Boy In Luv - Jungkook Fanfic

Jungkook and Lara had been best friends for years but when BTS made their debuts back in high school. They lost touch and both moved on with theirs lives.

He become a world famous idol whilst she struggled to make it in the business. She studied extremely hard at become a songwriter whilst he was in stage preforming to millions of devoted fans across the world.

When out of the blue she gets offered to come to an audition to become a guest songwriter for bighit entertainment. She jumps at the chance and gives it her all. Little did she know she'd be reunited with her old friend Jungkook.


2. Chapter TWO

Chapter TWO

I can't believe it's the day before my audition and I still haven't got rid of this god damn cold. I sigh and take a sip of my tea I got from the pharmacy. Tai come walking into my apartment and look at me all sweaty and out of breath. "How was practice?" I ask as she flops down on the other sofa.
"Dreadful full. Lai wants us to make it more difficult for the BTS boys so we've been working round the clock with them trying to perfect a routine that's going to change tomorrow" she sighs and kicks off her shoes.
"Hahah bless ya. How's Jungkook?" I ask without thinking. Can't believe it's been years since I spoke to him let alone hugged him. I miss him like crazy, he was my best friend at the academy but when he made their debut we stopped talking because he didn't have time for me anymore which sucks like arse but I guess people move on with their lives.
"He's very tried bless him. I don't get why you don't just come to a practice with me one of these days and come see him yourself?" She says and I shake my head vigorously.
"I doubt he'll remember me" I say knowing full well he probably won't.
"If you say so, I'm off to get a shower and then bed as I'm shattered. Please order take out as I cba cooking" she say and I nod my head. I grab the Panda Express menu and dial the number into my phone. I order out usual and hang up.

Tai finishes in the bath just into time as there is a knock at the door. I stand up and grab my purse. I unlock the door and pay the delivery man and take the food from his hands. I close the door behind me and head back into the living room. "Hey look BTS new music video is up" she says and connects her phone to the TV. I smile when Jungkook face comes onto the screen. God he's grown up so much. I watch Tai doing small hand gestures along with the boys' choreography. She did work very hard on that routine with them. I dig into my chicken whilst watching her in amusement. She really loves dancing and working along side them makes her really happy. Even though the hours are long and she always so exhausted after finishing work. "What times your interview tomorrow?" She asks me causing my to stop slurping up my noodles.
"Um... 3pm" I say and continue eating. She stays quite for a moment then looks at me with the biggest smile ever. Oh god what has she cooked up inside her head.
"I finish the first half of the practice tomorrow at 4 so you should hopefully be done with your interview. We can have lunch and stuff and you can tell me how it goes.... and then you can come say hello to the BTS boys" she says all giddy and my mouth hangs open allowing my noodles to fall back onto my plate.
"Heeeeeeellllll Nah! Are you crazy!!! I can't see them! I haven't seen them in like 5 years" I scream at her and she just laughs.
"Too late it's happening and you're going to be reunited with your Jungkookie" she says and I crease when she mentions my nickname I used to call him.
"I really wish I hadn't said anything now" I say and go back to finishing my food.

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing on the bedside table. I grown and answer it. "Hello!!!!" I say half asleep.
"I knew you wouldn't be awake just yet! Right it's 1pm you have exactly 3 hours to get ready for your interview and come to BigHit" she says and hangs up. I groan and sit up, stretching my arms. I let out a yawn and climb out of bed. I head to the bathroom and have a quick shower, which for my disliking wakes me up. I finish up in the shower and brush my teeth before getting myself ready. I apply minimal make up so I look professional and not like a skank. I blow dry my hair and leave it down and quickly mess around with my bangs to make sure they look out. I grab my underwear, black jean, white dress shirt and denim jacket and get dressed. I slip on my timberlands and grab my sheet music, bag, phone and keys. I open my door and head out. "Why do I have to meet Jungkook after years" I groan to myself and lock the door. I walk down the stairs to the elevator and press the button.

A few moments later the elevator arrives and I step onto it and press the bottom floor. I take my phone out of my pocket and see I have 45 minutes till my audition. I double check my appearance when the door opens and I step off. I walk down the hall and into the open air. The cold breeze caresses my face which makes me shiver as I start in the direction of the nearest taxi. I stand on the curb and wave my hand signing a taxi when one finally pulls over. I open the door and climb in. "BigHit entertainment please" I say to the drive and he pulls away from my apartment complex.

The drive was sort but sweet and within about 20 minutes we arrived at my destination. I pay the driver and give him a tip. I get out of the taxi and stand looking up at the tall building in front of me. "WOW!!!!!" I say in pure shock. It's huge. I shake my head and begin to walk towards the building. The rotating doors move allowing me to walking as I follow behind it till the next opening is available for me to go through. I walk to the main desk and smile at the youngish lady sat behind the desk "hi I have an audition for 3pm under Lara Harvey" I smile and she looks at her screen then writes down the details on a piece of paper and hand it too me.
"Thank you" I say and walk toward the elevators. I press the button and wait patiently for it. It finally arrives and the doors opening revealing seven familiar looking people. "Oh shit" I curse under my breath and I step on to it. I press the button for floor 6 and wait for the doors to close. I hang my head to make sure they don't recognize me and wait stiffly for my floor to arrive. The doors open again allowing me more people on which made me move back slightly and bump into which ever of the BTS boys was stood behind me. "Sorry" I mutter and look to see my floor is next. A few seconds pass and the doors open allowing me to get off as I push my way through the people on the elevator I trip and fall out of it. I look behind me and see Jungkook face looking at me in worry and then change to as if he's seen a ghost. I quickly stand up and run down the hall away from them. Oh my god why now!!!

I finally find the room with like 5 minutes to spare. I knock on the door and wait for a voice to call me in. I open the door and smile at the 3 people who are sat around a table. "You must be Lara Harvey?" The oldish looking one spoke and I nod my head with a smile.
"Well what songs would you like to present to us?" He smiles and moves his hand in the direction of the piano.
"I sent you the lyrics for Fake Love, I will be preforming that one" I say as I head toward the piano. I take a seat on the bench and take out my sheet music. I run my hands along the keys and start to play the melody. I begin to sing the first verse and chorus when I'm interrupted by the doors open and the seven lads from the elevator walk into the room. I hang my head and continue play and singing not making eye contact with anyone. Once the song is over I sit up and look at the three men who was listening to my audition. "I'm sorry about these boys. They're not normally late" he says as he shoots them a scowls they stop giggling and laughing become seriously. I stand up and walk back to the center of the rooms
"I would like to congratulate you on preforming such a wonderful song but would we be able to tweak it a bit so it fit into these boys style and voice" he asks. I think about it for second.
"Yes I don't see why not ? I wrote this song thinking it would best fit a boy band instead of a girl group" I smile and bow my head.
"Well that's it all for now, we have your details and we'll be in touch" he says and gestures for me to leave. I grab my things and head for the door when a hand takes hold of my wrist, causing me to look up at who it is. OH NO!

- Hey

Chapter TWO everyone is finally here and well what did you think. I struggled quite a bit on writing the audition as I couldn't think of how I wanted it to go in my head, so I messed about with a few ideas and came up with that which on my behalf isn't half bad I reckon. Oooooh I wonder whats going to happening in the next chapter that will be out tomorrow. Cant wait !!!

Meg x -


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