Match made in hell

Schools just goten out for Amaris's freinds and herself that means diching the good kid act and going to partys
what if she meets a stranger and suddenly as a new school year begins he comes too
will Amaris ignore the cunning lad or will she fall to his trap aswell

//copyright 2019


7. Tick tock

Alecs P.O.V

after I had calmed down Amaris we went into the main shop Zoie came over and Amaris put on a smile talking to Zoie and Martha as i've learnd to be her name. "Hey man so whats going on with you and Amaris?" Nicola leand on me with his arm around my neak 'whats going on between us? I wish but, theres nothing' 

Looking toward Amaris and Zoie I just stated "Nothing.." Nicola only humed back in confusion "Amaris, shes nice and fun not to mention cute but.. I dont know." I sighed right then Amaris poped up in front of me "I got you coffee because I wasent sure if you liked tea but theres chocolate spoons you put it in your coffee its good"

She smiled brightly god how I love her smile. she held up a chocolate spoon then ran off after handing it to me Martha was taping away at some numbers while Amaris looked over a small chart the sun was shining threw the window makeing me take in the shops decor

The shop was simple it had maple counter tops and behind the counters there where wooden boxes on shelves labeld with names of teas in multiple languages with an english Translaiton underneath. there where old windows with wooden paines running through them. there where small two person tables with cute wooden seats coverd in floral cusions in front of the window. across from the counter   there where tables with more seats for multiple people to sit at. 

In the shelf there where glass panes to see the tea cups on display there was a small bear in one corner holding a tea cup. All in all it was a verry vintage store and verry beautiful.

"lc- Alec!" I looked to my left seeing Nicola wvaeing a hand at me "you good Mate? Kinda spaced out a second there" Nooding we all got out to-go cups and begain our walk away from the shops we stoped at 'the eye' a large faris wheel which was opend in 2000. 

we stoped at a few small churches when finaly we got to big ben. "Big ben was built in 1859 and was created by Augustis Pugin" I spoke up.

Amaris P.O.V

"Big ben was built in 1859 and was created by Augustis Pugin" Alec spoke up I looked up to him to see him looking down at a small pamphlet "why dont we go up?" Zoie spoke while walking to the door at the back.

"Zoie isn't that illegal?" I spoke up she only looked at me as if I where stupid. "Ok your family may be loaded but mine has connections and it just so happens that this guy here is one of my fathers lakies" she giggled while slinging an arm around the gaurds shoulders.

we walked up some steps of the tower there where a few 'windows' on the stairs. we got to the top where there was a window at the back where we could see the city. 'Amaris' I turned quickly to see nothing but a door 'I swear I heard someone call my name'

"hey you ok?" Zoie piped up nodding slowly I faced the window again Eveyone turned to leave as we only had about an hour left untill we all had to meet up again. When I got to the step I heard a voice again 'Amaris come here'

My body started to move on it's own towards the clock tower door "Amaris?" I could hear Alec but I couldent answer him I got into the room but saw no one Alec griped my arm.

"Amaris we got to go why did you come in here?" I snaped out of my trance and looked to him "I-I uhm thought iIsaw something. le-ts go" Walking to the door I put out my hand and griped the handle I tried to pull it but it didnt budge then I tried to push still nothing.

"Alec, the door wont open" He came from behind me and tried to open the door "shit... that damn.. it's ok ill just call Nicola." He pulled out his phone while I went to "I think I left mine at the tea shop.." I spoke softly "Nicola-" Alec spoke but stoped "-mine just died." 'oh how amazing'

//Ok its done the chapers done dont kill me. I wasent verry insperd still am not but what ever i kind of just update randomly so deal ok? ~ xxXsummerXxx//

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