Let Me Love You - Yoongi Fanfic

Ebony is quiet and shy to everyone around her but when she's in front of her camera and in the privacy of her own home she has so much more confident and is so out there. YouTube is her passion and she enjoys spending her day watching video of her favourite Kpop idols... BTS.

With a fanmeet just around the corner she plucks up the courage to with her best friend and meet her idols. With her nervous running high she stands patiently waiting in the queue along with the rest of the ARMY.

It's her turn and her stomach is churning crazily and does a runner to the bathroom. What happens next is something she'll never forget.


9. Chapter EIGHT

Chapter EIGHT

The room soon goes dark as I stand up clapping and screaming along with the rest of the army when the boys’ figures appear in sight. I try and guess which figure belongs to who when the instrumental music for 'Idol' begins to play. The lights beam on them as I smile at Yoongi and the boys who are dressed in military clothes. "Taehyung" Kayla screams and to my surprise he looks over and flashes her a smile. Yoongi follows Tae’s eyes as they land on me. He gives me a gummy smile and begins to sings. I dance and sing along as much as possible waving my BTS Bomb in the air. I hear the fan scream the chant and we join.
"KIM NAMJOON! KIM SEOKJIN! MIN YOONGI! JUNG HOSEOK! PARK JIMIN! KIM TAEHYUNG! JEON JEONGGUK! BTS!" I scream again and again as the boys dance in sync with each other. I take out my phone and begin to film them. I zoom in on Yoongi's who seems to be biting his lip. God I wish I could kiss those lips. I quickly shake that thought out of my head and focus on filming. The song ends and they stand up. "Hey everyone!!! How are we tonight?" Namjoons' voice booms around the arena. We all scream and shake our bombs. Yoongi walks over to my side of the stage and give me a wave. I wave back and blow him a kiss which causes him to blush.
"Why would he have to her" I hear one of the fan say behind me. I roll my eyes and continue to enjoy watching the boys preform. 'I'm fine' begins to play and the boys get into formation. I watch them with a massive smile on my face as the begin to dance. Jimin begins to sing and I let out a massive scream as he catches my eyes and send me a wink. Uggggh! Park Jimin please don't kill me just yet.

Once they've finished the first part of the group songs they disappear for a quick costume change and Jhope is lifted up into the stage and starts to sing 'Trivia; just dance'. I begin to film again as he dances and sings his heart out. Once finished Jungkook appears on the stage and starts to sing 'Euphoria' which happens to be one of my all time fav songs at the moment. I sing along and begin to dance with Kayla who seems to be attached to her phone texting. I look over her shoulder and see Tae's name at the top of her screen. Awee bless her. Jungkook walks down one of the side stages and spots me dancing and singing along and flashes me a quick cheeky grin. I wave to him and he lets out a little laugh. He goes back to signing and I go back to dancing away like a mad man.

The boys join Kookie on stage wearing all white like the angels they are and start to sing 'I Need U' I let out another big scream and watch the boys begin to kill it on stage again. I am so happy and over the moon about being here that my anxiety seems to disappear. The next song is Jimin's 'Serendipity' as tears begin to fall from my eyes. His voice is perfect. I wave my bomb in the air as I cry from happiness. Kayla just laughs at me as she watches me. "Let me love you...." I sing along. I see him look at me as a massive grin covers his face. I blush as I have a feeling I look like a rate mess. Once he's finished singing, RM appears on the stage and begins to rap 'Her'. He gets the crowd going and gets us to join in on chants and singing along with him. I jam along to him and wipe the wet tear stains from my cheeks. I pull my phone out of my pocket and see a text from Yoongi. I massive smile appears on my face as I read it.

Bias No1 😍 - You look so adorable watching us preform. I can't wait to sing my song and watch you xxx

I type a quick text back just as the all the boys appear on the stage.

Me - can't wait I hear it and see you xxx

They start to sing 'DNA' and my heart melts instantly. Jungkook whistles the opening to the song and I blush when Yoongi looks over to me a quickly blows me a kiss. I hold up my sign which causes him to giggle and lose focus slightly. He quickly gains his composure and begins to rap his lyrics. My heart flutters when he makes eyes contact with me and I give me his adorable toothy smile. This boy could make me fall for him with just the smile. The boys walk onto the moving platform to the center stage bit and begin to sing 'Fire'. I lean onto my tippy toes and try best to watch the boy but they are too far away from me. I let out a sigh and just sing along. They sing and talk to the crowd for a bit. I smile when I see Yoongi and Taehyung look for us but struggle to see us. I hold up my sign and watch as Suga taps V shoulder and point over to our direction. I nudge Kayla and point her to the boys. They wave over to us but I'm pretty sure the fan believe they were waving to help. I let out a little giggle when 'Baepsae' begins to play and I let out a scream when RM thrust and I watch as Yoongi copies him and I let out an even Biggies scream and blush when he points over to me. God this boy is driving me crazy!!!! I begin to film again but the focus is terrible. I give up and watch as Jhope thrusts and I let out a sigh of sexual frustration. I can't cope with these boys anymore. They travel back to the main stage and disappear for another costume change. I look at Kayla as she fans her face with her hands. I'm not the only one feeling the frustration.

V appears on the stage and I hear Kayla scream his name really loud as he begins to sing 'Singularity'. I start to film her as she sings along with tears now falling down her face. I keep filming as she smiles and bites her lip at his attractiveness. Haha Taehyung you have officially won my best friends heart. He finished singing and then disappear again. The boys return to the stage wearing all black and leather which makes me groan in annoyance. Why do they have to wear stuff like that? 'Fake Love' starts to play and I get really excited about Jungkook’s abs about to be revealed to me in real life and not just in video or gifs. The golden mankae begins to dance and sing. I smile when he lifts up his slightly see-through skirt and I let out a scream along with everyone else. Oh god I'm just as bad. The song finally ends and they once again vanish into the back.

Not long after Yoongi is lifted onto the stage wearing a red suit and he begins to rap 'Trivia; Seesaw'. I start to record him and smile when he locks eyes with me. I blush and sing along with him. I hand my phone to Kayla to record on as I hold my up sign which he reads again and cracks a smile. He starts to dance along with his back up dancer, he's in perfect time with them and then slides down the prop table which makes me giggle. I take me from Kay and zoom in on him just as he winks and bites him lip. I groan quietly and roll my eyes. The song comes to an end and sigh not wanting it too. Jin enters into the stage playing the piano when my phone buzzes and I see another text from Yoongi.

Bias No1 😍 - Have I one backs your bias now?? Because I couldn't stop looking at you through that. Damn you look so cute when your dance and sing along. Xxxxx

I type a quick reply as V, Jungkook and Jimin joins Jin on the stage. 'The Truth Untold' begins to play as I dart my attention from the stage to my phone.

Me - I'll let you know once it's over as I haven't fully decided yet as Jimin is looking quite good right now 😂 xxxxx

He reply's seconds later and it makes me laugh.

Bias No1 😍 - I'm gonna kill him once he's get off the stage. I don't want to have to share you xxxxx

I lock my phone and go back to watching the boys. They leave the stage and seconds later, Jhope, Suga and RM walk out. I see Yoongi mouth 'he's dead' to me and I just burst into laughter. He wouldn't actually kill him but the thought makes me laugh. 'Tear' starts to play and the lads being to rap their parts. Yoongi doesn't look at me during this performance which bums me a little bit I try my best to not focus on it. The song comes to an end and the rest of the lads come and meets them on the stage. They sing 'Mic drop' and I completely lose it when Yoongi flips the mic onto the stage.

After another costume change they come back onto the stage and start to sing 'Anpanman' and 'Answer; Love Yourself'. I watch as they go back to the center stage and finish off singing 'Answer; Love Yourself'. Once the song ends they say thank you to us and bow their heads. They disappear down under the stage and everyone is clapping and screaming "Encore" but we all know that was the end of concert. I grab my things and wait for Kayla as we follow a group of people walking to the side of the stage trying to get backstage. We push our way through the group of girls and hand our invitations to the gentleman behind the barrier and he lets us pass. I hear some of the fan kick off as we are lead toward the back.

- Hey

I know I said I was going to add the backstage bit in this chapter but I think it's best that be a chapter all on its own. I tried my best to remember the song order of the Love Yourself tour. If I've missed out any songs I'm really sorry but I couldn't remember them all. I did try my best though. I guess I'll see you guys in the next chapter.

Meg x -


- Hey


I know I said I was going to add the backstage bit in this chapter but I think it's best that be a chapter all on its own. I tried my best to remember the song order of the Love Yourself tour. If I've missed out any songs I'm really sorry but I couldn't remember them all. I did try my best though. I guess I'll see you guys in the next chapter.


Meg x -

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