Boy In Luv - Jungkook Fanfic *HOLD*


Jungkook and Lara had been best friends for years but when BTS made their debuts back in high school. They lost touch and both moved on with theirs lives.

He become a world famous idol whilst she struggled to make it in the business. She studied extremely hard at become a songwriter whilst he was in stage preforming to millions of devoted fans across the world.

When out of the blue she gets offered to come to an audition to become a guest songwriter for bighit entertainment. She jumps at the chance and gives it her all. Little did she know she'd be reunited with her old friend Jungkook.


24. Chapter TWENTY-TWO


Me and Tai are sat on a table near the window as we wait for the boys to come back with our food. "I'm really surprised I didn't click onto you guys dating earlier, I kept wondering why Namjoon was spending a lot of time at ours" I say as I look at her with a smile. She rolls her eyes and lets out a little giggle.

"To be honest I'm surprised you didn't either, but then again this past month you've had your own drama going off. How's things with you and Taehyung now that you and Kookie are sort of dating ?" She asks me and and ponder that's thought for a little while, me and Tae are good I believe. We've been talking a little more lately and we seem to be staying close friends.

"We're good actually. After everything we've managed to stay friends" I smile, she takes me hand, I give her a wierd look as I get a feeling she's going to say something serious.

"I guess you haven't heard about him and Jenni being together then?" She asks me and I blink a few times at her as I register everything she's just said.

"Eh... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!" I yell earning me stares from everyone in the cafeteria. I see Kookie and Joonie walking over to us with the trays as I slam my hands on the table.

"Your joking right ?" I ask her and she shakes her head, just at that right moment I see Tae walk into the cafeteria, I stand up abruptly from my seat and storm right over to him. Without think I swing my hand back and slap him hard across the face. I watch as his mouth drops open and gives me a strange look.

"You fucking dick!!! Really you ended it with me so you could date her!!!! That's why you wanted me to give Kookie a chance !!! Your unbelievable!!!! I hate you!!!" I scream at him as tears fall down my face. Why would he do this to me knowing full well that I can't stand her because of everything she's done to me and now this !!! I feel a pair of arms wrap around me just as I'm about to slap him again. "I'm soo sorry about that Taehyung... I didn't think she's react this way" Tai apologises as she carries away from him, I continue to shout a load of abuse at him as she drags me away and back to the table. She finally lets go of me and I take my seat, Namjoon gives me a scowl and Kookie just laughs.

"That was amazing !!! To be honest that reaction is what I was expecting to see when you found out !!!" He laughs as I scowl at him. He knew all this time. I slap his arm and shove a load of chips into my mouth.

"Lara... please calm down you're causing a scene at the place we work" Tai complained and I just rolled my eyes at her. I continue to shove more chips into my mouth as my anger boils up inside of me.

"Babe... please calm down you're going to give yourself heart burn and stomach ache" JK says to me and takes my hand into his and gives it a light squeeze. I feel myself calm down slightly as he holds my hand, I put the hand full of chips down and swallow the mushes up chips that are in my mouth.

"He's really well and truly fucked me off" I sigh as I take a sip of my coke.

"Yeah well to be honest he sort of deserved that slap. I shouldn't of apologised to him but i didn't want to give the rest of the people in here the wrong idea" Tai explains and I nod my head at her, understanding why she did it.

"I really fucking hate him!!!" I curse which makes Jungkook laugh again, he squeezes my hand and makes me look at him by gently turning my face in his direction.

"Listen he clearly isn't worth you're anger because he's done it for a reason. I'll get to the bottom of this I promise, L." He says to me and gives me a quick peck. I blush and lay my head on his shoulder as I plop a singular chip into my mouth.

"I'll have words with him, L. He clearly isn't thinking right lately" Namjoon adds and I just laugh. Clearly he's either planning something or he's just making a really big dick out of himself. I sit up right and finish off my food which Jungkook happily bought me which makes me truly over the moon cause he bought me, my favourite: a bowl of chips with kimchi soup so I can dunk my chips in. I'm glad he remembered.

We're back in the dance studio as I drive into my notebook to right another song which is currently failing because all that's keeps swimming around my head is how much I hate Taehyung right now. "LARA" I hear hitman bang call from the door which makes me look up from my book and stare at him cautiously.

"Yes sir" I reply and he wiggles his index finger for me to go over. Oh no this can't be good. I stand up from my seat on the floor as I put down my notebook and begin to walk over to him. I feel myself fill with dread as I recall my incident with Tae about 20 minutes ago.

"Do you care to explain why I've have people come up to me saying you've slapped one of the members of BTS?" He asks me I gulp.

"Um.... well I found out that Tae broke up with me to go out with Jenni from blackpink and well I kind of lost my temper and lashed out at him. I know I shouldn't have done it and I'm really sorry. I happily accept what ever punishment you have in store for me" I reply and he just nods his head as I explain.

"No need for punishments, it's understandable as to why you did what you did" he says with a small smile, "just don't do it again"

I nod my head as he walks out of the dance studio, I let out a massive breath that I didn't realise I was holding as I head back to my seat and see Kookie say reading my notebook. I quickly run over and snatch it out of his hands, he gives me a cheeky smile as I turn the notebook round to see what page he was reading.... oh hell no.

"How vivid of dream was that.. because from what you've written it sounds like you have a fun time with me in it" he teases me and I blush heavily. I take a seat next to him and hide my face in my hands due to embarrassment.

"Hey! Hey! I'm sorry for teasing you princess" he says and he pulls me to lay on his lap. I remove my hands and look up at him as I feel my cheeks still boiling hot.

"I'm soo embarrassed, please forgot that you read that please kookie, I'm begging" I plead and he nods his head to me. I give him a weak smile sit up to feel his lips press against mine, I kiss him back as he places his hand in the back of my head to hold me in place, my eye drift shut as I feel his lips against mine. I gentle stroke his cheek with my thumb as I take his lip between my teeth and watch is slap against his teeth as I let it go. He lets out a little moan as he swiftly pulls me onto his lip, I sit up right and deepen the kiss by slipping my tongue into his mouth. "Mhm" I hear someone cough from behind us and I pull away and see Tai staring down at us. I apologise and climb off his lap, he stand up and goes back to practicing the dance routine. I run my fingers along my bottom lip as they tingle from the feeling of his against mine. I never had this feeling with Tae which makes me wonder if what I felt for his was real or nah.

Dance practice was finally over and it was time to hit the recording studio which to my delight was what I was excited for most. My first session was with Tae which I couldn't wait to get it over with as any second with him is going to make my bloody boil. We enter the recording studio and I feel Kookie give my hand a squeeze, I give him a sad pout as he tried to walk towards his room. I pull him back to me and give him a small kiss before letting him go. I watch as Tai and Namjoon head to the Rkive (Namjoons studio) as I wait for Taehyung who was stare down at his phone as he walks into the building. "Tae cmon we don't have all day" I snap at him which earns a groan.

"I'd rather not work with you today" he says and I let out a awkward laughs

"You think I do" I say back as I throw my hands up in the air.

"Well lets not have our session today because clearly neither of us want to work with each other right now" he snaps and I walk in the direction of Kookies studio. I know on the door and he opens it with a wierd look on his face.

"What's up?" He asks me, I just groan in reply and he allows me into the studio.

"Tae refusing to work with you?" He asks me and I nod my head as I take a seat on his deck chair and he just laughs and take my hand pulling me up. He sits down on the chair and pulls me on to his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and give him another sad pout.

"He's going to make this as hard as possible isn't he?" I ask him and he nods his head. One thing I never really liked about Taehyung was the way he holds grudges and drags it out till he gets bored but I have a feeling he ain't going to get bored of this anytime soon.

"Ugh.... on a better note how's your solo song coming along ?" I ask him and gives me a happy grin and he begins to play it for me. My mouth hangs open as this beautiful melody begins playing.

"Oh my gawd that's amazing Kookie, I'm so proud of you" I praise him and give him a quick kiss which he pulls me back down for a longer one. I smile as I feel his lips against mine which causes my tummy to explode with butterflies. My heart begins to race as I feel myself falling for my best mate.

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I know this chapter is a few days later but what I started writing it last night it was about 12am and I was tired as I have work today. This is the only update for today as I start work at 7pm and didn't wake up till about 3 so I hope you guys can just enjoy this little chapter for today and I'll be back Sunday (maybe) with another update. See you guys then

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