was right at the foot of the stairs, and she became a small, speck of a dot. 

'' They must have taken the stairway instead'' A voice boomed from the other side of the Iron Door. '' That sly Scarlet and her bitchy friend- I saw them go through those doors.''

Panic struck me heart like a lightning bolt. There wasn't another Apprehensive in near sight for back-up. My body tensed as I heard them come closer to the door, before it swung open and revealed four Securers- All with knives and guns in their hands....

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