The Infinite Duo: Bennu Effect

Bennu Effect tells the story of Malika; a young doctor that one day finds herself responsible to save the lives of the closest people to her and learn the truth of her life and how that will change her forever.
*Bennu Effect is Vol I in The Infinite Duo series*


4. Three


Alexandria, Egypt  

December 17, 2009  

10:30 AM   

Malika kept looking at Farah without blinking.   

"Blink Malika!" Farah laughed.  

"Don't act like that."  

"Like what?"  

Farah laughed sarcastically, and Malika became angrier.  

"You just went to his shoulder to cry on and not me!"  

"Who said I even cried on his shoulder?"  

"I'm disappointed, you went running to Noah and not me."  

Malika rested her back and crossed her arms.  

"Why are you getting angry?"  

"Because you preferred Noah over me."  


"You know him for only two years, I know you all your life."  

"I don't remember anything before the accident; so technically I know you for only eight years."  

"You don't remember but I do!"   "Really? Can you recall any childhood memories we had together?"  

"Well…" Malika looked at the floor and opened her mouth for ten seconds trying to remember.   

"No, I can't recall anything now, but of course, we had childhood memories together."  

"I'm suspicious about it; we don't have any picture when we were young, I mean you do have ones with my brothers but not with me…actually, I don't have any pictures before the accident, not with you or anyone."  

"Or maybe the pictures were lost in the accident."  

"I don't think so, probably I'm an alien."  

"No, you're not that cool to be one."  

"Yeah, you're right." Farah smiled and looked again at her phone.  

Malika took a sip of her coffee and remembered her anger over Farah running to Noah.  

"Wait, don't change the subject, I'm still mad."  

Farah laughed. She knew that Malika never got jealous especially when it comes to Noah.  

Farah got up and head to her door calling for Lena to get her the number of the head of their law department. Malika's phone ranged it was her mother.  

"Malika, where are you?"  

"At Farah's office."  

"You're still there, your shift is on eleven."  

"I'll be there on time, are you at the hospital?" Malika said and waited for her mother to respond but instead, she heard her talking to one of the maids.  



"I found this box in front of the door," The maid sounded surprised.  

"Who put it there?"  

"A man was walking away, I stopped him, and he said to give this to Malika," The maid said and handed a white envelope to Layla and left.  

"Malika, did you order something?"  


"You heard what she said?"  

"Yeah, the box must have any information about the sender."  

Layla checked the box.  

"Nothing on it."  

"That's odd."  

"You want me to open it for you?"  

"No need just leave it in my room and I'll check it when I get home."  

"Okay, wait… Dr. Heidi called, she agreed to take the position."  

"That's great!"  

They talked for two more minutes and then Malika ended the call with one thing on her mind, the mystery box.  

"I didn't order anything," Malika whispered.  

"Did you say something?" Farah asked without looking at her.  

"No," Malika said while putting the phone in her bag.

  "So, what did you do to make Lena cry?"  

"You know the project we have for the Sweden Company?"  


"Well some morons are ruining it, apparently, they didn't follow the exact designs for two buildings and we're running out of time," Farah said while checking work papers.  

"Your dad knows about it?"  

"Yeah! I have been in this mess since yesterday," Farah sneered. Farah's office phone ranged.  

"I have to go; my shift is about to start."  

Farah waved goodbye to Malika and start the phone call with the same high angry tone. After a while, she knew that she had to go to her father's office downstairs to tell him the updates.  

Lena entered the room giving her the papers she needed. She took the stairs to head to her father's office. Her feet were hurting her from wearing the heels; she hated them. She took her time going downstairs, she wanted to focus her feeling on the pain of her feet than her overwhelming anxiety.  

She could hear his angry voice from distance; she entered his office, and everyone was looking at her; she felt the improbable tension in the air.  

"Dad, I called the law department and we sorted everything out," she said with a low steady voice.  

"How could you let those idiots put me in this situation!" her dad said furiously.   "

I did everything right and they got it on time, and what happened isn't my responsibility." Farah was trying to defend herself.  

"You're the head of design and implementation; It is your responsibility!" He pointed his finger at her with obvious anger on his face.  

She knew there was no way to convince her father that it wasn't her fault. He kept blaming her and telling her how a failure she was. Farah felt a burning sensation in her chest.  

Her father waved his hand for her to get out when his phone ranged, and it was the executive manager of the Sweden Company. She left feeling oppressed. She went to her office and told Lena to arrange a meeting with the executive team of the project in half an hour. She left and head to the roof of the building. It was an incredible view; the company was surrounded by a garden and on the other side of the street was the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  

She reached the roof railing and took off her heels. The moment she put her hand on the roof railing she started to cry and a flashback for the last couple of days started to pop in front of her eyes.  

December 15, 2009  

8:30 PM  

It was a beautiful night. Farah and Adam were having dinner in her favorite restaurant. She always felt happy and safe with him.  

"How was your day?" Adam asked.  

He held her left hand and kissed it and then she slowly moved her hand and touched his smooth shaved face; she hated when he shaved his beard, although Adam had uneven thin beard that gave him the look of a teenage boy, she wanted him to grow it, for her having any facial hair on his face is better than have none but she never told him, for some reason she didn't care about his appearance.  

Adam was a good-looking man with his tall thin yet muscly body, fair skin tone that turns reddish most of the time and his silky chestnut brown hair that he ran his fingers through it every two minutes. Farah wasn't attracted to him, he was like a safe comfortable type of love that puts a smile on her face every now and then but not a passionate one.  

She moved her hand away and looked deep into his brown eyes.  

"Long boring day, as usual, yours?" She smiled at him and the deep dimples on both of her cheeks appeared.   The night went smoothly. They left the restaurant heading to Adam's car. Both wanted to get coffee; Adam drove to their favorite café; it took them ten minutes to get there. Adam got out of the car to order while Farah was waiting, he left his phone and it kept making noises.   Someone was sending a lot of messages to him. She couldn't handle the continuous noises of the phone; she took it to turn the volume off but find that Adam's sister was the one sending the messages. She knew his sister won't send anything at this time because of her busy life with her three years old triplets.  

Farah looked at the café and thought of reading them. "He won't get mad," she whispered and opened the newest message from her.   Her face reaction suddenly changed; she looked devastated.  

After twenty minutes Adam got back with two cups of coffee. "God! The whole place is so crowded," Adam said without looking at Farah.  

She was on the phone talking in a serious tone.  

"Are you near the house? Good, just give them to Malika, not anyone else."  

She ended the call then looked at Adam angrily.  

"Are you okay?"  


"Are you sure? You look pissed off."  

"I'm fine."

"Okay, …heading home?"  

"No, to Malika's." She took the coffee and forced a smile on her face.  

Adam kept talking the whole ride to Malika's house. Malika's parents were having a family and friends gathering; celebrating the opening of their new hospital. Farah looked distracted and then her phone ranged it was Malika.  

"Farah! What happened?"  

"You will know everything, everyone will," Farah said with a steady voice.  

"What's going on?" Adam asked.  

"I have a surprise for everyone."  

Twenty minutes before at Malika's House

  Malika was drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. While her mother and aunt walked in.

  "The food was amazing," Pakinam said it happily.  

"I made it myself just for you."  

Layla was known for her love of cooking and every time there was a gathering at her house; she cooked without the help of the maids or Malika.  

"Aunty I really wish to see you cook."  

"Keep wishing honey it will never happen; I can't destroy my beautiful hands in cooking."  

Malika laughed at her Aunt reaction; Pakinam, Farah's mother wasn't a kitchen fan. Pakinam had a fun-loving personality. She cared about her image in the society more than anything.  

Malika's phone made continues noises. It was voice messages from Farah. Malika went to the garden to listen to them.

  "Malika, Lena is on her way to your house I want you to take a letter from her." Farah's voice was shaking, "Call me when you get it."  

Malika was confused but she called Lena to know where she was.

"Lena, where are you?"  

"I'm on my way, what's going on? Why she asked me to have this letter?" She sounded surprised.  

"What's on it?"  

"She called me, and her voice was weird and told me to write a Letter of termination for Adam." a sound of a car door closed in the background.  

"I'm outside, I'm sorry could you come out now, she wants me to give it to you personally."  

"Okay, I'm coming." Malika was shocked.  

Adam was working for Farah's Family Company from day one they graduated. Both were engaged and about to get married. Malika went outside to get the letter; she tried to convince Lena to come in and have a cup of tea, but she couldn't because she left her friends and they were about to head to the movies. Malika went inside looking worried.  

"Who came?" Layla asked Malika after noticing her face reaction.  

"It was Lena; Farah assistant, she wanted her to get some work papers."  

"This girl is turning into a workaholic just like her father," Layla said and walked to another room.   Malika looked at the letter and read it.  

"Shit! She's really firing him," She whispered herself.    

Malika called Farah to understand what was going on.  

"Farah! What happened?"  

"You will know everything, everyone will," Farah said with a steady voice.  

Farah ended the call leaving Malika more confused.  

Twenty-seven minutes later  

Farah called Malika, "I'm in the garden."  

Malika went to the backyard door immediately.  

"Farah, what's going on?" Adam asked nervously.  

"Just wait." she wasn't looking at him.  

Malika entered the garden to find Farah and Adam standing next to the pool and square table.   

Farah took a pen and signed the letter.  

"Sign here Adam." Farah handed the pen to him.  

He took the letter and read what was on it.  

"You're firing me!!" Adam was furious.  

"Yes," Farah said with a blank face.  

"Are you insane?!" Adam's voice was very high that caught the attention of everyone in the house.   

Seconds later Malika noticed that everyone was in the garden; her parents, Farah's parents and some of their friends.  

"Farah!" Malika wanted to warn her, but she wasn't listening.  

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"  

"How much time it will take to end this game?"  

"What game?!"  

Farah got her phone from her bag and played a voice message between Adam and another girl.  

"I can't believe you're really marrying this idiot." a soft female voice.  

"You know how much I hate being here without you, but we have to finish it to get what we want."   

Adam Looked at Farah in shock.  

"Farah let me explain."  

"What was that?" Malika asked.  

"Let me tell you the great story of Adam and his girlfriend. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend Nadia still talking to him till this day and her name on the phone 'Sister' Both agreed to get married five years ago but like we all know, it didn't work out and her parents took her to Kuwait with them, then, Adam, the charming prince became closer to me and made me fall for him and eventually after two years he proposed, and I said yes; believing that I'm marrying my best friend. What happened was both had an agreement to get me to marry him and by time he will take as much money as possible from me; starting with working at my company then marrying me and then convincing me to put loads of money in his bank account because you know I love him and will do whatever he says and by that he became rich enough for Nadia's family to accept him." Farah was weirdly calm.  

Everyone gasped while Malika opened her mouth from the shock and looked at him in disbelief. On the other hand, Adam was sweating hard and his face was turning red. He tried to speak but  Farah stopped him.  

"Did you really think that I would give you money?" Farah said sarcastically and handed the pen to Adam to sign.   "I will make sure that you won't get any pound from me or my family, no one in this country will hire you. Keep this in your mind," Farah said while moving her hair behind her ears.  

Adam signed it with shaky hands. Farah took the paper and gave it to her father to sign.  

"Dad, sorry for bothering you." she gave it to him and looked at her Aunt and Uncle.  

"Congrats on the new hospital, Sorry for ruining your night."  

Farah smiled at them and looked at her parents; they looked enraged. Malika called Samir; the security man to get Adam out.  

Layla told the guests to get inside to continue their evening leaving Farah and her parents alone in the garden.   "What just happened?!" Murad; Farah's father was outraged.  

"He is a liar dad, that's what happened."  

Farah wasn't feeling herself, she was breathing hard; trying her best not to cry.  

"Why did you bring him here? Couldn't you wait till morning?"  

"Would it make any difference?!"  

Farah was surprised by her father's reaction.  

"You humiliated us in front of everyone," Pakinam said angrily.  

"It's your fault," Murad said while lighting a cigar.  


"He was your choice; how could you be that stupid! How could you let all of this to happen? I can't believe how much you are a failure, you embarrassed me and your mother! you don't even use your mind. Fix this mess and whatever you're going to do, I don't want you coming to me with this EVER AGAIN!"  

Murad turned and went back to the house. Farah looked at her mother hoping she won't blame her, but she left her standing alone in the garden. Malika waited inside and listened to what happened then went out while Farah was sitting next to the pool; she closed her eyes and breathed heavily.  

"Are you okay? I tried to tell you they were standing behind you."  

Malika took a chair to sit next to her. Farah was quiet with the same blank reaction on her face.  

"It doesn't matter." Farah put her hair in a ponytail.  

"I'm sorry." Malika hugged her.  

"Can I borrow your car?"  


"I'm so tired I want to go home."  

"No, I'm not letting you go anywhere!"  

"I'm tired; I need to sleep."  

"You can sleep here."  

"Mal…" Farah rested her back.  

"Fine, but I'm not letting you drive, I will tell Samir to drive you."  

"No need."  

"I said I'm not letting you drive!"  

Malika called Samir to get her car ready, he was about to drink tea with the other security man and two of the maids.  

"The keys aren't in the car," Samir said to Malika.  

"What! I'm sure I left it in the car."  

Malika went to check inside the car.  

"I must have put it in my bag."  

One of the maids stood up and she was about to go inside to get the keys.  

"Finish your tea, I'll get it." Malika raised her hands to prevent the maid from moving and went directly inside the house. Farah's phone ranged, it was an unsaved number.  

"Weirdo." A husky deep man's voice on the other side with an Australian accent.  

"Noah?! That's not your number!"  

Farah looked again at the phone screen.  

"Wait that's UAE number!"  

"I'm in Dubai, I just landed and bought a huge chocolate bar, it reminded me of you."


Farah's deep and hard breath sounded load.  


She didn't reply.  

"Are you near Jumeirah beach?" her voice was calm despite her load breathing sound.


"Can't tell you on the phone, meet me in five hours at the beach."  

"Five hours! Mate are you okay?" Noah didn't understand what was that urgent for her to take a flight at that time just to talk.  

"I will call you when I land."  

Farah ended the call then Malika entered the garden to give Samir the keys.  

"I'm going to Dubai now."  

Malika didn't react to what Farah said only gave her a hug.  

"Oh, poor thing, you must be very tired."  

She rode the car and told Samir to drive to the airport.  

Farah's Phone ranged, it was Lena telling her that it's time for the meeting. Farah wiped her tears and went downstairs. She washed her face first then headed to the meeting room.

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