Wild And Wicked

As Timberlyn begins her new life of being able to do anything she would ever wanted she begins to realize that real life isn't quiet as simple as she may have dreamed. Her family is a world away. Her friends are non existent and now she has to figure everything out alone.


17. Chapter Seventeen

 Timber POV

 "Are you okay love?" Ashton asks while pushing open the bedroom door. I turn away from Harry and smile at him giving him a small nod. 

 "Well we're going to be heading out soon if that alright with you." He says looking at me waiting for a response. 

 "Um, yeah that's cool. It was really nice handing out with you Harry." I smile. 

 "Yeah, I hope you can come back." He tells me with a small smile. I watch a small smile and glint of hope flash across his face while I nod back to him. I stand up and take Ashton's hand that is extended to me. 

 "I think we should go say goodbye to your mom. She's going to miss you, you know." I whisper to him. He closes the door behind us and heads toward the stairs. 

 "I know but I have to go. Calum said that he has some stuff to talk about." He blankly says and continues walking ahead of me. What is up with him? I rush down behind him and stop when I enter the kitchen. I look around and Ashton is no where to be seen. 

 "Ash?" I shout through the crowded house. 

 I look around as I stand at the base of the stairs and wait for a response that never comes. I groan and push my way through the crowd and into the backyard where Ashton’s mom was we were invited in. I shout for him over and over only to see him with hi mom secluded from everyone as the shout in hushed tones. I watch as their hands fly into the air and Ashton’s anger grows on his face. Suddenly he is stomping back to me.

 “Hey, Ash, baby.” I try while he pushes past me. I quickly turn and rush after him. We are both moving though the house in a race to get to the car before the other. I zig zag through the people and out of the front door before him and I run to the divers side door. I stand with my arms crossed and my best tough face on when he comes barreling out of the house.

 “Timber please. Not right now.” He sighs. I shake my head and stand my ground.

 “No, Ashton this is something that you need to talk about. You are not going home or driving home while you are angry so talk to me.” I say and push my hand toward him for the keys. He rolls his eyes and places them in my hand. I nod my head and go over to the passenger side and hop in. He owns his door and slide in as we sit in silence.

 “So, we’ll start off by asking what you were arguing about in the back.” I demand. He laughs quietly and looks at me.

 “You know you have a very funny accent. I never thought about it until now but you do.” He chuckles.

 “Focus, We can laugh about me later.” I say.

 “Okay, I just got upset. She told me that she wants to start seeing people and that it’s her life. Which I understand completely but I am not used to things like this. I mean if she finds someone that she wants to be with forever it’s going to take some time to adjust.” He explains.

 “I get that but come on. She can’t be a sad lonely woman for the rest of her life. She deserves to be happy. What if she told you that you weren’t allowed to see anyone because of everything with Amber.” I say immediately regretting what I said.

 “How do you know about that?” He snaps at me.

 “I don’t. I know her name that’s it.” I defend myself. I should have never said something like that. I know I just stepped into uncharted territory and there is no way that I can get out of it now.

 “Who told you.” He continues.

 “Ash, that’s not import-“ I began before he shouts.

 “Who fucking told you.” He yells. I lea away from him but quickly sit straight ready to defend myself and Harry in this matter. I should be able to know about this girl if I am going to be with him.

 “That’s not important Ashton. What is important is the story behind her name. If I am going to be with you then we don’t have secrets.” I tell him. Good job Timber. You tell him. I pat myself on the back for my sudden burst of confidence.

 “That is not going to happen. It is a sensitive topic that doesn’t need to be discussed.” He fights back.

 “Well, we aren’t going anywhere until you tell me. Looks like Calum and the guys are going to have to wait.” I smile.

 “Timber don’t do this.” He warns. Unfortunately for him, my confidence is through the roof right now andI am ready to fight him until I get what I want and there is not backing down right now. I need to know about this girl and what was so bad that no one talks about her.

There is something that he is hiding from me and I am determined to find out. No matter what I have to do or who I have to talk to to get the information.

 “Not. Happening. You can either tell me now or I’ll right back into that house and ask your mom. Maybe even have a special talk with your friends.” I tell him. His face is a mix of emotion.

 “Timber. That is something that is a hard and personal story. It was something that I can never fix and I know that. I am not about to drag you into my mistakes okay.” He tells me. His voice is flat and hushed. He gave up. He isn’t fighting me. That is never good.

 “Okay.” I whisper as I sink into my seat and place the keys into the cup holder. I look down at my feet and slowly buckle my seat belt while silence takes over the large space.

 His hand reaches over for the keys. He pushes them into the ignition and slowly back out of the driveway. He continues the silence but slides a gently hand over to me indirectly asking for my hand. I look down at it and turn away. I look out the window and his hand moves to my thigh.

 I roll my eyes and keep my eyes focused on the scenery passing by the window quickly. I listen to the low music coming from the radio and let my mind run it’s course.


 I lock my phone and sit up when we pull into the driveway of his house. I jump out of the car and rush inside without a word. I am immediately met with Michael waiting.

 “Where’s Ashton?” He asks. I sigh and move past him.

 “I don’t care.” I say as I walk up stairs and into Ashton’s room. I flop onto the bed and kick my shoes to the floor.

 This isn’t how I pictured the visit going. I thought we would go there and it would be all sunshine and smiles and hugs. Well,I was wrong. Instead it was ex girlfriends, near fist fights and arguments.

 “Knock knock.” I turn my head and look at Luke while he moves into the room.

 “What?” I ask. He stands by the dresser.

 “I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You seems pissed off.” He says.

 “I’m fine. don’t you have some kind of announcement to be down there for?” I ask. he nods and walks toward the door.

 “If you need a friend, I’m here.” He offers and slowly shuts the door. Once again I am left with my anger and thoughts.

 I pull myself out of the bed and make my way down the stairs and into the living room.

 “So what’s the big deal?” I ask.

 “We are viral on YouTube. A lot of people like us.” Michael tells me. I nod.

 “Sounds like a good thing for you guys. Maybe you’ll get famous.” I joke.

 “Hopefully.” He continues.

 “So I think I need to head home actually, but I’ll see you guys later. I got work early.” I let out a deep breath and push myself off the couch.

 “Do you need a ride?” Ashton asks. I shake my head and walk toward the door.

“Are you sure? It’s a long walk andI don’t think it’s the safest right now.” He pushes.

 “No, I’m fine. I can handle myself.” I say ad opens the door. I walk out letting it slam behind me and head down the sidewalk. I pull out my phone and text my mom and sister.

 I really need to plan a trip either there of for them to come here. I actually think they would enjoy it. It isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

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