Wonder Woman

The Amazons have fought war after war at the whim of the God of War, Ares. Now as they take on one final battle to earn their freedom from his tyranny, yet if they are victorious what will become of them. As they face this uncertain future it falls on one of them to rise up and become the leader they need.

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Part of the MDCMU, my DC Comics Movellas Universe

2. Enter The Gods

The cheering and chanting came to a halt as the gaze of every single surviving Amazon sister travelled up to see Zeus stood next to their Queen.


“You have fought long and fought hard for your freedom.”


“You have all earned it and Zeus is the God of his word. I grant you your freedom; you will no longer be the playthings of my children of any of my children.”


The appearance of his daughter Athena interrupted Zeus as he spoke.


“Daughter what are you doing here, you were expressly told to stay away, that I will handle this, I will clear up your mess.”


“It is as much your mess as it is mine father, in fact I would lay blame at your feet second only to Ares.”


“I do not care for your tone, daughter.”


“You’re right Father forgive my foolish outburst, I beg of you to let me saty, I know that you were going to give them everlasting peace to free their souls from my mad brothers’ servitude, yet I have another solution.”


“A better solution, please allow me share it with them.”


“No, I have made my decision.”


“Please father, I beseech you to let me share it with them. If they reject it, which I do not believe they will I shall depart and speak no more of this matter.”


“We would like to hear what Athena has to say,” Themys said to Zeus. Then turning to look at the Goddess as she said we feel your daughter has a debt to pay us.


“Oh you would, would you Amazon.”


“Yes, we were denied that which was promised us, when she stood by meekly and said and did nothing as her brother took us and for so long used as pawns in his endless theatre of wars.”


“Athena could have, no she should have fought for us to give us the freedom she promised when she came to me. I who had spent so long travelled so far to find other disillusioned women and free them from the chains of male dominated societies.”


“Yes, she aided me considerably in convincing some of them to abandon lives lived and join me in seeking a new freedom. She went further than I ever could in restoring to life women who had been fatal victims of the brutal male regimes.”


“Still when your beloved son stole all of us and bound our souls to his whims, she did nothing. So if the Goddess, if someone I... we all once considered a friend like none of you other Gods had ever been to humankind then I say let us who suffered most by her inaction hear what she has to say.”


“Thank you, Athena said tears welling up in her eyes, before looking at Zeus to ask.


“What say you father.”


“Fine, I'll let up the Amazons hear you and let them decide if they're willing to put up with more interference from you.”


“What do you say Queen Themyscira.”


As reluctant, as she had been accepting elevated status by her sisters it did please her to hear Zeus call her Queen, to hear the God of Gods acknowledge her. This to her meant he also acknowledged all of them, their right to exist.


Moreover, it gave her a bit of a thrill that he knew her name.


After all, she hadn't sought power, but she had been the one who pushed them to fight.


Themyscira along with her sister Tialascira rallied them all to take action against Ares, to rise up and reclaim their freedom, the freedom to live their own lives and die as normal mortals again.


"My sisters and I will hear her, so the stage is yours Goddess Athena; tell them how you will make up for a hundred years of battle on top of the hundreds of years of war at the whim of your mad tyrant brother."


“Thank you, Queen Themyiscira I know you have no reason to take my word, but know my intent was noble.”


“I am so deeply sorry you were used, becoming trapped between myself and my brother and for too long were the pawns of the warmonger Ares who stole you and kept you hidden from me.”


“Truly I regret being duped into losing you and not powerful enough to find you my father not sooner forcing my father into taking a stand against his cherished firstborn and aid me in saving you my daughters from Ares insane bloodlust.”


“While I disagree with my father in his divine wisdom forcing these obscene games on you to earn that which was yours by rights, but it doesn't seem to change be he mortal or God men will fuck over the female of the species.


“Thus he refused to stop his sons’ violence.”


“That rebuke drew an angry glare from her father. Still Athena carried on talking and with respect father, you have no respect for women.”


“You see females as playthings and the womb to breed your heirs, never looking at his daughters myself nor Aphrodite as equally equipped to take over once you eventually pass beyond the living realm.”


“Due respect, what of this ugliness between self proclaimed Gods is of concern to us Lady Athena.”


“We seek our liberty not yarns of centuries of family infighting.”


“You're right my Queen, it is just my wish for you to know I sought the blessing of my father to create you it was not solely as warriors.”


“Yes I intended for you all to be powerful to fight if necessary and show that women can be as accomplished as any man on the field of battle.”


“We know this many of us had been warrior’s who fought alongside our men in the wars between settlements and emerging nations.”


“Only once peace was won to be told our input was worthless, that our desire to lead be diplomatic, invent better ways to hunt for food build shelters, improve medicine’s to write songs and poetry to choose who we would marry and raise families with rather than our bodies be used as bargaining chips in settling disputes uniting feuding houses.”


“We could and should have been given equal voice in the development of all our tribes and still be the daughters, wives, and mothers. Instead, they dismissed us as second-class citizens, or in many instances used by men for nothing more than their own sexual gratifications. Women had no recourse against men forcing themselves into our bodies. Bought and sold as playthings of men and too often killed with no punishment served to the men who stole life from us.”


“Even in a union entered into of our free will, violence could be inflicted us and we were meant to simply take it. Smile and carry on living with our oppressors.”


“I saw too much of this to continue living in this world without at least trying to do something about it, so I left behind that life.”


“I travelled across the lands of this world to find a better place for myself becoming ever more disgusted seeing the treatment of women was a constant no matter how different the tribe.”


“That was a final straw and the decision to find and free women was made, to gather enough to then find an unused territory for us to live in peace.” Themys said concluding her lament of the fates of all women.


"Her quest came to my attention and I sought to aid them father, you know my main aim was to reward not only the living but to reward the souls of women used and taken for granted in the so called world of man. Not just find somewhere for them but to create a place where they would be free of their demands and ingratitude.”


“Finally give peace to those so long denied it."


“That this path has been withheld from you for so long which through your strength, your ingenuity, your calm with the wisdom of a leader who saw what my Amazonians could be.”


“You have led yourselves to freedom and I could not be more proud and more determined than ever to see right done by you and that you receive the rewards you are long due.”


“Which is why I call upon you my father, to stand true to his word and not only free you from under the yoke of my brother, but grant you freedom and with it a place of freedom from man and from Gods including me.”


“I may have had the noblest of intention; however it seems I am not strong enough to stand up for you as you stood up for yourselves time and again.”


“Do you stand behind your oath, do you stand at the side of your daughter against your too long indulged and spoilt son.”


“What say you father?”


“I say you talked so long yet failed to express exactly what you now want I seem to recall a time not long ago you sought only to give them rest in death.”


“Now you wish me to pull from thin air a land for them a place where they would live.”


“Yes father, I would beg if necessary that you give them land, but not just any piece of land I would have you give them a place.to live free from the wickedness of mortal man and the cruel Gods who created and corrupted them, a paradise of their own.”


“That's something I know you can create father.”


“Very well, my daughter I see the place and I shall transport them there and leave, and hence forth neither the world of men nor neither you, I or my errant son will know of its location.”


As Zeus prepared to use his power to keep his word and move them to the unclaimed, unnamed piece of land another flash of bright light heralded the arrival of none other than The God of War himself Ares.

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