Wonder Woman

The Amazons have fought war after war at the whim of the God of War, Ares. Now as they take on one final battle to earn their freedom from his tyranny, yet if they are victorious what will become of them. As they face this uncertain future it falls on one of them to rise up and become the leader they need.


1. The Bloody Aftermath

She looked down at her injured right arm and tried to move it slightly, not even attempting to unfold it properly.


Just moving it up or down to see what range of motion she had left, but she screwed up her face grimacing biting on her lower lip to suppress the agony caused by even the slightest amount of movement.


She tried clenching her fingers into a fist, but they were clearly broken and even attempting to wiggle them caused her to wince in pain.


The pain she felt was a relief as she looked across the bodies of her dead sisters, tears began to fill her eyes staring at the losses.


She looked out for one sister in particular; actually hoping not to see her among the piles of bodies, but she did see her, her real sister.


She desperately tried blinking back the tears knowing she didn't have time right then to grieve, she needed to quickly refocus her mind from the sadness at losing Tiala and all the death surrounding and instead think about what she and her surviving sisters had won.




She attempted to stand up, only for the pain shooting through her leg to remind her of the wound in her left leg where a spear had gone through it.


The wooden shaft of which had managed to stop the bleeding as it was still embedded in her thigh, the pointed tip she broke off with her bare hands and used it to stab one of his enemy soldiers.


Though she had bleeding under control for the moment, at least until one of the medicinally minded members of the sisterhood could remove the other part.


As she tried to stay standing long enough to even attempt to walk, reminded her once more of the damage to the muscles and tendons in her leg as she collapsed to her knee after putting too much weight on it.


Two of her sisters saw her fall and came to her aid putting her arms around their shoulders, they supported her as she walked up the hill. The same one where she'd made her speech before the battle. The last unifying battle cry that united these Amazon women behind her leadership.


At the top she looked out at the survivors, some sat on the ground, some stood hugging one of their sister warriors seeking support at this difficult yet victorious moment.


One of the women handed her a sword. Temys as her sister called her stuck the tip of the blade into the soft soil, making a stand she could rest her weight on it for the duration of a speech she knew she must give, despite not exactly feeling in much of a celebratory mood.


"WARRIORS, hear me," she called out to them.


Everyone on the site of the last battle lifted their heads to turn and see where the voice was coming from, each of them looking up to the top of the hill.




She waited until the watching and listening women finished cheering her words before continuing.


Taking the tone of her speech down intent on addressing their fears and their sense of loss, to get their spirits back up and see what they had, not what they had lost.


When the cheering stopped, she began telling them.


I know at this moment as you look around all you see are the bodies of our fallen sisters we will mourn them nor shall we ever forget them. One day we all see them take their rightful place of peace in the afterlife.


We'll be reunited with Tiala with AnialDemiela, the women took over as they began calling out names of their fallen sisters until they had said the names of all the deceased. After the naming call Temys started speaking again.


You should all know as they do they did not die in vain for when you look around you will see that for every sister we lost, there are the bodies of ten enemy fighters.


We paid a high cost no doubt, but they are completely vanquished.


Make no mistake, even one sister cut down is one too many, but know this every single sister who lay down her life here today has done so with the respect and admiration of us all, and we will honor each one of them ensuring their names are never forgotten.


"Loss and grief aside," Temys said making up her speech as she went.


"Loss and grief aside, this day marks a new beginning for our people. For now and forever, WE ARE FREE."


"No longer have the playthings of a demented God with an insane bloodlust, who used us; who thought our lives expendable when he sent us into battled again and again.


No longer the toy of a well-meaning if naïve Goddess, who, although she sought to rescue all of us, to give us peace none of our souls knew when we existed in the world of man.


Unaware she condemned us to year upon year of service at the whim of her mad brother Ares; the God of War. As his army fighting and dying then being resurrected to do it all over again. In whatever conflicts he intervened in or instigated himself.


We all stood as one to Ares, it was all of us who dared challenge his tyranny.


We who stood up to our very creator to demand she release us from the burden of everlasting life that she forced upon us.


A gift turned sour as Ares used to his advantage never allowing us, a peace in death stolen from us every time we died in one of his wars against man or beast.


We won our freedom when we went face to face with Zeus himself and he intervened between his own warring children initiating the contest that has now ended in victory for us all.


A hundred years fighting everything Ares could throw at us and we stood tall, stood united and with skill with courage and determination we fought our way to this everlasting victory.


Our FREEEEDOOOMMM, she cried out.


FREEEEDOOOOMFREEEEDOOOOMFREEEEDOOOOM, the rest of the sisters cried out in unison; then began chanting it over and over.


Amidst the cheers Temys called out, "Show yourself Zeus, Show yourself Ares you mad God, you too Athena; show yourself and give us that which you promised to us."


"Show yourselves and grant us our freedom from the yoke of all you Gods."


A bright flash of light heralded the arrival of The God of Olympus Zeus himself.

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