Alexa Jones is a daughter of Werewolves and she has nothing but her strong sense of smell to show for it. She is incapable of shifting and hasn't met her wolf yet.

The day she meets her mate, she knows just by looking him in the eyes, that they would never be able to be together. And so when the rejection finally happens, she isn't surprised. But the heartbreak is something she didn't expect to feel so strongly. So, she leaves before she could accept and return it. Too hurt to think straight.

And while she's on the run, she meets one of the most unlikely of friends.

Started: 28/3/19


2. Matched



It's embarrassing to look back at the things I'd done as a kid.

I was that overdramatic little girl that when she didn't get her way, she'd start packing. I'd leave a terribly misspelled letter stating I was running away, on the dining table and then go outside with my little pink Barbie bag over my shoulder and hide in the bushes waiting for a panicked response from my mum.

It took a few attempts before I realized that she didn't really care because she knew I was waiting outside. That she knew that I knew I wouldn't survive a single night alone out there by myself.

So, she would wait by the front door where she would pull a chair from the dining table. 

I would walk inside an hour or so after my initial fit, softly sniffling into my hands. And then when I would see her, I'd run forward and jump into her awaiting arms. 

She would scold me and then everything would be forgotten.

Those times were a lot easier.

Right now it's five in the morning and I'd been awake for an hour and a half, cleaning the remnants of my little sisters 16th birthday party. Pink and white glitter littered the polished wood floors, multiple balloons were flying around, all the colours of the rainbow. Beer bottles and red cups sit across every flat surface.

Daniel, my sister's dad, is asleep across one of the two couches. He snores loudly and in his hand, cradled into his chest is an empty beer bottle, its contents soaked into the white couch.

He'd stayed home to 'monitor' the party, but in reality he just stayed to drink the booze his he'd purchased for Ashley. He's a very heavy drinker and carries a little metal flask around in his pockets. He even has back ups in his cars and bags.

He was verging on being an alcoholic.

His blue button-up sleeves are rolled up and I can see the tattoo of my mothers name across his right arm. Kathryn Jones.

I wipe the sweat off my brow with my arm, thankful that I'd tied my hair back to keep it out of the vomit I was currently cleaning up. How could someone bring up so much?

I tried to keep as quiet as possible as I furiously scrubbed, the evidence of Daniel's rage in red across my back. Hidden from the sight of the others in our pack. They haven't healed, not like they would for a wolf. Even though I am the daughter of two full-blooded werewolves, I still haven't shifted. I still haven't felt my wolf.

When I was a child I would try to imagine what I would look like in my wolf form. I would be completely black, with brown eyes and taller than everyone else. I would be so strong and powerful, everyone would bow to me. 

But I've learnt not to think about it, I was just giving myself false hope. And that's the worst kind.

I knock over a bottle and flinch as Daniel's snores stop, I freeze completely waiting for him to fall back asleep.

The snores continue and I sigh in relief. 

From upstairs I hear the ruffle of Ashley and her mate, Dave, in her bed. He snores louder than Daniel. They had disappeared halfway through the party and everyone had heard them when walking past her room to get to the bathroom. 

The entire night, I had spent trying to keep everything safe. Mostly just mums things. But Daniel had a way of making out everything was my fault and I knew that in the morning he would blame the mess on me. So, I'm trying to clean it all before he wakes up.

So far that wasn't going so well, because he had decided to sleep on the couch almost as if he wanted me to piss him off so he could react. 

He was the kind of man that would do that. He gaslighted me and he manipulated me, and he was good at it. 

I look up at the mantlepiece above the fireplace and stare at the smiling picture of my mother. She's beautiful and you can just see how happy she was.

My mother was a good person and she didn't deserve the death she was served.

No one deserved a death like that.

I tear up at the memory of her last moments, the screams and the pleas. There was nothing I or anyone else could do.

I shook my head free of the dark memories, burying my face into my elbow, wiping away the tears.

And I continue to clean, hoping I get it finished before sunlight.


There's a knock on the front door at breakfast. Everyone is sitting at the dining table, eating their cereal or toast quietly. 

I'd thankfully managed to clean everything before they had woken up and the disappointed look on Daniel's face spoke volumes.

The person at the door knocks again impatiently. 

"Well, what are you waiting for, girl?" Daniel says, pausing mid-bite of toast and pointedly looking in the direction of the front door.

"Sorry," I muttered, quickly getting up and walking to the door.

Daniel grunts, muttering not so quietly that I was too slow to be a werewolf. But I didn't let it get to me, Daniel's jabs and digs were something I had very sadly gotten used to.

The man is more childish than his teenaged daughter.

Ashley in all of her newly sixteen glory smiled sympathetically up at me when her father turned back to his cellphone and breakfast. She mouthed a sorry and I smiled back. 

She's wearing a denim jacket and white and black striped crop top. High waisted denim shorts and her hair is curled, hiding the purple bruises from last night. 

I really love my little sister, it was just a shame that her father is a prick.

I open the door and there stood Dave, who had snuck out as daylight appeared, and his older brother and his friends. 

I freeze as my eyes lock with the one person I never thought I would ever meet. I didn't need to have my wolf to know that this right here is my soulmate. 

Xavier Johnson, son of the Alpha, younger than me by a month and today had been his birthday. He's handsome, what werewolf wasn't good looking? We were known to be insanely good looking, especially when standing next to a human. You could literally pick a werewolf out of a crowd of people, because of his looks.

Xavier Johnson has the presence of a next in line Alpha. Everyone in our pack and every other pack knows he will be a strong Alpha. And I knew just by looking in his eyes that I wasn't what he would have wanted. I'm not even what his parents would want for him. Because his family is notoriously known for marrying and mating only other alpha born men and women. And I am not a daughter of an Alpha and most of my pack doesn't even classify me as a werewolf. 

It takes all of my control to rip my eyes from his own wide and in shock ones. 

"Ashley?" I ask Dave, who looks at me confused but nods anyway. "I'll get her." 

I turn and leave, with the door still open. While everyone looks between me and Xavier, confusion in their eyes.

Turning my back and walking away from him, was so unbelievably hard. 

That's how quickly the connection begins.

But there is no way for a werewolf that isn't even able to shift to live Happily with an Alpha who values physical strength over everything else.

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