The destruction : To new beginnings

A scientist working for the government creates a weapon that can wipe out everyone on the plant. but it didn't wipe them out it made them into monsters that crave human flesh. the ones who did survive have to hide in the shadows and fear for their children.

there is one thing they didn't know was created until the head officer grabs a group to search of this....


3. Time to leave

"We are going to find them at all cost" I say looking at the group in front of me.

"What if they don't want to be found" Don says crossing his arms 

I take in a deep breath and smile " They have to be found whether they want to our not" They look at me and shake there heads. 

"Are you sure " Lily says walking from the house.

Lilly my eighteen year old daughter walks towards us holding the gift tracker.

"Lilly welcome to the party" John says smiling.

"Dad I'm coming with you" Lilly says walking in front of me.

"I don't think so" I say jumping off the rock I was standing on.

She Glares at me and sighs for a moment. "Dad I'm coming with you whether you like it our not" She say crossing her arms.

I grunt and shake my head in disapproval. there is no way she can come she's not strong or has the willpower to handle them. I open my mouth to protest but my wife stops me. 

"Let her come" she says looking into my eyes.

"She's not ready to leave this place" I say glaring at her for not taking my side.

"You don't scare me Josh, let her come" she says taking a step forward.

I look at my wife then my daughter and sigh. "Fine she can come" I say walking away from the situation.

Lilly's Pov

I watch him walk away knowing that he wants me to stay.

"Lilly he will get over it" My mother says holding onto my shoulder.

"I know he will mom" I say giving her a quick smile before walking away.

Donny follows me and looks at me for a moment. "What" I say in a very annoyed voice.

"I really wanted you to come" Donny says smiling.

"I really wanted to come" I say still looking forward.

he sighs and smiles weakly at me " I know we broke up on bad terms but.." I stop him with my hand and face him completely.

"Please do not start this again" I say walking away without giving him a chance to talk.

I don't stop walking until I get to the river. I sit down and take off my shoes to put my feet in. this is so peaceful I think to myself.

"Lilly Rivers Been awhile" I hear a voice say from across the river. I shoot my eyes open and look at who's talking.

I take a deep breath and give a fake smile " Derek Tone how are you" I say still smiling.

He chuckles and looks to his left. " I herd you found away to track the gifted or the Destructions" he says staring into my eyes.

"Who told you that" I say smiling. 

"Your father asked some people in are domain to come along just in case they get dangerous" He says winking at me.

I sigh that's why he didn't want me to come. "Thanks for the intel Derek" I say walking backwards.

He takes a bow and turns on his heels away from the river. I grab my shoes and shoot for the main house. I slam the door and my dad and aunt and mother look at me in shock

" WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME" I shout at my dad. he looked at me confused.

" What are you talking about Lilly" He says walking towards me. I step back.

" Why didn't you tell me that you were inviting the coal domain to this little trip" I say crossing my arms.

"You what Josh"My mom say walking over.

My dad sighs and look at my aunt for help. " Yes I invited them because their stronger than us" he says narrowing his eyes at me.

"When were you going to tell me" my mom ask looking at him.

"I was about to tell you until Lilly bust threw the door" My dad say pointing at me.

"Why Josh Why do we need their help" My mom says.

"They have a knock out gas that can make them pass out if they get dangerous" Dad say looking at my mother.

"Why would they , there just kids" I say looking at my father.

he looks down at me and smiles. he puts his hand on my check "Sure honey" he say still holding my cheek.

"He is right Lilly" My mom says walking over by his side.

"He's right what" I say a little confused.

"There very.... Dangerous" My mom says frowning 

"I know there Dangerous and I know the coal domain has to come" I say smiling at them.

My dad kiss my head and walks away. "We leave tonight" he says walking out the door.

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