The Unbreakable Vow

After the war things have taken an unexpected turn in everyone's life… what happens when Draco Malfoy ends up being forced to work and stay with his lifetime enemy Hermione Granger… will they ever realize the feeling that both of them had buried within themselves during their seventh year...


28. Chapter 27

It wasn't an easy wait. Draco kept looking at the door for someone to come and tell him that he could meet Hermione or just tell him that she was doing fine but none happened. Harry stayed that night with him. He didn't even snooze worried that he may miss a chance to meet Hermione.

Ron too came early morning and no one ever exchanged any words. Ron was devastated as well. He didn't feel like having a row with Draco as well. Harry kept himself far from this unknown Draco. He couldn't believe that Malfoy of all the people was waiting for Hermione.

Draco kept looking at the door and counted the time that flew by. It was the hardest. To keep thinking that Hermione had been behind those closed doors for so long. Each second that ticked by was really torturous to him.

Harry and Ron both had fallen fast asleep when a healer finally emerged out of the room. The healer looked beyond tired and worn out. "Mr. Malfoy?"

"Yes! How's she?" Draco instantly stood and Harry woke up at once too.

"Well the surgery went well. She's still very weak and fragile but is doing fine. But her head injury may have caused…"

"Caused what?"asked Draco anxious. He couldn't afford a memory loss now,could he?

"A memory loss. Though we're not really sure just be prepared if that does seem to happen. You can meet her now." The healer patted him and went off into the other direction. Draco stood there frozen. What if she had a memory loss? Would she forget him? Their time together? Their kisses and hugs? He panicked.

"I'll go and see her if you need time." Harry said coming beside Draco. Draco looked at him.

"Yeah…I think I better go after you."said Draco. Both Harry and Ron went in to meet Hermione. Draco paced back and forth and stopped finally when they emerged out of the room.

"Is she…"

"She didn't mention you but she didn't talk much either. Just said that she was doing okay and then went off to sleep again."said Harry. Ron just glared at him.

"I think I'll see her now." Draco was about to go in when Ron said him something that made his heart ache.

"If she doesn't remember you you'll have to leave."

"Ron!"said Harry surprised.

"What Harry? Now you mean that you empathize with Malfoy?" Ron raises his voice.

"No I don't but I've seen him worry for our Hermione. It's always been him who saves her. You always leave,don't you?" Harry didn't need any nonsense now. He wasn't giving his bestfriend the privilege to hurt his another best friend any more than already.


"Let's just stop it here Ron. Hermione's never coming back to you like before. You let your chance go and now it's both of our responsibility to make her happy and support her. Please keep the past aside and just accept that Malfoy's changed like Hermione does. For her!" Ron gave him a long calculating look before finally sighing in defeat.

"I'll try." Harry smiled feebly at him and then he turned to Draco.

"Malfoy we'll have to leave now. Crabbe's trial will be done when Hermione gets well." Draco nodded. "Just take care of her. I'm trusting you in this." Then Harry went along with Ron.

Draco pushed open the door and there she laid like a pure innocent angel. She had been terribly hurt by the dark and evil man. She didn't deserve that. No she didn't! She only deserved to be loved and cared for. Hermione had several bandages on her. Some even had fresh blood leaking out from them. Her cheek where Crabbe had dragged a knife was still scarred but she still looked the most beautiful person to him. Draco took small steps towards her afraid that he would wake her up and she may not remember him at all. He watched her intensely. She looked like a broken doll. So fragile and yet so beautiful at the same time. He daren't touch her. He was afraid of hurting her. She was too pure for him. She was snoring lightly. Draco smiled to himself as he sat at the stool beside her. He placed his hand on hers gently. He stroked the scar on her cheek and then a tear drop fell on their linked hands.

"I'm so sorry Hermione. Please come back like before." He whispered and closed his eyes relishing any memory that flooded his mind.

It was not a day that Draco had been waiting for to be honest. He was rather dreading about this day. Granger had made several plans about this day and asked Draco not to ruin it for her sake. Draco didn't know that she'd fuss so much about just a birthday. Birthday comes and goes every year. What's so special about them?

You should rather be sad that each year you're getting older but she was very cheerful. Draco didn't like surprising anyone so he hadn't actually done anything for Hermione's birthday. She had simply been cheerful herself for reasons he didn't know. And he knew that she didn't mind him doing nothing special for her. Not that he even cared. But he had to accept that she wasn't the insufferable know it all anymore. Yes she still was all too know-it-all Granger but not insufferable. Draco actually liked her company secretly.

Hermione woke up extra early that day and began working in the kitchen. Draco however wanted more sleep so he didn't bother to go and look what she was up to. So he simply slept and when he finally woke up and went downstairs he could smell the whole house like chocolate cake! Why yes she had baked a cake and not just cake but she had prepared a whole lot of foods.

"What's all this fuss about Granger? I mean are you having your friends over today because if that's the case I'll have to leave right now."said Draco.

"Oh no Draco. My friends aren't coming over but my parents are. They always do and I love having them here. I'd very like you to meet them once."said Hermione too excited to see Draco scowl.

"Whatever for? Do they even know that I live with you?"

"Of course!" Hermione rolled her eyes. "I always write to them about what's going on in my life. Besides I wouldn't want them to think that we're some couples so I told them we were just living for a year to work on an important case so don't tell them about the Unbreakable Vow!" Hermione looked around her.

"You're crazy." Draco muttered as he headed to take a shower. The whole apartment felt different today. Nothing was changed but maybe Hermione's excitement had brought a spark in this place. Draco changed to some muggle attire and attended Hermione in the kitchen. She was getting the plates ready and it was absolutely smelling wonderful in the kitchen.

"I sure feel like I've been starving for days."commented Draco. Hermione chuckled. "What?"

"Nothing. I just feel awesome today." Draco watched as Hermione smiled to herself.

Then the door bell rang and Hermione looked even more cheerful. "That should be them. I'll get them." Hermione almost leapt to the door. Draco had never seen her this excited he swore. He did feel a bit anxious to meet the Grangers though. He knew they were dentists and they loved traveling. That much information may help him a bit to get used to them now.

"Mom! Dad!" Draco could hear her squeal and he thought he wouldn't show up just yet.

"My my Hermione dear. You look so pretty." He heard a female voice. Must be her mother.

"After all she's my daughter."said a male voice. That definitely must be her father. Draco just stood listening to them.

"Oh she happens to be as much my daughter as she is yours love."said Mrs. Granger. Their voices grew louder so they must be in the dining hall. That would be the perfect moment for Draco to appear.

Draco stepped in the dining hall and three set of eyes fell on him. One rather cheerful, one surprised and one happy.

"Oh you must be Draco."said Mrs. Granger.

"Yes mam. Pleasure meeting you."said Draco. He looked at Mr. Granger. "Nice meeting you too sir."

"Oh the pleasure's all mine boy."said Mr. Granger smiling. Hermione smiled secretly at their exchange. Mam? Sir? Really? She hadn't expected Draco to be so polite.

"Hermione dear where's Crookshanks?"asked Mrs. Granger and at the mention of his name Crookshanks appeared lazily out of the living room. He meowed but instead of going to his masters he chose to rub himself against Draco.

Mrs. Granger laughed gently. "Does he like Draco better than us?" Hermione shrugged and just smiled. While Draco gave the cat a curious look.

"Let's get settled. I'll get you both some drinks. Why don't you make yourselves comfortable in the living room while I get the drinks?" Mr. And Mrs. Granger nodded and headed inside while Hermione went in to fetch the drinks. Draco followed her.

"I'm impressed." Draco gave her a questioning look.

"Why?"asked he as he got the glasses.

"You were nice to my parents."stated Hermione.

"Malfoys are best known for their manners Granger. I know how to deal with guests." Hermione beamed at him. She was literally having a great day and her smile proved that all along.

"Oh you are so…unexpected at times and I like that." Hermione took the drinks and the glasses from Draco and went to the living room while Draco stood there watching her cat sleeping on the floor beside him. He reluctantly followed her and went to the living room where her parents were simply talking to their daughter. Draco just listened them and spoke when he needed to. Then Hermione said that it was time for the dinner that she had been preparing since morning. Merlin he was already starving. He just had an apple for breakfast and all day he only had some drinks and a bit of snacks since he didn't feel like eating much. Draco sat down on the table while Mrs. Granger and Hermione made the table.

"I heard that you and Hermione weren't in good terms when you first met."said Mr. Granger when both of them were alone in the dinning room. Draco regretted not helping Granger to set the table then but it was too late.

"Yes sir."said Draco clearing his throat.

"Why might that be?"

Draco thought of the possible answers and then he decided to just say the partial truth. "She and I belonged to a completely different world. You see I was raised to believe that the people whose parents aren't inherited with generation of ability to do magic were inferior than the ones who could so as a child I believed in those things but I don't anymore. I've learnt that everyone is very much the same. The only thing that matters is being able to correct your wrongs. And I deeply regret for ever considering Hermione inferior because no one can ever be compared to her. No body can be compared to each other for their heritage for that matter." Mr. Granger looked deep in thought before a warm smile broke on his face.

"That explains why she always talked about you in her letters during her last year at Hogwarts. She always seemed happy to talk about you and how you both were getting along so well. I'm glad you made her happy." Mr. Granger smiled again and Draco smiled in response. Just then two female Grangers entered with trays of food. The foods were set and Hermione sat beside Draco. Her parents wished her birthday and she cut the cake she had prepared herself. Her parents gave her a huge parcel and Hermione beamed at them.

The dinner was just fine. The food was marvelous as Draco ate with the Grangers in peace. After dinner Draco helped Hermione do the dishes. Then Mrs. Granger came to the kitchen.

"Hermione dear?"

"Yes mom." Hermione answered as she scrubbed the stains from the plates.

"Your father wants to have a talk with you before we leave. I'll do the dishes. Why don't you go and talk to your dad for a bit?" Hermione nodded.

"Thank you mom. Draco here is very nice with the dishes." She put the plate down and took off the apron passing it over to Mrs. Granger.

Mrs. Granger continued what Hermione left. They worked in silence for a minute or so when Mrs. Granger finally spoke up. "How is work going on dear? I heard you both are working on a particularly hard case."

"Oh yes mam. Work is doing just fine. Both of us are working hard. Hope that we get to the bottom of this case."said Draco.

"How do you like staying here?"

Draco glanced at Mrs. Granger and then said," It's…nice. I mean it's different but nice."

"Are you actually going to leave after a year?"asked Mrs. Granger.

"Uh…yes that's pretty much the plan mam."said Draco as he dried the plate that was passed to him.

"Oh…do you want to?"

"Umm…I'm sorry but I'm afraid I didn't get you mam." Draco asked.

"Do you want to leave?"

Draco jerked out of the memory that swirled around his already confused and exhausted mind. He looked at Hermione who was still sleeping soundly and their hands still intertwined. No he didn't want to leave. Not now! Not ever! He just wanted to hold her hand and stay forever beside her but what about the vow. Would he be able to live a day without her?

He couldn't and that hurt even more. He didn't want to leave her side. She meant everything to him because he loved her. Maybe he realized it lately but he very much loved her. He always cared for her but today he couldn't deny that he loved her and wouldn't survive a day without her. The way she smiled and her quirkiness at giving him best comebacks would forever be his best memories. If she didn't remember him any longer he would maybe live with those memories.

"Draco…"a soft voice whispered. Draco at once looked at her. She was opening her eyes and her eyes fell on him. Then she smiled. She did? Was that a good sign? "How long have I been here for?"

"Two days. Don't worry."said Draco in a low voice.

"Oops that's long but I think I'll take the much needed rest now." Hermione closed her eyes. Draco watched her patiently. "I missed you and I was so scared Draco but you came and I…"she spoke with her eyes closed.

"We can always talk later. Just rest."said Draco. She mumbled an okay and then suddenly opened her eyes.

"Will you please lay beside me till I fall asleep?"

"Alright." Draco squeezed himself beside the little space beside Hermione and put a protective hand around her waist. "I'm here Hermione."

"I know. Thank you Draco."whispered Hermione. She drifted off to sleep but before she finally went into deep sleep she whispered something that Draco couldn't believe at all. "I love you Draco."

After a long time after she was already asleep did Draco whispered. "I love you too."

And in his sleep he saw himself with Mrs. Granger that day in the kitchen cleaning the dishes.

"No mam. I don't feel like leaving at all!"

A/N:- oh my god finally they both happen to confess their love but will Hermione realize that she had finally voiced her feelings and Draco too. It's a little unfair for her but I'm not a stone hearted author. I always do the best to my babies. There's more and coming on the way. I've planned everything just need time to write them. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.


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