Boy In Luv - Jungkook Fanfic

Jungkook and Lara had been best friends for years but when BTS made their debuts back in high school. They lost touch and both moved on with theirs lives.

He become a world famous idol whilst she struggled to make it in the business. She studied extremely hard at become a songwriter whilst he was in stage preforming to millions of devoted fans across the world.

When out of the blue she gets offered to come to an audition to become a guest songwriter for bighit entertainment. She jumps at the chance and gives it her all. Little did she know she'd be reunited with her old friend Jungkook.


21. Chapter NINETEEN


Taehyung's POV

I bet your wondering why I said those thing to Lara, when I know deep down how much I love that girl and how much I want her to be with me? Correct? Well let me just explain this to you.. Jungkook is one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Lara is the love of my life and I want nothing more then for her to be happy. The whole kiss with Jenni is a fake. I never actually kissed her but we wanted to make Lara believe that we did because after a very long conversation with her about Lara and Jungkook, she mentioned something about when Lara and Jackson was going out she used to talk about us and Jungkook mostly quite a bit. Which is hence why Jackson's and Jenni happened but she also mentioned that Jungkook is writing a song for Lara and really want her to be with him. Which got me thinking? If this whole friend date was an actual date then for him to get her then I should let him at least try with her because he's know her longer then the rest of us and well he's has always pined after her even when they had stopped talking he'd try and look for her and everything.  If I give him this chance to try and see how things go and if they go smoothly and everything works out then great good for them but if it doesn't and Lara is still 100% in love with me I'll give her my undying attention and make sure Kookie and Lara stay friends.... it's really that simple. All I have to do is watch from a distance and try and push things along for them. Which is why I said what I said.

I take my phone out of my joggy bottom pocket and send Jenni and quick text:

Me - the mission is on ago. Kookie now has to take her on a date and I have to watch from a far like we agreed. X

I wait for Jenni to reply but doesn't, most likely in practice. Jenni also told me that night about how bad she felt for the whole Jackson thing. She really misses Lara but because she likes to hold grudges won't let Jenni explain but it probably doesn't help how Jen has that cold exterior sometimes. I lock my phone and shove it back into my pocket when I see Hoseok giving me a curious look. "Hey Tae, you actually left your room and then spoke a load of bullshit to Lara..: what are you playing at?" He asks me and I shrug my shoulders trying to pretend I have no idea what's going.

"I don't know what you mean?" I reply with a box smile and enter my bedroom. I better be careful as Hoseok can tell when I'm planing something. My phone pings as I sit down on my bed, I take out my phone an see a text from Namjoon and Jenni. I unlock my phone and read Namjoon's first:

Joonie 🥰 - what are you playing ? I thought you wanted Lara ? Why are you giving her to JK ?? You better explain all this when I get home x

I roll my eyes and go back to read the text from Jenni;

Jenni - Okay.. well I'll try and help and much as I can but with tour coming up, not much I can really do from a planes ✈️, I'll be gone for about a month so I'll see you when I get back home x

I quickly type back a reply.

Me - okay, well kill it on stage and I'll send you updates when I can x

I lock my phone and plug it on charge. I lean back against my pillow and drift into a deep sleep. Something I haven't done much of lately.

Lara's POV

I'm sat in the living room of the dorm as I look across at JK who seems just as awkward as I am. I go to say something but can't find my words. What the hell is wrong with me ? "Um... That's was confusing" he finally speaks and I nod my head.

"Yeah it doesn't make much sense as to why he'd want me to date you. Unless he no longer loves me and wants Jenni instead" I ramble and he just laughs at me.

"I don't think that is the case but we did agree to go on a date for him to forgive me so... Where would you like to go?" He says and I shrug my shoulder as I couldn't possible think of an answer right now.

"How about the movies?" He suggests and I nod my head, wanting to see the new marvel film that was out:

"Marvel" we say in sync then let out a little giggle. I grab my thing whilst he grabs his face mask and black cap, Awee yes he has to hide his face so fans don't recognise him. He slips on the famous black biker jacket and his black timberlands and we leave the dorm.

We see Jin about to pull out of the drive as we quickly call for him to stop. "JIN" Kookie call as Jin, rolls down his window and pops his head out.

"Where you two off too?" He asks us and I give him a wave as Jungkook replies to him.

"Cinema, will you give us a lift?"

"Yeah hop in" he smiles at us and we walk over to the black SUV. Jungkook opens the back door to the back seats and allows me to climb in first. I give him a smile as I pass him and crawl along the seats to the other door. I fasten to my seatbelt just as Jungkook closes the door and fastens his. Seokjin starts the car again pull full out of the drive and turns down the road.

"So what's going on with you and Tae?" He asks me and I let out a little laughs

"Honestly I couldn't tell you" I reply with a smile and he nods his head.

"Tae told her to date me..." Kookie replies and Jin just lets out gasp.

"Eh that's makes no sense, I thought he loves you Lara ? So why tell you to date the Maknae ?"

"Believe me I don't know either" I say with a shrug and look out the window. The chit chat was small in the car as I tried to not pay any attention to it. I spent most of my time focused on the scenery going past the window. We pull up the cinema and climb out of the car, we say thanks and goodbye to Jin and turn in the direction of the doors. 

Jungkook is hiding in the toilets whilst I go pay for ours ticket, only because he doesn't want to get bombarded by fans. I'm stood in the queue when a group of girls walk up me and give me a smile. "Hey" I greet them and they all say "hello" in unison.

"Is it true you and Taehyung have broke up?" They ask me and I nod my head.

"Yep... wow word travels fast" I laugh and they let out a little giggle.

"How close are you to the boys?" One of them asks me and I roll my eyes playfully.

"Um... very close, I used to go to the same trainee school as them to become a song writer. Now I work with them as a guest writer" I reply, maybe letting on too much but fuck it. I walk over to the counter and order two tango ice blasts (mixed of course) and two large bags of popcorn plus our tickets. The gentleman behind the counter gets my order and puts them in front of me. I hand him JK's card and he swipes it into the till and hand over the card with our tickets and card. I take out my phone and send Kookie and quick text saying I have the tickets and the snacks. I walk towards the screen and hand the lady our tickets when Jungkook appears at my side. I hand him, his card, popcorn and drink as we are given back the tickets. We enter the screen and find our seats on the back row. I take my seat and carefully put my popcorn down the for floor in front of my feet, I slip my jacket off and hang it on the back of my seat. I place my ice blast into the cup holder and get comfy into my seat. I move my leg and kick over my bag of popcorn.

"Fuck" I curse and lean over and see my popcorn fall down the back of the seats in front of me.

"Typical Lara" he laughs and I roll my eyes. I let out an annoyed groan and lean back into my seat.

"Here we can share mine" he offers and I give him a smile.

"Thanks" I smile as the adverts begin to play.

We small talk through the adverts but some the cinema goes completely dark and the film begins. I feel my heart beat as I take a small glance a Jungkook who was concentrating on the film, I smile when his face lights up with happiness. God he really is a cute little thing, I see his arms rest in the arm rest between us and I take this opportunity to test a little theory of mine, I slip my hand into his and pretend to be looking at the screen as I see him look at me from the corner of my eye and gives me a really happy smile. He closes his fingers around mine and lift the hand up to his, he lowers his mask and kisses the back off it, I feel my heart race quicken as blush forms on my cheeks. Maybe Tae knew something I didn't but it doesn't help the fact I feel my old feelings for Jungkook come back. I take a look at Jungkook who is looking at me cutely, he turns his head back to the screen and pretends like I didn't catch him looking at me. I let out a little giggle and give his hand a squeeze, he turns his attention back to me and I give his cheek a little peck. I pick up my ice blast and take a sip of it as looks at me speechless, I give him a weird look and he goes back to watching the film. Maybe seeing where things go with Kookie might not be such a bad idea after all.

- Hey

So this is chapter NINETEEN. You have one more update today for this book today and then I'll see you all tomorrow for only one update and I'll try and keep on track next week I hope.

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