Destined (Jackson Wang)

Jackson Wang and Fang Nana didn't meet until 12 years after Nana returns from the UK, London to Hong Kong. Jackson isn't there at this time, and Nana was wondering that if Jackson's famous and then she goes to Korea but something going to happen in their life.

What happening when Nana arrived in Korea?

{Sorry about this, but... Er... I don't know what to say except for one if you don't like my writing, comment below. It's just clearing my mind!}


2. Prologue



"Come on, Suzy! I know that, and we were just old friend." Jackson looks furious.

I want to get out of here, and I don't want to be here, but I kind of have to because my old friends are now getting marrying as I don't know what to do!

I want to tell you what's my story to be like...

Like how did I knew Jackson Wang or his bandmates or why should I go to their wedding?

Well, I hope you like a long story, right?

With that, I look down at his shoe while he walks toward where I sit and point at me to use his finger while I was confused when I look up at his face.

"I was admiring that she has a fashion taste," Jackson explains to his fiancee, Suzy.

He turns his head to see me with his smiley face, and I look down on my lap when Suzy looks at me with her jealous on my corner eye.

I should've not come to their wedding and Suzy was my 'ex' one of the enemies, my bully in high school.

So, now, we 'are' old friends and I guess that I owe you an explanation.

We will be going back to how we met...

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