Save Me - Jimin Fanfic

Natasha works as a bartender in a very busy nightclub in London city centre. Most celebrities go there as it’s a hit with many a-lists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles ect...

This one particular night her manager asks her to work on the VIP bar which as you can guess is a private bar and area for celebrities to use, but was given a warning that these guys don’t speak much English as they’re Korean or something.

The thing with working on the VIP bar is there is a few simple rules to follow:

1) You can have you’re on you but no taking photos - understandable as embarrassing drunk photos can ruin a career.

2) do whatever they ask - which means whatever.

3) use a fake name if they ask for it - which I happen to forget to do quite a lot.

What happens when she finds herself falling into a scandal with one of the members of BTS and has to find away to get herself out of it without causing an uproar. When all she can think about wtf did I get drunk with them and why di


19. Chapter SEVENTEEN


I shake my head to Hoseok who has the biggest cheeky smile on his face, I quickly take the book from fraya's hands as he tips the bucket of water onto her. "Ahhhhhh" she screams as the water splashes over by face and body. She shoots up into a sitting position whilst they all bursting into laughter, I giggle slightly as I trie and hide the smile from my face. "HOSEOK IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" She screams at him, he gives her a scared look and begins to run in the direction of the ocean. She climbs quickly to her feet and chases after to him, he crashes into the water and tries to swim away from her as she catches up to him.  She leaps on to his back and pushes him under the water, he quickly comes back up for air and flips her over his shoulder so she falls into the water too. They play fight for a while before he wraps his arms around her waist and connects his lips with hers. "Aweeeeeee" I coo as I watch the cute scene in front of me. This is the first time I've ever seen them kiss, I don't even think they did when we first met them.

"They seem really smitten for each other" Jimin says from the side of me as he lays on his back.

"Yeah, atleast they don't have the pressure of a relationship like we do" I slip out and mentally face palm. I need to start thinking before I speak.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asks, sitting up right and looking at me from over his sunglasses, I shake my head a little and give him an apologetic smile.

"I didn't mean it like that. I meant it like they can have fun and enjoy each other's company before sticking a label on it unlike us who really didn't have much of a choice" I try and save myself but he just scowls and stands up. I watch him watch over the boys who are happily playing in the sea leaving me on my own. I face palm and fall back onto my beach towel.

"Why do I have to be so stupid sometimes?" I say out loud with a huff.

"I wouldn't say you're stupid but over thinking things" a rich American accent says which causes me to open my eyes and look at the tall figure standing in front of me.

"Tony? I'm guessing" I say as I slide my glasses onto the top of my head, he nods his head and gives me a smiles. I hold out my hand which he takes and helps me onto my feet, I give his hand a firm shake to greet him and look over his shoulder to see Jimin and the boys sprinting over.

"AH TONY" Jimin yells as he leaps on to his back and wraps his arms around Tony's neck.

"Chim Chim" he chimes happily as Jimin gets down and gives him a proper bro hug.

"How you been man ?" Kookie asks him as they bro hug as well. Fraya stands next to me and quickly eyes up the hot man in front of us, I nudge her and give her a nod which to say I thought the same.

"I'm good fellas, it's nice to see you all again. What have you's been up too ? I only keep update when I get the time" he says as they sit down on the sand. I slip on my sandals and top, grabbing my bag once I done. Fraya copies me and we begin to walk away from the boys.

"Where you going?" Namjoon asks us and I give him a smile but don't reply. We continue walking down the beach when I feel someone grab my wrist, I turn round and see Jimin looking at me intensely.

"Where are you going?" He asks me and I just pull my wrist out of his grasp forcefully and chase after Fraya who is way ahead of me now. I link arms with her once I've caught up to her and we continue to walk down the lovely beach that's filled with people.

"What was all that about ?" She asks me and I shrug my shoulders.

"Honestly i don't know what's going on with use today, one minute we're okay and the next I'm saying something stupid like I did earlier" I say as we walk up the step and off the beach towards the stalls.

"What did you say?" She questions, knowing full well i said something I shouldn't have.

"Well I said that atleast you and J-Hope don't have the pressure of a relationship like me and Jimin do and he took it in the worst way possible"

"Tasha... how did you mean it ?"

"Well that me and him was sort of forced into this relationship before getting the chance to enjoy each other's company and getting to know each other" I says as I look the stalls we walk past.

"That's true but did you explain that to him? Or did he just go into a slump ?" She replies as she stops at a stall that has beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets. I scan the selection and find a beautiful blue beaded necklace that has various shades of blue on it. I gently pick it up and take a closer look at it, the beads have like a marble effect on them and it's reminds me of Jimin for some reason.

"How much ?" I ask the lady who's sat behind the stall, she gives me a smile.

"10 dollars" she replies and I pull my purse out of my bag and take out the note, I hand it too her and she puts the necklace into a little baggie. She hands it back to me and I put my purse and the necklace into my bag as I watch Fraya choose a lovely green bracelet simple to the one I just bought for Jimin. She pays the lady and we head back to the beach.

"Oh back to what we was on about, I did explain but he went into a slump anyway. I hope this necklace I've bought him will make up for my stupidness" I laugh and she gives me a little giggle. We step down the wooden stairs and onto the luscious beach. I see Jin's bright pink beach shorts in the distance as I point him out to her, she lets out another giggle as we head in their direction. I see Jimin and Tony deep in conversation so we get closer to them. Fraya runs over to Hoseok and hands over the little bag with the bracelet she's just bought him. He gives her a huge smile and pulls her into a tight hug, they break apart and she slips the bracelet onto his wrist as he admires the beauty of it.

"She's is really pretty but you have to be careful with girls like her she might seem like she's interested but when this is all over she'll leave you high and dry" Tony says to him as I get closer to them. I feel my heart drop into my stomach as I hear those words come out of his mouth. How can he judge me when he doesn't even know me? I drop my bag onto my towel and slip off my sandals before turning and heading over to Jungkook who is attempting to do some pushups.

Jimin's POV

"I just don't get her sometimes Tony. One minutes we're all loved up and the next she's saying stuff like that and it's driving me crazy because I never know what mood I'm going to get with her" I say to him and he gives me an understanding smile. He slaps my thigh as he watches the others playing in the sand and sea.

"She is really pretty but you have to be careful with girls like her she might seem like she's interested but when this is all over she'll leave you high and dry" he says to me as I notice Fraya handing something over to Hoseok. I see a bag drop onto Tasha's towel from the corner of my eyes and I turn round and look at her. She takes off her shoes and walks towards Jungkook who is doing push-ups. I watch as she sits on his back as he tries to push up him self up. She lets out a giggle as he crashes onto the sand and quickly gets off him, he stands up and brushes the sand off his chest and legs. He playfully hits her which makes her hit him back, they begin to have a little play fight; laughing and giggles with each hit they make. He quickly slings her over his shoulder like the other day and races into the cold seas with her, he drives into the water with her still on his shoulder as her body falls into it. She lets out another happy laugh and splashes him, which he returns.

"Her and Kookie seem to be getting along" Tony points and I let out a little growl as I feel myself getting angry and jealous all at once.

"Oh dear... your really don't like it?" He laughs and I shake my head in reply.

"They did something like this the other days where he locked her in his room and they was messing about saying she wanted to be with him. It really wound me up so seeing them like grind my gears" I explain and he just pushes me playfully.

"They go get your girls. Stupid. Sitting here with me isn't going to make this situation any better" he tells me as he tries to push me on to my feet. I groan and stand up, he gives me a thumbs up as I head in their direction. As I inch closer to the sea I over hear Jungkook say something to her.

"Do you like Jimin?"

"Yeah I do and that's why it's annoys me when I watch Fraya and J-Hope being able to take things slow whilst me and Jimin are having to rush to makes this relationship full of everything in a short amount of time" she says to him and he gives her a weak smile, I slowly walk into the seas right behind her. As I get right up to her, I wrap my arms around her waist and lift her up as spin her round.

"Ahhhh Jimin put me down" she laughs and I refuse and spin her a little more, Jungkook head back to the group who are currently kicking a ball to each other.

"Tell me you love me and I will" I say playfully and she shakes her head.

"No I will not say them words" she replies with a little giggle, I slowly bend my knees and dunk our bodies into the water.

"Say it or I won't let go" I tease and she lets out a little giggle.

"Nope" she says popping the p. I let go of her and watch as she falls under the water. I quickly grab her arm and pull her back up. She coughs a little and wipes the water form her face.

"I'm so sorry" I apologise quickly as she glares at me. She pushes me hard but I capture her arms with my hands and pull her into my chest.

"I really sorry, I didn't mean to get annoyed with you. I sorry you feel that way about us. I know Fraya and Hoseok situation is different from our but we can make this work, I promise you" I say as I wrap my around her shoulders and place a kiss on her forehead.

"It's okay your forgiven" she smiles and looks up at me, I smile down at her and give her a quick kiss, we break and I hover over her lips slightly before kissing her again but a little more passionate and meaningful. We finally pull away and she turns round in my arms and looks out into the open ocean as I lay my head on the top of hers.

"I could stay like this forever" I coo as I listen to the wave crash agains the sore and the seagulls squawk in the sky.

"Me too, this moment here is what a relationship is all about" she replies, I smile as the other appear next to us and we all stand looking out into the open scenery.

"I bet we look like one of those cheesy Instagram posts" Jin comments and we all agree.

"Wait someone should take a photo of us like this and post it to Insta and Twitter" Fraya beams and I laughs. She runs and asks Tony to take the photo of us. I move next to Jimin so I can actually be seen in this photo and wrap my little arms around his waist as he lays his arm over my shoulder. Fraya finally returns to the group as the boys put an arm around each other's shoulder whilst Suga lays his arm around my back and in my waist. I hear the snap of the camera and we stay standing like this for a bit before Fraya takes her phone from Tony and uploads it.

"Let the ARMY eat up that photo" She says playfully which makes me roll my eyes. That girl will surely get herself into trouble one of these days.

- Hey

So this is Chapter SEVENTEEN. I can't actually believe I'm seventeen chapters into this book already. Wow. I hope you like this one. I had to have Tony in it especially to say Chim Chim, I couldn't help myself plus I did just rewatch AHL before writing this. I won't see you guys tomorrow for another chapter as I'm working again but I'll be back Thursday with an update.

Meg x -

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