Calla Lily

Callie Alder is just starting her new job as a cosmetologist in a fancy hotel. She is engaged to her high school sweetheart but doubts her true feelings towards him. Things really get confusing when she meets Yi Fan. Her heart is torn as she battles her own demons.


5. five

"This gumbo is to die for," Taking another bite I sat my spoon down. Lizzie was nearly finished with her shrimp po boy and Ricky was already finished with his etouffee.

Lizzie looked over at me, "So are you seeing anyone right now?"

Looking down at my left ringless hand I swallowed the newly formed lump in my throat, "Umm, no actually."

Ricky leaned in closer, "Ohhh single and ready to mingle. You know I think Mr. Li was checking you out earlier."

"No!" I snapped back. Their eyes grew wide at my response, "I mean no way would he give me a second look, besides I'm sure he probably has a girlfriend or something."

A smile began to form on Lizzies face, "Actually I don't think he does, come on Callie everyone thinks he's hot. There's no shame in admitting it."
"Yeah, he is isn't he?" I laughed, "Do me a favor, next time he wants a haircut please give him to Ricky or literally anyone else."

Ricky held his hands up in the air, "Hey no complaining here. You know the last time he came by to have his quarterly meeting with Schelly, I thought Jessie and Chaughn were going to blow him in the waiting room."

Raising my eyebrows I took a sip of my water, "They have a thing for him?"

Ricky rolled his brown eyes, "They have a thing for anyone with money, I know for a fact they've hooked up with several of their clients. I overheard them bragging about it in the breakroom one day."

An uneasy feeling began to form in my stomach, "Have they been with Mr. Li?"

"No I really don't think so, they're way too trashy for him." Lizzie laughed.

Oh thank god. Not that it should matter to me but the thought of him being with other women makes me feel jealous.

Changing the subject I directed the conversation towards Ricky, "So do you have a special someone?"

"Someone? No, someones, yes." He crossed his legs and nodded his head, "I don't like to be tied down to one man, I need a little flavor in my life. Let's see this Friday I have a date with Kenneth and on Saturday I'm going to the movies with Dante."

Lizzie clicked her tongue, "Ohhh Dante! You haven't mentioned him before!"

Ricky shrugged his shoulders, "What can I say, I'm a desirable man."

We all looked at each other and busted out laughing.

"This was fun you guys! We should do this more often!"

"Yeah of course!" They said simotunasily.

When we got back to the salon I glanced at Jessie and Chaughn as I walked back to my station. Both of them were pretty, Jessie though had a very obvious boob job that she showed off with her lace up long sleeve shirt.

Looking around I noticed Lisa was playing on her phone. She seemed more quiet and reserved, her long black hair was secured firmly in a simple ponytail, allowing for her sharp bone structure to really shine.

Ricky must've noticed me looking at Lisa, "Lisa's been here for about a year, She is really quiet, but nice. The clients love her though, good listener I guess."

"Well I'm going to introduce myself."

As I walked over to her station I cleared my throat to get her attention, "Hey I'm Callie, it's nice to meet you."

"I'm Lisa," her voice was soft and gentle, "Nice to meet you too."

"Hey maybe you could eat lunch Ricky, Lizzie, and I one day?"

Her eyes lit up, "Sounds good! Maybe one day next week?"

"Yeah absolutely! Just let us know what day is good for you!"

When I sat back down at my station, Schelly called my name, "Callie! Darling could you come with me for a minute?"

When I reached the reception desk Schelly started walking towards the main lobby area, "Mr. Li was so happy with his haircut! He personally asked if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to teach him how to style it."

"Oh, well um, sure." Trying to play off my nerves I joked, "Guess this is better than him hating it."

When we reached the elevator Schelly pressed the 20th floor button, "His office is on the very top floor, fantastic view!"

When the doors dinged open we walked down a hallway with large conference rooms on both sides. A man greeted us and instructed us to proceed to his office.  At the end of the hallway was a large frosted glass door. Schelly knocked and gave me a smile. A few seconds later the door swung open and we were greeted by none other than Mr. Li.

He looked at Schelly, "I promise I won't keep her long."

"No problem at all Mr. Li, I'm going to run back to the salon, we just got a shipment of supplies and I need to sort through everything."

When she started back down the hallway he extended his arm, motioning for me to enter his office. After I was inside he closed the door behind him. Walking over to his desk, I sat down in the plush black leather arm chair. His office was decorated just like the rest of his hotel, modern and beautiful. As he sat down in his office chair across from me I suddenly felt my whole body tense up. Everytime I see him he gets more and more attractive. His black button down was left open at the top, allowing his tan skin to show through.

"So.... Mr. Li, Schelly told me you wanted me to teach you how to style your hair."

"Well actually I wanted to ask you out, on a date." He leaned back in his chair, crossing his legs.

Date?! My heart began to pound, that electric feeling came back to me in a rush. "I... I uhh... yes!" I blurted out. My brain and mouth have officially disconnected. I'm still engaged and now I'm going on a date.

"Does Saturday night work for you?"

I'll go out with him on Saturday and end things with Brad on Sunday, "Yeah I'm free Saturday!"

He stood up, walking around his desk until he was beside me. Quickly I stood up, facing him.

"Call me Yi Fan..." me mumbled while bridging the space between us.

Before i could respond his long slender fingers rested under my chin, gently coxing my head up. My body was coursing with adrenaline, like the feeling of being on top of a roller coaster. But so much better, so much more exhilarating. His lips met mine, enveloping me in a cloud of warmth. My body melted into his arms, kissing him back. When we finally parted I couldn't stop myself from giggling.

When I stopped he smiled and pulled out his phone from his back pocket, "What's your number?"


"Just texted you, I have a conference call in 10 minutes, so if you don't mind I need to get everything ready for my meeting."

Snapping out of my kiss induced lucidity I took a step back, "Yeah of course! No problem! I- I uh will leave you to it then Mr. L- I mean Yi Fan."

Awkwardly I walked backwards towards the door and fumbled the knob until I was finally out of his sight. When I closed the door I raced to the elevator and did a small victory dance once I was inside. I feel like I'm 16 years old again and I just got asked out on my first date.

Opening the door to the supply closet, I saw Schelly sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by partially unpacked boxes, "Hey Schelly, I'm back!"

Glancing up at me through the tops of her reading glasses she continued unpacking, "How did it go with Mr. Li?"

Touching my bottom lip, I felt that tingle return, "Great! I taught him everything he needed to know... Umm... do you need some help?"

"No thanks dear, I will sort all this out eventually."

When I went back to my station I grabbed my phone to make sure I got Yi Fans text. Shit. It's dead. I'll just charge it as soon as I get home tonight.

When 5 rolled around, Ricky took me home. I wanted so badly to tell him everything, but I feel like I should give this time and see how my relationship with Yi Fan plays out. When I unlocked the door to our apartment I saw Nina in the kitchen.

"You won't fucking believe what happened at work! Remember the guy from the clu-"

She whipped her body around and gave me a strained smile, "Callie! I tried to text you! Guess who decided to drop by and surprise you?"

"Hey babe."

Fuck. It's Brad.

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