Let Me Love You - Yoongi Fanfic *HOLD*


Ebony is quiet and shy to everyone around her but when she's in front of her camera and in the privacy of her own home she has so much more confident and is so out there. YouTube is her passion and she enjoys spending her day watching video of her favourite Kpop idols... BTS.

With a fanmeet just around the corner she plucks up the courage to with her best friend and meet her idols. With her nervous running high she stands patiently waiting in the queue along with the rest of the ARMY.

It's her turn and her stomach is churning crazily and does a runner to the bathroom. What happens next is something she'll never forget.


21. Chapter NINETEEN


Today is the day the boys leave to go to Paris for the rest of the tour, I’m snuggled up into Yoongi’s chest as I gently draw shapes on the exposed skin on his shoulder. He gentle stokes my bare back as we lay in silence for a while, trying to not ruin the precious moment we have together, entangled together, naked before he has to go for his flight. “I don’t wanna leave!” He says as continues to stroking my back.

“I don’t want you to leave” I reply as kiss his chest, I look up at him as give him a weak smile. He kisses my forehead and grabs his phone from behind me and looks at the screen with sad filled eyes.

“I better get ready” he sighs and untangles himself from me and sits up, he throw his legs over the side of his bed and slowly stands up, stretching. He walks over to his suitcase and unzips it, he pulls out a pair of black boxers and pulls them on. I watch him in awe as he gets dressed, he pulls on his dark denim skinnie, his black ‘In bloom’ tee and red checkered shirt. It slips his feet into a pair of socks and his red converse, he fastens the laces and shoves his dirty clothes into a separate section of his suitcase and fastens it shut. I sit up and grabs my things off the floor and pull on last nights clothes. “Here wear this” he says handing over the shirt I put on last night of his. I give him a smile and slip my arms into this shirt and fasten up a few of the button. I give it a little sniff as I take in his scent, “something to remember you by” I smile and he gives me a little nod whilst he’s continues packing up the rest of his thing into his hand luggage bag. I slip on my shoes and take my phone charger out of the plug and shove it into my bag, I slip my phone into my back pocket and take a seat on the bed again.

“Hopefully I’ll see you soon” I says weakly as I already feel myself missing him. He stops What’s he’s doing and and comes to stand between my legs, he gives me a little smile and takes my head into his hands, stroking my cheeks with his thumbs.

“I promise you, that you’ll see me soon” he coos and gives me a quick peck on the lips, I wrap my arms around him and lays my head on his stomach as he stroke my hair. I hear a knock at door as Yoongi yells “It’s open”.

Sejin walks into the room and look between us both. “You ready to get going ?” He ask Yoongi and he gives him a weak nod. I remove my arms and stand up from the bed, really close to Yoongi and give him a really sad smile. Can’t believe I’m not going to see my new boyfriend for ages, how am I supposed to cope without him next to me ? The bust boys walks into the room and takes a hold of his suitcase and leave the room, I grab my jacket and hang it over my arms as Suga, slips his hand luggage bag over his shoulder and take my hand with his free one. He pass his hotel key to his manager and we leave the room, we meet the boys into the hall way and head down to the main floor. Kayla is hold onto Tae’s hand and gives me a sad smile with a return. It’s going to be weird not hanging out with these seven crackheads. We walk out of the hotel and clamber into the taxi, I take a seat next to Yoongi as Jimin closes the taxi door and fasten his seatbelt.

The drive to Heathrow airport was short and filled with a silence that no one decided to break because there was no point because we was all kind of upset about them leaving. We get out of the taxi and are instantly flashes with cameras and fans screaming, I hang my head as I get out of the taxi and cling onto Yoongi hand, he gives his fans a wave and begin to walk towards the airport doors, followed by the others. Once we was inside we stood around awkwardly and waited for the boys to be called to walk through the security system. Me, Kayla, Tae and Yoongi watched at Jim, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jungkook and Jimin all walk through. It was Tae and Yoongis turn and I feel my heart sink into a pit of darkness as my eyes brim with tears, I try my best to blink them away but fail miserably. Yoongi turns to me and pulls me into a tight hug, he whispers “don’t care baby girl, I’ll be back in your arms before you know it” into my ear and that’s breaks me even more. Tears fall freely from my eyes and I hug my boyfriend tighter.

“Please don’t go” I sob into his shoulder, I see Kayla is tears as well as she cries to Taehyung. God we are a bunch of girls.

“Babe, I have too, other wise I’d happily move to England for you” he says as he stroke my hair. I see snapping of camera flashes and fans yelling stuff in our direction. I pull away from him and wipe my tears, he gives me a long and meaningful kiss before head through the security. I watch as he waves me goodbye and blows me a kiss. Kayla comes and stands by my side as we watch the boys decent down the tunnel toward their plane. I wipe my eyes again and link arms with Kayla as we head towards the airport doors. “Excuse me?” I hear a voice from behind me say, causing me to stop in my path and turn round, I see a smallish teenager about 16 maybe 17, her hair is in a lose ponytail and she has a bright smile on her face.

“Hey” I smile to her and she blushes.

“You’re Ebony Grace from YouTube right ?” She asks me and I nod my head, Wow it’s weird being recognised.

“You’re now also Min Yoongi’s girlfriend. So Can I please take a photo with you as I watch you’re YouTube channel daily and well I support you and Yoongi as a couple” she beam and I let out a happy giggle, she hands Kayla her phone as I wrap my arm around her shoulder and make a V shape with my fingers, the girls smiles brightly at the camera as Kay takes the photo. She hands the girl back her phone and I give her a cuddle and wish her well as we finally leave the airport.

We finally arrive back to mine as Mini comes bursting toward me. She jumps up at my legs as I walk into the hallway, “I’ve missed you too princess” I say to her as she barks. She begins to attack Kayla’s legs who bends down and scoops her into her arms. I close my front door and head to the kitchen to give my lil precious some wet food. I take out a packet of rip open the top and pour it into her bowl, my phone pings from my pocket signalling an Instagram notification. I put the empty packet into the bin as Kayla walks into the kitchen with my snowy white Pomeranian in her arms still, she puts her down onto the floor as I take out my phone from my back pocket. I see the notification saying I was tagged in something and I unlock my phone. The photo of me and the girl from early comes into my screen along with a collection of other like me and Yoongi kissing in the airport and our long cuddle we shared before he left. I began to read the caption.

@YoungWildnFree2001 - Today I got to see the boys off from Heathrow airport and what I saw was amazing to see. My favourite YouTube @EbGraceYT and #MinYoongi sharing a lovely cuddle and a kiss before he leaves for Paris. I also got to meet her and take this lovely photo thanks to her best mate @KaylaDawnOffical who was snuggling up close to #KimTaehyung. I totally ship #Ebongi and #Taela. 💜💜💜

I showed Kayla my phone as she let out a squeak of happiness. “OMG we have ship names already” she squealed and I just laughed at her. I double tap the photo and follow the girl on Instagram, my phone begins to ring as I see Yoongi’s name and photo pop up on my screen. I answer it as his actual face appear on my screen, a huge smile forms on my face as he gives me a handsome gummy smile. “Hey Baby girl” he say which makes me blush.

“Hey Min Yoonji” I tease and he rolls his eyes.

“Me and Min Yoonji are not the same person” he lies with a huge smile on his face.

“EBONY!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU” Jimin yells from the seats behind him. I let out a little giggle as Yoongi swots his face away.

“I love and miss you too ChimChim” I say and I see him blush through the gap of the seats.

“So I was talking to my manager as we boarded the plane and after this tour we have a couple of months vacation period and the boys want to go to some tropical island, if you and Kayla want to join us ?” He asks me and I see the world biggest grin firm on Kayla’s face as she look at me from across the counter.

“I’m down but Tae is going to have to ask Kayla” I say and he shouts Tae to ring Kayla and ask her. Moments later, Kay’s phone begins to ring and she runs out of the kitchen.

“I miss you already” I sigh as I see his beautiful face on my screen, I miss the feel of his arms around and the way I feel safe and protected and his cute plump lips against mine and his lil giggle he doesn’t and his cute gummy smile.

“Think about it this way... in 1 month you’ll be seeing me and getting to hold and everything whilst we relax under the hot Spain sun” he say and I nod my head, “but I do miss you too Ebs”

We talk for a bit longer till I see his eyes drift shut, telling me he is tired. “Babe..” I say getting his attention.

“Get yourself to sleep and I’ll talk to you tomorrow” I smile at him and he tried to refuse but feels himself drifting more into sleep.

“Okay, I’ll ring you tomorrow, goodbye, love you” he says and hangs up. I stare as my phone goes black as his words play in my head. It wasn’t an exact I love you but he still said love you, my heart flutter as a huge grin forms on my lips.

“I love you too Min Yoongi” I whisper to my phone.

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So this is the finally update of today, I was going to update this book 3 times but I genuinely have no more enjoy to so, I’ll going to update for tomorrow and I might even update on Saturday as well just a bonus for me being sloppy this week. But I’ll definitely see you tomorrow for chapter TWENTY!!!!

Meg x -

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