I am writing this book as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. I have started the first chapter and the next expatriate will write the next without completely changing the story but just carrying on from the previous chapter. This will continue with other expatriates writing one or more chapters until the book is finished! Hoping to create a fictional masterpiece with the many minds on board!


1. Culture Shock, Stage Two

“I knew it. I shouldn't have come here. The food tastes like window putty and the apartment elevator constantly smells like a dead mouse.” Sakhile thought gloomily while sitting on the edge of her bed in the dark.


“I should have stayed home and helped Auntie Ouma with her dressmaking business but no, I had to come here and pursue a career in training cats how to juggle. I don’t even like cats!”


She was in the second stage of culture shock - the Crisis stage, where everything about her new home country was absolutely intolerable. She was struggling to fully express herself or understand others. She had to ask for help for even the most mundane tasks. This bothered her the most. She hated feeling dependent; this was her biggest strength and her biggest weakness.



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