The Ultimate Movellas Store

Welcome to The Ultimate Movellas store!

Here, the store will contain all of the above: reviews, story plots & ideas, banners, advice, edits, and PNG/transparent pictures!

If you're interested, read the Introduction and What To Do to find out more about the store and how to request!

trbl. & Zireee


Author's note

Requests are open

2. What To Do


You're at the next part of the Ultimate Movellas Store! In this chapter, we'll explain how you can request for each selection. Once you've seen how to request for one or multiple, please fill them out in the comment section. 

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Story Reviews
Here's how to request
for a story review:

1. Title of story
2. Pen name
3. Link to your story (easier access for us)
3. A scale on how honest you want us to be, 1-10, 10 being completely honest.

If your scale is at 10, we'll give full criticism on your story, but we'll be positive about it. We'll talk about what we liked best and then we'll start pointing out the things that should be worked on. You'll receive two story reviews from both of us. Please allow 1-5 days for your review :)

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We thought it would be helpful if we gave advice on certain situations. We've noticed how people make mumbles, asking for help and their mumbles don't receive any feedback. Take in mind that we're both teenage females, so if you're looking for adult advice, we are not the ones to be asking.

Here are some categories that we'll be most helpful in:

- Crush, boyfriend/girlfriend issues
- Family issues
- Best friend issues
- Depression
- Racism/Discrimination
- High school situations
- Fashion
- Anything else of teenage problems

You can comment down what your problem is, and we'll publish our advice in the store. If you want to be anonymous, inbox one of us your issue. We'll try our best to give positive and helpful advice. You'll receive two different versions from both of us. If you feel like it wasn't that helpful at all, let us know so we can improve.

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Story Banner Edits
If you're wanting a banner to display your story in your chapters, then here's how you can request for one.

1. Title of story
2. Title of chapter
3. Description of how you want your banner to look like
4. Theme (dark, light, grungy, pastel, etc.)
5. *OPTIONAL* Email 
6. *OPTIONAL* Who you want to create your banner (this part is optional, you don't have to fill this out)

The reason for your email is because it allows you to have your banner in high quality. If you're not comfortable with others knowing your email, then you can either email one of us ( ) or inbox one of us your email. Please, don't request such a detailed banner. Our editing skills are not perfect and we're still learning so try to keep it at a minimum. If you don't like how your banner(s) turned out, let us know what you want to be fixed.

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Plot ideas:

A plot idea is convenient for when you're stuck with writer's block and you need a new story or chapter idea. For a plot idea, all you have to do is fill out the information below.

     1.Pen name:

     2. What type of genre? : (fantasy, love, mystery, a mix, etc...)

     3. How many main characters? :

     4. How many minor characters? :

     5. What ideas do you have? : (tell me what you're thinking)

     6. How long do you plan for the story to be? :

     7. What's the ending like? : (Happy, sad, peculiar, etc...)

     8.Any specifics? : (Anything I should know before coming up with your plot etc...)

Again, a plot idea is very helpful for many reasons. If you ever feel stuck, just drop a comment with this info! You'll receive two different versions of your plot idea from both of us.

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Edits & PNG/transparent pictures
Here is where we can create any kind of edit for you or turn a picture into a PNG/transparent picture. PNG/transparent pictures are for newbie editors who want a specific picture, but either can't find it or don't know how to turn it into one. Edits are just for fun to have. Some like to use them for wallpapers or post them on their social media. Here's how to request for either one or for both.

1. Edit and/or PNG/transparent

If edit, then:
2. Who or what you want on your edit
3. *OPTIONAL* Theme (dark, light, pink, blue, etc.)
4. Banner or wallpaper size (if you have a specific size, let us know WxL)
5. *OPTIONAL* Who you want to create your edit (this part is optional, you don't have to fill out)

1. Edit
2. Kylie Jenner OR white fox
3. Pastel pink and white
4. Wallpaper size
*your edits don't have to be of someone, it can just be a themed color of multiple pictures

If PNG/transparent, then:
2. Who or what (can be anything)
*that's all there is for this part
**if you have a specific picture that you want to be turned into a PNG/transparent, then send it to either of our emails,

1. PNG/transparent
2. red robin bird OR "I sent the picture to your email"

Then, if you'd like to have your edit or PNG/transparent in HQ, leave your email down below. If you're uncomfortable with others knowing your email, then you can either email either of us, or you can inbox us your email. Please do not request for anything extreme. We're still in the learning process of editing and photo-shopping, so keep your requests simple for us. If you don't like how your edit turned out, let us know what you want to be fixed.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Here are all the steps on how to request for each selection. If a few days have gone by, comment down below how the process is going. It's either we forgot about your request, your request didn't come through, or we've been busy and haven't had time to get to it. This will also be freely published.

We're really excited about how this will turn out and we hope you'll enjoy it! Thank you for supporting the Movellas store! xoxo

Zireee, trbl.

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