Onetime love was just a fortune, until something just wasn't, in a mind of displaced, grey misfortune, two teens discover the way love works is, by natural expectations, unfortunately there love is misplaced by toxicity, unknown lost dementias


4. Part 3 the lost pigeon

It was if Sandra completely lost her mind, then again, a mysterious bout of luck changed her mind, seeing Derek happy again made her expectations so much better.

It was if, love was in air, still airy though Derek, seemed so mellow of guy, their friendship was new, time and turged to to and better things, not just love but ordinary love, the kind that was just nothing special.

It was plain not waiting for but just meant to be, Sandra didn't have clue on, what Derek's expectations where?, waiting seeing aside the house behind the right hiding and as, if he was not willing to be friendly at all.

That's not what Sandra had in mind?,, it completely was different story, so different in fact time, was like waste of doubtful meanings, the love was there but was it really true love.

Upon scouting the home aside looking for Darrel some strange things of the corner, door was hidden, she knew derrel too well to doubt him, when in fact she started to doubt herself.

" this can't be, it's to ly to just give away the friendship". not only just whispering to herself, the door slightly hinged as she went in..

She knew the home aside her was abandoned, but this one seemed like Derek had second home.

Indeed the home wasn't his, as she looked closer the diary was top cover green, another unusual detail peeved her mind, Derek seemed to leaves one time, and then again he looked for something they both needed, her mind was, in disbelief.

The, true facts were not clear but she go home waiting, as did think Derek was there, but it wasn't him.

The pigeon on other side of lake shore, left imprints and defiantly a note, in her mind she just meet Derek, they just shared their and lived together, what more could be about him.

Taking the note, a pigeon had was blurry and unreconizing, she just forgot and went home. Looking again before it the day went as fast as the one before, however time was, as fast and slow as went.

Finally the wait, and Derek came in with surprise, not the kind she was looking for. 

"I wonder what this is, I saw a bird a pigieon."  Still wondering, what pigeon Derek? "She'said". Suddenly he lost some reculaitions and well as her. Though Sandra looked, Derek's eyes seemed struck with excitement, the bird almong the one he left carrier pigeon. 

As fuzzy as her mind was, Derek always seemed to bounce right out of his story's, trying figure out? Why that pigeon was even apart of Derek's mind.

"A silly bird, Derek the message was lost years, ago".. The bird somehow, was old story that lead a myth of way love true love was, and impossible way as it seemed, the horrible ending was lost as much as it was found..

Sandra would end up just going another room as sunset came and Derek took up hobbies, like night fishing or just watching tv... " I suppose i could find that old diary"..said Sandra....

It seemed like the boxes in room where under, a steep closet, and suddenly a mysterious pigeon came upon the window sill....shhhhoooee, Sandra was already early of birds of the sea. Then she, decided to nap and look for diary another day...

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