Alexa Jones is a daughter of Werewolves and she has nothing but her strong sense of smell to show for it. She is incapable of shifting and hasn't met her wolf yet.

The day she meets her mate, she knows just by looking him in the eyes, that they would never be able to be together. And so when the rejection finally happens, she isn't surprised. But the heartbreak is something she didn't expect to feel so strongly. So, she leaves before she could accept and return it. Too hurt to think straight.

And while she's on the run, she meets one of the most unlikely of friends.

Started: 28/3/19


3. Intuition



I spend the day setting myself up for the initial rejection. It wasn't that hard telling myself these things, not as hard as I would have thought. 

It was just a chant in my head; "He's going to reject you, He's going to reject you, he's going to reject you." so don't be surprised.

At school, we spend the entire day dancing around one another. Once one of us noticed the other, we'd turn and run the other way. It was difficult because we had a lot of classes together. I didn't even know he was in my Japanese class, probably because I sat at the very front every time and hardly let my eyes stray from either the teacher or my notebooks.

It was as if we had this mutual understanding. Stay away from each other and everything will be fine.

Xavier wouldn't meet my eye and I wouldn't meet his, he keeps his attention on his girlfriend and his friends. 

His girlfriend, a girl I wish I could hate, was human and so completely innocent and unknowing of her boyfriends supernatural status. You just couldn't hate her when she's doing bake sales for charity and helping anyone that needs it.

His parents, our Alphas, we're very obvious with their dislike of her. But they didn't force them to break up, simply because they knew he would one day meet his soul mate and their relationship would be no more. He would go straight to his soul mate, oh how wrong they were.

The sudden revelation of me being his mate did add a little bit of jealousy to my gaze whenever I saw her. But I did my best to reign it in, I think I did okay.

I spin the keys of my car on my finger, waiting nervously and impatiently for Ashley to arrive. She and Dave had asked me to take her home because he had practice and would immediately be going home to his parents for a 'big family dinner'.

So, while I wait I busy myself with counting as many trees as I could see. Something I always did to distract myself. It was great because we lived in a very remote town, where everything is hidden behind trees. You couldn't look anywhere without seeing them. A perfect place for werewolves in need of hiding themselves.

She was ten minutes late, which wasn't all that bad as she'd been later before. I could smell Xavier's scent, so strong and wonderful. I hated it. It was every scent and smell I'd ever liked, ever. 

My nose is the only ability I have from my werewolf parents. It's better than my sisters and Daniel's and nearly everyone in the pack. Because it was the only one I could utilize. 

Xavier steps out of the school doors, his arms are around his girlfriend's shoulders and he's smiling wide at something she'd said. I wished I could hear it. 

He took a deep breath and his steps faltered. His girlfriend stumbles along with him, confused. I see her mouth move, but with my human hearing, I don't hear the words. 

He looks up and meets my gaze. My eyes widen and I turn away quickly. Coming face to face with a very shocked Ashley.

"Alex..." she gasped, looking between Xavier and I. My eyes widen as I realize she knows. I clamp my hand down on her mouth and drag her to my car. An old beat up white Jeep Cherokee, it had belonged to my mum and she'd left it to me.

"Don't say anything." I hiss, pushing her towards the passenger seat. 

We both climb in and Ashley can't stop looking over at Xavier who was guiding his human girlfriend into his car.

"What!?" She says. "Why not!? This is big Ally!" She shouts as I pull out of the school parking lot. "You met your M-"

I violently pull to a stop on the side of the empty road. I turn to her with a scathing expression.

"Don't say it! Don't you dare say it, Ash." I said my voice tight with emotion.

"Why not!?" She asks. "You found him, Alexa. We all thought that you didn't have one! You don't even have the mark!"

"Because then it becomes real. And it can never be real between us." I say leaning my forehead on the steering wheel. My voice cracks and I'm chanting; 'don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.'

Why is it suddenly so hard to think about? I  was fine earlier today.

"What!? Of course, it can, Alexa!" She shouts, throwing her hands up.

"No, it can't!" I pinch the bridge of my nose. "Just... Please, please stop fucking shouting at me. "

She goes silent and I can tell she still doesn't understand.

"Listen to me, Ashley." I turn to her and grab hold of her hands in my own. "His parents will force him to leave me, we both know that. Even if he wanted to be with me. But you should have seen his face this morning... it was like I was the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen."

"He might have just been shocked, " she says unsure.  Always the optimist.

I laugh humorlessly. "No, he didn't. But, it doesn't matter if he did or didn't. I'll go to the party on Friday, and we'll end what hasn't even started..." Sun God that was hard to stomach.

She looks at me sceptically but gives up quickly once she sees the defeated look on my face. I roughly rub my eyes with the heel of my hands, effectively smudging all of the lightly done eyeshadow and liner.

I start the car again and my mind is on the face Xavier had made this morning.

Why was fate so cruel to me?




First thing I do Friday morning, is psych myself up. I stand in front of the mirror, repeating the mantra: "It has to be done, it has to be done. . . we could never be together."

And it kills me a little more, every time I say it.

I'm all dolled up, for no real reason, just because I want to look good. What was wrong with wanting to look good for yourself? I never understood why people got so stupid about girls getting all dressed up and pretty, we don't need a reason to look nice. Guys aren't all we think of... Although one particular guy is currently on my mind and has been for a few days now.

"Ash hurry up!" I shout down the hallway, slinging my black handbag over my shoulder and slamming my bedroom door shut. 

"Hold on! I'm coming, I'm coming! Jeez!" she appears, stumbling on her new shoes and tying her long, curled blonde hair up. She looked great in her red leather mini.

Daniel had left an hour earlier to go out drinking with a few other members of the pack. He most likely won't be home until tomorrow. Daniel was a really relaxed father to Ashley, he wasn't too bad of a dad if you took me out of the equation. He let her do what she wanted and Ashley is a sensible girl, she's a bit more mature than the other wolves her age. She knows the difference between fun and completely stupid.

She gets it from mum.

"Looking good." I smile.

She looks me up and down. "You too, is that the dress I got you for your birthday?"

I do a little spin. "Yup."

I was strangely happy at the moment, I guess the reality of my situation still had to settle in before I would become a sobbing, emotional wreck.

She smiled wide. "I knew it would look good on you!"

I scoff overdramatically. "Everything looks good on me." and we both laughed.

We walk down the stairs and I can tell she's suddenly remembered what was going to happen today.

"Ally..." she began, pulling open the passenger door of my car. 

I sigh. "Yeah?" I shut my door with a little more strength than needed.

She winces and turned to look out the window as I backed out of our garage. "Maybe you should talk to him before you do it..." she sounds uneasy as if expecting a big outburst of shouts and curses.

But I don't shout and I don't curse. Honestly, I'm just too emotionally drained to care. "I don't know, Ashy." I sigh, pulling out of our driveway and turning in the direction of the main pack house, which was where the party for Xavier's birthday was being held. 

"You both might want to stay together! You know how strong the bond is between soul mates!" she says.

I flinch at the mention of soul mates, shaking my head. "Okay... I'll see if we can talk, but who knows."

She clapped excitedly. "Yay! Oh, I can't wait until you guys announce it!"

I shook my head, trying not to smile at the excitement my little sister was showing on my behalf. She's the best. "Don't go getting ahead of yourself, Ash. We don't know what he's going to do, he could turn around and reject me before I could even say anything to him."

She scoffed, waving me off. "Please, he's not that stupid."

I smile. "Let's hope so."

Because Moon goddess knows it's all I've got left.




Arriving at the party I was suddenly hit with dread, nervousness and a strange giddiness. "Stupid fucking bond," I muttered, locking my car. My heart rate picks up as I imagine Xavier's face and quickly try to shake my head free of his influence. 

There were pack kids and humans everywhere. The humans were more noticeably drunker than the wolves, we had very strong immune systems and could really hold our liquor. Strangely one of the only other things I picked up from my werewolf parents, although I hardly used it. 

Ash looks over at me, with her supernatural hearing, she'd heard me over the pumping music that shook the ground. She looks sympathetic. "Don't worry, Ally," she says, walking up to me. "I'm probably gonna stay the night with Dave, so don't wait up, okay?"

"Yeah." I nod and she disappears into the crowd without another word.

Xavier's scent is surprisingly easy to follow through the crowd of drunk and drinking teens. I find him outside, he's sitting in a quieter part of the back yard, leaning back into his chair with his arm wrapped around the shoulders of his girlfriend, whose name I'd never cared enough about to learn.

As I step outside he looks at me.

"Can we talk?" I ask under my breath, too quiet for his girlfriend to hear and it went over his werewolf friends heads as something directed towards someone else.  He looks back at his conversing friends, uncertainty clouding his expression and then he looks back up at me and nods.

He makes up an excuse and walks up to me. 

The closer he gets, my heart beats faster. Traitor. 

He's dressed in his black school slacks and a white button up. A bit too dressed up for such an informal party, but who was I to judge?

He's standing right in front of me and I've completely forgotten the speech I'd rehearsed back home in the mirror. "Uh...." My mouth hangs open like an idiot.

He cuts me off, holding up his hand and shaking his head as if he was told a bad joke. And I instantly know that I had been right in my assumptions. "I'm just going to cut you off there," he says, his voice is heavy and his teeth clenched. 

I then notice his furrowed brows and frown.

"We both know this will never happen," he gestures between us. "You aren't even one of us. So I'm just gonna say it. I reject you, I reject you, do you understand? I don't have feelings for you and I never will. I have a wonderful girlfriend, who I love by the way."

Everyone is staring at us and I hadn't even realised I'd started crying until my tears hit my chest. 

"I never thought you would be this much of an Asshole about this, Xavier. I knew we were never going to be a couple, I knew!" I shout, slamming my fist into his chest. He must not have expected it because he stumbles slightly and looks at me with so much anger I'd never thought he would look at me with. "But I thought you would have the slightest bit of maturity and decency to do it kindly and when we were alone!" I gesture to the surrounding crowd of completely shocked teens. 

"What did you think was going to happen? I'm going to be Alpha, I can't have a mate like you."

That was the nail on the coffin, I turned and I ran before I could think clearly and return it. 




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