The Book of Roses

Welcome to the book of roses, the roses that will never die, unlike the cheap ones that they sell for the holiday. The three roses, each a rare color, represents the past, the present, and the future. Each rose has a different significance which you will see more of as you continue to read this book. Will you be a pink rose, a blue rose or a purple rose? Will you let your past affect your present? Will you let your present hold you back from the future? The book of encouragement, the book of rules, the book of affirmations, the book of roses.


1. Purpose of Book


                       Purpose of Book


  The purpose of this book is to be a guide for growth. In life we tend to get caught up in all of the messes and troubles which leads us to being stuck. We beat ourselves up but we tend to forget how far we’ve come and how much we have to look forward to. This book is filled with encouragement, affirmations and rules to help everyone grow and become a better version of themselves. I am no expert in the field of self-growth as I am still growing as a person but hopefully this book will help others out there and they can learn from what I’ve learned.  I was inspired to make this book out of lack of self-appreciation for myself and seeing other people not appreciate who they are. When we reflect on our past and compare it to our present, we should see how far we’ve come but somehow we tend to still get stuck on what we did and didn’t do in the past. When we look at our present, we should then look towards the future in order to know that God has a lot in store for us. Instead of looking at our present and feeling stuck or in a state of not knowing whether or not we are doing enough.

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