When a group with nefarious intentions attempts to change the world as we know it by altering the past, Lydia, a historian, Matt, a soldier, and his younger brother John, a scientist, unite to form an unlikely partnership, travelling through time to save history.


Author's note

Yes, it is similar to the TV show Timeless as the ideas have come from there but there will be a different ending

1. Hindenburg

‘Lydia, your phone is buzzing,’ called Rachel, she is my younger sister, she is fairly annoying but I still love her through.

    ‘Hello, this is Lydia speaking,’

        ‘Hi, this is agent Costa and we need to come to the address;  3100 Fairway Drive, San Jose, California as soon as possible and don’t tell anyone.’

Then suddenly he hung up the phone and I left for California for this ‘mission.’

I felt as though this was my duty. I was the chosen one. It felt like it was a test whether I knew my history or not.


When I arrived there was a dark, gloomy bunker, it was dim-light, not a lot of features, no furniture just a few tables with computers on. They were all hooked up to this large round object.  The object towered twenty-feet above me.


Later, three men entered, I recognised none of them. One gentleman had fine chiseled features, he was extremely handsome young man, with a height of  5'10', a well-toned body, and the physical appearance of a 25-year-old. He was wearing black shirts with black leather jacket that wrapped his muscles just right. With striking, intense blue eyes contrasting wonderfully against dark eyelashes and eyebrows, and a "bad boy" smile.

‘Hey, my name is Matt.’ He said in a seductive voice.

    ‘Hi, I’m Lydia,’ I said in a meek voice. I felt like I was nothing compared to the men next to me.


Then there was John, Matt’s younger brother, he had the similar features but they still differed a lot. John had a brooding, mysterious and intense aura. He had a pale complexion a broad forehead, strong bone structure and an angular jawline, forest green eyes, a straight nose and a well-formed mouth. He had short brown hair which is often gelled back. He had a heartwarming smile. John was slightly shorter than Matt being 5’8 and he has a flat-muscled and athletic physique. He was two years younger but looked like a baby.


‘This is the Team. A historian, and an ex-soldier and someone who can control the damn machine you have built.’ Agent Costa said as I spun to see Mr Jones, the maker of this deathtrap.

    ‘Oh, wonderful, please you need to stop Mason Parker as he has stolen the mothership and you need to stop him.’ Mr Jones was begging us like we really had any choice in the matter whether we helped or not.


I was still stunned when he told me that he had built two time machines, I still couldn’t believe that they were real and that they well worked. I had a bubbly feeling instead but was hidden behind an overwhelming sense of anxiety.


The mission was to stop the threat of the Government, Mason Parker. He was a total psychopath but I felt sorry for him in a deranged sort of way. He had a brutal upbringing not saying that his actions that he has done are right but we should give him the benefit of the doubt right or am I being too sympathetic to his cause? He made me feel like my problems with Rachel seem so insignificant. He had this lack of remorse going for him, he didn’t care who he hurt as long as one day he reached his goal.


‘Take no precautions when dealing with Parker. Shoot him if you have to.’ Mr Jones said.

We looked at him, Matt with a hint of happiness, John looking pale like the idea of killing another soul was outrageous and me, I just stared in amazement, Mr Jones wanted him dead and Agent Costa was fine with this.


On a screen appeared  man who seemed to be Mason Parker, he had a hint of the devil in his eye but had a way of being innocent the eye at first glance. His eyes were black like the night and he had


There in the midst of darkness was four shards of light beaming in from the train station. We had to get out of there, Matt, John and myself, Lydia. We were time -travelers from the future trying to save America. A threat to the government stole a time machine and Agent Costa assigned us to save the world which placed the fate of America into our hands.  The threat was called Mason Parker, he landed his time machine here, in a train station. The year is 1937. The only main event in America was the Hindenburg disaster. Why is he here? The Hindenburg is already a disaster all thirty six passengers died. Is he tried to have more casualties or is he wanting to save it? So many questions raced through my mind, I was burning with questions to ask once we had stopped him, if we were going to be able to. He had arrived earlier so he has had time to find or even steal some clothes. That is our first plan of action. There was lots of dark black overcoats so we borrowed three that fit us and off we went. The only problem was which state we were in and how far away was the Hindenburg anyway.


We walked cautiously over so we didn’t seem out of place and asked the woman at the reception desk.

‘New Jersey,’ she replied, I should have guessed so she has that accent you only get if they are from New Jersey. I find it horrible to listen to, it is twangy and it irritates me.

    ‘Thank you,’ Matt said as we walked away from her desk.


John rushed sneakily to the back where all the cars were parked and one by one we followed. He was able to hotwire a car, (I’m not saying stealing is right but we need the car more than they did.) We had to remember where the train station was as the lifeboat is nearby or we will be stuck here and I really didn’t want to be stuck in 1937 and soon World War two starts and then the Cold War. Let’s just say it would suck to get stuck here.


John peeled out of the car park and zoomed to try and reach Manchester, Township before the hindenburg was to brought back to land. He dodged cars and he driving at topspeed, many police cars were trying to reach us but we weren’t going to be like lambs going to slaughter and get caught. He raced down the street like he was in ‘Herbie: Fully loaded,’ trying not to get us killed.  

John drove us straight onto the field. When I stepped out my foot was submerged in mud but I didn’t care we just could not let Mason Parker do whatever he was planning to do to the Hindenburg whether it was save it or not. As this could have a knock on effect for our History and everything we knew could change.


If we can’t stop him, then there will be a ripple effect and only we would now the original, true history and no one else. It would be a disaster and as a history professor everyone should know the real history; failures and victories.


‘I can see Mason Parker, over there,’ yelled Matt in a rugged voice, it was kind of sexy.

    ‘Then chase after him.’ John replied after him.


Matt, once that had been said sprinted, like he was in the military again. I think he found it exhilarating but he would never tell anyone, however his face light up when he was in his element.


I saw another man who had been seen with Mason Parker and I chased him until he vanished and disappeared into thin air. Once I had stopped running, I was under the hindenburg, I quickly divided out of the way as the men starting to bring it down and the men were grunting and they slowly were able to pull down the hindenburg. Why was Parker saving the hindenburg? How did this benefit him? How is this going to change history?


We searched the rest of the area for Parker but he was gone like he was never there. We had to return before anything else that could have a ripple effect happen.  He must have returned to the mothership and arrived back into 2019.


John, again, race to get us back to the museum and into the lifeboat so that we might have a chance to catch up with Parker, the evil mence.


The machine rumbled when John tried to program it to take us back to 2019. The coordinates were set and we were on track to land in present time back at the bunker. The ride was bumpy the machine was jerked back and forth. This being our first trip and it will probably not be the last as we have to find Mason, it should get easier but I don’t think riding in a time machine will ever get easier.


‘There they are,’ boomed Agent Costa, he was smiling, I believe he was thankful that we returned in one piece.

    ‘What happened in 1937, Hindenburg?’ inquired John, but all of stared at Agent Costa to see the effect saving had on history.

        ‘Um.. well nothing the Hindenburg landed, that is good right?’

None of us wanted to reply, we had failed the mission but we knew the real history, that no one else knew, this made us special but we still had to find a way to reverse this.


Later, after all this, I came home.

    ‘Rachel, I am home.’ I called however, there was no answer.

I went into her bedroom but it looked as though no one had lived there and I knew Rachel, she had one messy bedroom. Was this a prank? I continued to search but there was no pictures of Rachel and I. I was only me and my best friends. Just me no Rachel. Had she been erased from history because of the Hindenburg. All because it didn’t explode. My sister, the only living relative of me has been erased from history because of me?

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