Ruby & Ray - Season 2

Read first episode one day earlier and get a bit information about Ruby & Ray's second season!


1. Ruby & Ray | Season 2 - Episode 1: Trouble


There is a rock that looked solid, there is nothing else to hold on to... I decides to not hold on to anything, since Ray is not holding on to anything either!

The earthquake is so heavy and everything is shaking!

RAY!! Ray is falling down to a hole, which I ALSO IS FALLING DOWN TO!

We landed hard, but it wasnt too hard, what we are seeing right now, looks like the place where Felch lives and his house is here again... "Ray? Shall we try to go to Felch again, and ask him, if he felt anything?" Ray replies: "Yes, lets do it!"

We went over to his house and knocks on the door, no one is opening the door, Ray tries to open the door, and he says: "Ruby... You... You have to see this... Not good!" Rays face turns into sadness, and when I walk into the house, Felch is laying dead in his couch, and someone shot him, poor man... He was so nice, "Ray? Who do you think did this..." Ray replies: "I dont really know who would ever do such a thing, but its clear that, they either have hated him or something else, no one kills people just like that, otherwise if they are mad... But who knows, this world is pretty weird and insane." I did not reply, but just had a sad face and was about to cry...

Ray confronts me to try and make me calm, even though Felch was like a grandfather to me that I never had... "Ray, I lost my grandfather two years ago, but Felch felt like a grandfather I never had..." Ray could really feel I was crying, and holded me...

After a bit, we decides to check out the house, and see if the murder is still around, "Ray can you check the upper room? I will check the kitchen and the living room." Ray replies: "Sure. See you in a bit." He kisses me and we are looking around...

We searched the whole house through, but no one was there, "Ray, lets go... We have to find who killed Felch." Ray agrees and we left the house. When we were out of the house, we can just see the sky has changed into thunder and lightning, the plane we were in is there, it looks like we are watching a movie right now... A really bad one of the kind, it was a red lightning that hits the plane, all the other lightning was close to hit, but it looks like they were resisting the plane for some reason, since the other lightning bowed to the plane, so they couldnt hit...

Ray says: "Ruby, it feels like we are in some kind of a game, since this is nothing that I have even been close to imagine or seen in anyway." I was about to reply to Ray when a person randomly appears from no where, Ray says: "That cannot be real... Please tell me this is not real!" I replies: "Do you know him?" Ray replies: "Its my father..."

How can your father be here, when he is busy? Ray replies: "I dont know that either, its really weird..."

Rays father comes closer to us and starts to talk he says: "Ray... Im sorry I have never been there for you, not really being the father you wanted, but me and your mother miss you a lot, and... We know you aint home, you grow up faster than I thought Ray, Im so proud of you! And who is the lady there?" Ray replies: "This is Ruby, my girlfriend... We took on the adventure together." Rays father replies: "Nice to meet you, hope Ray is nice to you." He is good, he takes care of me, as much as I take care of him... Thanks. Rays father replies: "Well... Ray I will go again, hope you and your girl have a nice time together. Goodbye son!"

My opinion to Rays father, he seems like he dosent really want Ray at all, even though he said he was proud of him, but why did he say that, and then didnt ask him to go home again... Ray I think we are in a minder world, where people might be able to try and mind control someone, not that I say he wouldnt say that at normal, but you seemed like you got emotinal.

Just when I finished talking to Ray, someone else came up, and it is my father... He comes up to us and says: "Ruby... Im sorry for everything, I... I did survive the car crash, but I decided to run away from everything, I know it was the worst choice ever, but I thought it was the best for the whole family, your mother must be in stress and all that, but you have to know, I miss to come back to you all and grab a beer, watch some TV and chill out with all my kids. You have to know, I really miss you and I love you Ruby, you are my farvorite girl, you are the best daugther I could wish for, thank you for being you and keep fighing, I also know you have been fighting a lot in school and everything is messed up, but your journey with the guy you are with there, that might help you find yourself even more than you know. Ruby, I love you darling, and I really miss you, thank you for being so strong!"

I have big tears and starts to cry so bad, Ray confronts me and my father says as the last thing to Ray: "Please do me a favor son, take care of my daughter and let her be safe." Ray replies: "I will, dont worry." My father then walks away and are gone again, I cant stop crying... Its not true, I... But... How can he be alive and leave the family, just because he needs to find himself! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

A few minutes goes through and I say: "This was really weird, I cant believe my father came and said these words to me..." Ray replies: "He seems like a nice guy though. Better than my fathers speech. My father sounded like he just wanted to have something to say quick and then just wanted to leave, your father seems so nice!"

Well my father was always there for me, he always wanted the best for me, we went out and did a lot of cool stuffs sometimes at the night, went to bars and he got his beers and I got some soda.

Ray says: "The one time I got out with my father, we went to see some cars, the most expensive cars ever, and he is a buisniss man, so he decided to buy a car that was only one of in the whole world, I did not really like to go there, but I did it to make him happy... Even though more I think about it, even more annoyed I gets...

I asks Ray: "Im sorry about the relationship you have with your father, when we return to home... I really wanted to see if we can find my father, then we can go to bars and have good times!" Ray hugs me and replies: "We will do Ruby, it sounds really funny!"

A few minutes went through and we looks to the right side, and a some kind of a video show that shows the island we have been on, and its transforming into something huge!

The island that we were on... It has turned into a floating platform and the a atmosphere has turned into a black hole!

Me and Ray starts to get blown forward, into this thing we are looking at, Ray says: "RUBY WE HAVE TO GRAB ON TO SOMETHING! WE ARE ABOUT TO GET PULLED INTO THE ISLAND!"


We are in some kind of a non gravity place right now, I have no idea how to explain this, since its so weird looking, everything is also a bit blurry, which is just so perfect... I really hate that my vision is so bad!

Ray says: "Ruby, look right in front of you! Something is about to hit you!!" I replies: "Ray, I cant see it, my vision has gotten bad!" Ray replies: "How and when did that happen Ruby?!" I replies: "When I saved your life and went back to the old camp, with the villagers, the soldiers that were attacking the creatures, they throwed a grenade that hit a few feets away from the camp, and I was about to enter the tent you were laying in, and just before I could go into you, the grenade exploded! I flew back, but hit something soft, I got blackout for a few seconds before one of the villagers took me up and carried me away, along with everyone else... When I woke up a few days later, I couldnt see clearly and my hearing got damaged too, but I can hear a bit better now." Ray replies: "Why did you never tell me about that?" I replies: "I didnt wanted you to get worried about it..." Ray replies: "Ruby, you are the one person I care most about in the world, you can tell me everything, I know I would start to worry, but... Its sad that you wouldnt tell me, but thank you for telling me now." I replies: "Im not really proud of it, and I didnt wanted you to panic or getting worried, I dont like to see you get worried, it breaks my heart." Ray is about to reply, when I suddenly starts to not hear anything, and everything turned into be dark again! RAY! RAY!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME? Oh no... Where am I now, dont panic Ruby, just keep calm, we can do this, just protent everything is normal! I start to fall and hit something really hard, which makes my left foot hurt really bad, thankfully there is light here, even though there is no floor, which is really strange, there is nothing around me either, what is this place... And where is Ray!

I hear someone turning on something, and light starts to be turned on, I can see something that looks like a dungeon, but with 3 tunnel ways... WHO IS BEHIND THIS! A voice starts to talk: "Ruby my dear... Glad you could make it, hope you like games! We are about to see how much you care about yourself, and how much you actually likes your surroundings in your everyday. You are a young women in the age of 16, blond hair, you are 5'5 inches tall, you like to listen to music, you feel to be lonely and dont really think you have any real friends, what a shame... You choose one of these 3 tunnels to go, once you have chosen one, you will see what is coming up next, but soonest you have chosen one of the ways, you cannot go back! Choose carefully."

Im thinking about which way I would like to choose, since they all look the same, but this is a game, so it might be a texture, so when I touch or go through one of them, then I might be going trough a portal or something...

Im thinking so hard, my lucky hand is left side... So I believe thats what I go for, I choose left! I went through the left tunnel and soonest I went through here, I look back and there is just a wall now, the voice start talking again: "Good choice Ruby, we are about to start the show now!" I can see audience sitting on the sides like its a football match now, and they are cheering me I hate people that are cheering... I take my pistol up, and shoots twice in the air, and looks annoyed at the audience, they stop cheering for now and I try to walk forward, I come up to a picture collection, and on the wall it says: "Choose wisely, it might coast a few pains if you choose wrong." Im thinking this is the most annoying thing I have ever done, but I can see pictures of all my family members, where I am in, there is more pictures than I remember though... The wall changes and now says: "Choose 3 unique moments and take them with you, you will need them!"

Im looking at the pictures and everything looks so messed up, since many of the pictures are not even taken, they look photoshopped, me and Ray are on one of the pictures, and we have a family here, we are adults, have our own house and looks happy... I can see a picture of me and the girl group from my school that I hate, we are hanging out in a bar, actually the bar me and my father was in, just before he dissapeared, but with the girls on it instead... I manage to stay more calm that I thought, but Im sure the voice wants me to break down and destroy everything, since its game, and some games are unfair.

It took me so long to find three pictures that I likes, and the first one is my farvorite, me and Ray on a bar and drinking beers, hanging out and enjoying life, the second is me and my father, who watches TV and laughs really hard, I dont know what we were watching, but it looks funny, the last picture is me and my whole family, we went out to the mall not long from my house and we went to get a smootie, its a rare one of the kinds, since its never happening anymore...

I have putted the pictures where I got told to take them, the wall infront of me starts to open and I can see Ray on televisions, he is in BIG danger!

There is a microphone on the table further in this room, it looks like a gamers room or something, there is litteraly 12 televisions, and they are old and blurry, or maybe its me that sees stuff differently. I go to the table and sits down, turns on the microphone and starts to talk, I think Ray can hear me, but he is acting more weird than normal, and I hear a sound to the right side of me, and I see the picutre of me and Ray in the future, we are fading out, and a text is shown: "Only you can change the future." I think the text means I have to try and talk sense to Ray again, since he is not looking too good, I start to talk in this microphone: "Ray can you hear me?" Ray replies: "Who is this? Ruby is it you? I cant see anything..." I replies: "Yes darling, its me... You cant see? Okay, let me try to guide you out of where you are, you need to turn a bit more to the right side." Ray replies: "Like this?" I replies: "Yes! Good, now move forward!" I start to feel someone behind me, and I manage to take my pistol up, and turn around, when I see Rays father standing right next to me...

Hello Rays father, how did you get in here? Rays father replies: "Hello Ruby... You might hate me for what I am about to say, you are in my basement, and my son is in a game, I screwed something up here and manage to teleport you into my house, but my son is in a sewer right now, and his vision is gone for 30 minutes, which is about to be done. I need your help to stop this!" I start to get really mad and says: "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS?!!!!" Rays father replies: "I am yes... I know its weird and cant be explained at the time being, but I need your help..." I decides to go in front of Rays father, I turn my head a bit to the right side, and punches Rays father in the head, and he falls behind and lands on the ground, blood runs out of his nose and his eyes is still open and looks up...

I realize he has a key holder on him, so I take it and leaves, its time to save Ray!



Teaser for the next episode:

We both did close our eyes and opens them at the same time a bit after, and yes we are back at the island! It just looks completely different! It looks so damaged and destroyed... What happened here?

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