Online Romance

Insecure Taylor creates a fake online account but things change when she meets James. Unwilling to admit her wrongdoings, Taylor worries James will realise her lies. But Taylor tries her best to hold on to James, spinning a web of lies. Will her web of lies become unravelled causing her to lose James forever?


7. Chapter 7


To Taylor's surprise, James didn't snapchat her at all the night she ended things between him and Katie. She couldn't understand why. She seemed to hit it off with him just as much as herself as she did through the Katie profile. 

'Maybe I was just being delusional' she thought. 'Of course I was!' she decided, 'why would he ever like someone like me!' She fell back on her bed in exasperation. Suddenly, a notification popped up on her phone. 

'Snapchat from James'

Taylor's face immediately lit up. Her chest felt full and she was grinning from ear to ear. 


His tone was different than usual. More dull and not chirpy. 'This couldn't be about Katie, could it?' Taylor thought as she typed her reply.

"Hey James :)"

"So.. me and Katie ended"

Her heart stopped. Oh. Like a punch to the gut. He really did like her more. The only difference between the two being their appearance. That was like a slap in the face to Taylor. She had known this was a problem she had, she couldn't compare to any other girls. She had accepted it. But she thought maybe it was different this time. Maybe James had fallen for her personality and not just looks. 

"Oh.. I'm sorry James. What happened?"

Taylor pretended to act dumb as she quizzed James on his 'break up' with Katie. 

"Maybe it's for the better" Taylor replied finally.

"Maybe.." he replied. 


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