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1. The Secret World | Season 2 - Episode 1: A New Time.

A lot has changed, we are in a new place, another dimension to another time line... We did this on our own, even though it costed our life, even though we managed to get a son... Aldore is his name... He is a clever man and he lives in the past, we made a portal back when we were about to attack Earth, we decided to leave the planet alone and have a son who was born in a early timeline so we wouldn't have to worry he would grow up in a wrong timeline...


Aldores time when he is 15 years old...

"Aldore!" Ugh... I can hear my dad call again, I had a weird nightmare, because someone told they knew me and were my real parents, wanted to send me back into the time of when there was kings sourrounding the world, but I came back to 1890, which is pretty far back, I can't even believe I am in this timeline, but whatever... I am happy here I have a wonderful family, and go to a nice school... There is this girl at my school, she wears different outfit than all the other kids, but for some reason no one notice she wears differently, maybe it's just me?

It's 7:00AM and I have to go to school now!

I reached in time perfect! Alright, so... Shit! "Sorry!" I hit a girl on my way to my class, but it was the hooded girl, she smiles at me and says: "Hey, I am Elanore... What's your name?" I reply kindly back: "I am called Aldore. Nice to meet you, may I ask you something?" Elanore reply nicely: "Yes of cause!" And she smiles, it makes me really happy to see, so I ask: "You're wearing a different outfit compared to the others, right?" Elanore smirks at me and says: "And you are the same way, so what's your point?" I reply with a kind smile: "The thing is Elanore, I think other people sees us in different ways, because if I looked different in a time like this, I would be in a long and never ending chok..." Elanore giggles a bit and says: "Silly, no one can see us, you have been going to school and all this for so long, but there was already a child sitting in your chair, and it was the smartest kid in your class, that's why you got all the attention..." I start to feel a bit dizzy, and Elanore says: "Are you okay?" I reply: "I feel dizzy, I don't know what is going on with me..." Elanore says some weird sentences and it opens a portal, Elanore looks serious at me and says: "Follow me, please." I didn't reply, I immediatly went ahead with her and we travelled into another time...

As we enter the other side, I am on the ground and I see blood everywhere, and it smells like puke... I am just about to puke, but I manage to hold back, I decided to try and stand up, and I am standing actually... Impressive! Where is Elanore tho? Wait... I am running over to someone laying on the ground, and I see it's Elanore, she is still alive, but only barely... I try to wake her up, and I mange to wake her up, as she wakes up she says: "Where... Where are we Al?" I reply: "I have no idea, you made this portal, right?" Elanore gets in tears and says: "I wished to go to a safe place, but now I am feeling lost and powerless..." I go down to sit with Elanore, and says: "Come on El you can do this... I know you can, will you try?" Elanore looks at me and tries to force a smile out, and says: "Let's try this... If I don't survive this Aldore, then remember... I really care about you, even though I know nothing about you, but my destiny was to know you... And you have proven to be the guy I hoped you would be..." I go in a bit of a panic and says: "What do you mean you won't make this? Elanore, you have to... You cannot just leave me now! Please! Don't do this..." I start getting tears and Elanore opens the portal without saying a word, and just before we went in, Elanore looks at me and takes my hand, then says: "Let's go."

10 hours later...

As we exit the portal and hop out... I feel even more dizzy now and end up puking on the floor, and when I am done... I realize we are in a huge mansion, I ask Elanore: "Where are we?" Elanore says: "Should be my parents old house, my dad didn't like this mansion, he thought it was too small..." I reply: "Your dad sounds like he doesn't need any money at all, I have never had that feeling..." Elanore reply: "He was the owner of one of the biggest companies in another place, far from here... He was making a trillian dollars a minute, because his company was doing so well... So yeah, I got 10% of it all, but recently... I have been having these dreams about a guy, and that I had to find him, otherwise his destiny of doom would arrive soon..." I reply a bit scared: "You are talking about me... Right?" Elanore says: "I think so, I am not sure... All I know is he would save the world..." I take my hand to Elanores, and our hands start to glow, and we are in a forest now... "I think we are connected somehow... We can change the world, and make differences... We have been born with the same gift." Elanore looks deeply into my eyes and we without noticing kiss, and we get into a room now, a small room with nothing but a bit of light... And a voice starts to speak, it says: "Elanore and Aldore... You found each other at last, it was about time! I have been awaiting you both. It's time to test how much you two actually love each other, we have the first challange, you are both gonna start fighting a lot of men coming to you, and then after fight each other... Fight untill one of you are about to give up, then the one to throw the sword out of the other ones hand wins." I reply: "Who are you again?" The voice says: "I am the connector, you Aldore, you are the one half of the two parts to connect the world. And to restore The Secret World once and for all... Your world my lord, you told me to make this challange to prove you were still the rightful king." I reply: "Then let the challange begin!"

As I say that, two doors open, and I realize it's portals, we have to choose which way to go... I almost got a heart attack from this, I had no idea about what we were going into... But Elanore looks at me and smiles, then says: "Look... No matter what happens on the other side here, I will always love you Aldore, I barely know you, but the connection is strong in us..." I reply: "You are very special to me as well Elanore, which portal shall we go through?" Elanore points to the left one, so we walk through the portal and as we go though... We are in the place we always wanted to be in, on a beach in some kind of world, it looks like... Earth.

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