Let Me Love You - Yoongi Fanfic

Ebony is quiet and shy to everyone around her but when she's in front of her camera and in the privacy of her own home she has so much more confident and is so out there. YouTube is her passion and she enjoys spending her day watching video of her favourite Kpop idols... BTS.

With a fanmeet just around the corner she plucks up the courage to with her best friend and meet her idols. With her nervous running high she stands patiently waiting in the queue along with the rest of the ARMY.

It's her turn and her stomach is churning crazily and does a runner to the bathroom. What happens next is something she'll never forget.


20. Chapter EIGHTEEN

- Hey

Before I start this chapter I'm going to let you guys in on a warning.This chapter will contain SMUT, I will put in the story when it is going to start and when it is over for those who don't want to read it. It will be really detailed and well very erotic so please don't blame me if you don't find it inappropriate as this is your warning, continue at your own accord. Enjoy

Meg x -


I'm sat awkwardly at the edge of Yoongi's hotel bed as I slip off my shoes as he lays down comfortably this his hands resting against the back of his head. "Mmmm it's so nice to be able to just chill especially after a gig like that"'he says with a content smile on his face. I shuffle back on the bed so my back was leaning against the headboard as I turn my gaze to him. He flashed me a happy smile as he lays one of his arms around my waist.

"Yeah it's been a hectic day if you think about it" I reply awkwardly as I feel my nerves begin to kick in. I bite the inside of my lip as his fingers gentle rub the exposed skin on my hip.

"You really teased me back inside the restaurant earlier" he states as he looks up at me and gives me a wicked gummy smile.

"I know, it was funny to see your reaction" I blush at the memory. I feel his start to tickle my sides as let out a giggle, he continues to tickle me as I slide down the headboard and onto my back.

"Y-Yoongi, S-STOB IT" I breath out as I laugh as he continues to tickle me. He lets out a content laugh as he grips into my hips and looks down intensely at me. I feel blush form on my cheek as I stare into his gorgeous brown eyes. My heart begins to beat really fast in my chest as I see his face slowly come closer to mine, my eyes flutter close as I feel his plump lips press against mine. Our lips move perfectly against each other's as my hands move to his hair as I tug at the roots. He lets out a little gasp as I tug as I take this as a chance to slide my tongue in. I roam his mouth freely until he decides to take control again. His tongue slides gently across mine as he slowly pulls away and places soft, sweet kisses down my cheek to my neck and collarbone.

*Smut Starts Now*

I feel his teeth graze along the skin as he takes it between his teeth and sucks lightly on it. I let out a small moan as I my hands roam his back, clawing lightly as he begins to suck a little harder on the skin. He soothe the skin with his tongue every so often but continues to leave little red marks along my neck and collarbone. "You're mine now" he hisses into my ear causing my to shiver slightly. I nod my head before I pull his top from his jeans and up over his head. I gently move my hand across his torso which to my surprises isn't as toned as Jungkook's but it is still pretty toned and damn sexy. He takes my top off in one swift movement and hooks is arm behind my back, he fiddled with my bra for a couple of seconds when it snap open. He removes it from my body when his mouth connects with one of my nipples, sucking and nibbling lightly. Moans fall from my mouth loudly as he switched between each nipple ever so often. I feel a pool form in my panties as my back arched slightly.

"Oh god" I let out as begin to enjoy the moment more and more. He breaks away from my breasts and unbuckled my belt and pops the button of my jeans open, he slowly slides down the zip to tease me before hooking his fingers into the hoops of fabric holding my belt in place as he tugs the jeans from my body. He kisses the inside of my thigh as I quiver slightly wanting him so badly.

"Yoongi, please" I beg as I look down at him pleadingly. He gives me a cheeky smile and removes his jeans and boxers allowing his thicck member to slap against his lower stomach. He rips my black thong from my body which makes me roll my eyes.

"I liked them" I tease and he just grows at me as he positions himself between my legs and hovers over me.

"Shhhhh" he replies before pushing his full length into me and connect his lips with mine. I gasp into the kiss as he fills me up with his engorged member. He slowly begins to move his hips as he moves in and out of my tight opening.

"Mmmmm you feel amazing" he moans into the kiss as I blush slightly. He begins to make his pace faster as he pushes himself deeper into me, brushing against the Gspot. I feel myself arch as he continues to rub against it, making my body become weak and overcome with pleasure. Moans falls from my mouth as I bite down on his shoulder, trying to quieten myself down.

"Don't hold back Ebs, I wanna hear you're sweat moans" he coos to me as I shake my head trying to keep myself quite. He pushes in hard into me making a loud moans falls from my lips.

"Jeeez" I gasp as he continues to go hard and deep inside me. I feel myself becoming closer and closer to my climax as Yoongi's thrusts become sloppy, hinting he's also close.

"Mmmmm baby girl, I'm getting close" he groans as he cups one of my boobs in to his hand as he thrusts hard and faster. I feel myself about to let go when with one last thrust I topple over the edge and let myself go. I let out a moans of relief as my breathing slowly down as my heart races against my chest. Yoongi follows not long after and releases his load into me. He thrusts a few more times before pulling out of me, he climbs behind me and pulls me into his arms. He snuggle into my back as I press my arse against his still slight hard erected dick.

*smut over*

I get comfy as he kisses the back off my head and whisper into my ear "will you be mine ?"

"Yes of course I will" I reply with a smile on my face and fall into a peaceful and well deserved sleep.

Yoongi's POV

I feel myself stir out of a deep sleep with a heavy weight on my arm, I open my eyes and see a peaceful sleeping Ebony, i gently remove my arm from under her neck, trying not to wake her and slowly climb out of bed. I pull on my boxers and take a seat on the chair in front of the desk. I log onto my lap top and pop my headphones on my head, I open my music editing software and begin to create a beat for a song that popped into my head. "Ahh" I say in frustration as I can't find the perfect melody. I grab my note book and jot down some lyric idea. I quickly rip out of the page from my book as I feel myself become frustrated as I can't seem to get the words down onto the page.

"Cmon brain work !!!" I yell a little louder then I should have. I hear Ebony groan, I turn round and see her sit up and stretch her arms with a yawn.

"What's wrong?" She asks still sleepy, I give her a weak smile and move my hand for her to come over here. She climbs out of bed and pulls her panties on and grabs my multi-coloured checkered shirt, she slips it over her arms and fastens a few of the button. As she gets closer to me and take hold of her hand and pull her into my lap. She gives me and little giggle and looks at my laptop screen.

"I can't figure out a beat for this song I have in my head but I also get can't get the lyrics down on paper either.. I'm suffering with some sort of block" I explain to her and she nods her head.

"Show me how to use this?" She asks me and I give her a brief over view and she starts tapping away: a few moments later she finishes and clicks play.

"How about this?" She asks as I listen to the beat playing. Wait... that's the exact sound I've been humming in my head for the last couple of days

"How did you know?" I ask her and she gives me a little smile.

"You was humming it in tour sleep there other night and well I haven't been able to get it out of my head" she smiles and I give her shoulder a quick kiss.

"You literally are my fallen angel. I'm so glad you agreed to be mine" I say to her as I notice the red bruises forming under her skin on her neck. I gently run my finger along her neck as she shudders slightly.

"I'm glad you asked me to be yours" she says as she looks deep into my eyes, "but how is this going to work with you being everywhere and anywhere but with me?"

"Honestly We can make it work just means us travelling to see each other all the times but I totally okay with that" I say and she just gives me a heartfelt smile. She lays her head on my shoulder as I stroke her hair.

"I'm going to miss you" she whisper as he breath fans my neck. I let out a sad sigh when I remember I'm leaving in a few hours.

"I'm going to miss you too Eb, I promise i won't make you wait forever to see me again" I promise her as I link my pinkie with her. She lets out and little giggle as we stay cuddled up, listening to the tune she made play over and over again.


Yes I know I have been very crappy with updating this week but my heads been all over the place and I went out last night with the girls and one of them convinced me into going to a nightclub so that wasn't a good idea so. I'm going to update quite a lot today. I hope you liked shot chapter and I'll see you in a bit with another update.

Meg x -

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