Match made in hell

Schools just goten out for Amaris's freinds and herself that means diching the good kid act and going to partys
what if she meets a stranger and suddenly as a new school year begins he comes too
will Amaris ignore the cunning lad or will she fall to his trap aswell

//copyright 2019


9. An akward rescue

Amaris P.O.V.

"I wont let him touch you again I promise, I'll protect you no matter what. And i dont bereak a promise" After Alec said that I felt my body start to calm down a bit but the tears still poured down relentlessly.

Slowly I released my knees and uncureld myself and leaned forward to lie my forhead agenst his chest. His heart was rythmic it sounded a small bit fast he was warm it felt odly familiar from where i dont know.

After crying for a little while longer i pulled away from Alec and looked at my knees folded under me out of the corner of my eye I could see Alec shifting to my left side and leaning agent the posts that ran behind my back across the platform "Sorry, I got your sirt wet... again" i added the last part feeling guilty about the first time.

"Dont worry about it păpuşă, Dry your face and smile your prettier when you smile" I laughed at his comment honestly it made my stomach flutter and my face feel warmer I wiped my face on mmy sleve seeing as my hankerchief was left in my purse at the café.

I leaned to my left skumping agenst Alecs shoulder it was peaceful all you could her was the rythmic tick of the minute hand going around along with the quiet grinding of the gears; Almost like a lullaby slowly i felt my eye lids begin to droup and eventualy close and a warmth on my waist.

Alecs P.O.V 

After Amaris had calmed down my shirt watered for the second time, not that i minded it actualy if made me feel happy, happy enough that she trusted me to show me this side of her.

I've noticed she has a facadé at school shes quiet and distant. With her freinds she smiles and laughs; but when shes alone on a walk or sitting outside at lunch you see her. The un acting version the one that shows the true Amaris the quiet vintage loving girl, the one that bites her thumb when nervous the one that i wish she showed the world. The one I dare say i love, although i could never for I am her fathers servant to protect her it would be inapropreate.

I felt a weight on my shoulder looking down i saw the girl asleep breathing softly I sliped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer I leaned my head back and looked up 'Amaris what do you do to me?' 

the sound of her breaths mixed with everything else sounding so quiet and peacefull I begain to feel drousy My head fell to the right onto Amaris's and i fell asleep

Zoie's P.O.V

The rain was pouring down hard we got to the tea shop that Amaris's family ownd before the rain begain "geez that came out of nowhere huh Amaris?" I turned around to only see Nicola "wheres?" Nicola turned around at mmy question when his phone rang 

"Its Alec" he quickly picked it up then looked back down at said phone call "try Amaris I think his phone died" nodding to him i picked up my phone and waited for her to pick up. 

Behind me i heard Amaris's normal ring tone behtovins fifth symphony. sighing I hung up the phone and went to the counter and took the bag from Miss. Martha and saw both Amaris's phone and the school Issued phone.

"ill call Sister uldwo and tell her where we are. When the rain lets up we can go out looking for them." Nicola said taking out the issued phone and puting a hand on my shoulder.

// hey guys so I know its been a long time since I updated my life has been total chaos and i'm not sure when I will update I also have total writers block after this chapter so it might be a while I also start school soon so i'm sorry if it takes a while <3 ~ xxXsummerXxx



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