Fairy soul. Heaven's breach

It's now been years since Brent and Tiffle arrived at Tir Na Nog. The war with the vampires was over and time kept passing. Months passed with nothing happening. The daily life of the fairies continued. But an old enemy was on the horizon as the unholy race finally returns to haunt the fairies. Will the new alliance be able to defend from the unholy race or will Brent fall to the might of the Seraph unit and the special agent Hawk!


24. Take it!

Shadows loomed over the castle as Brent sat inside his room. He looked down at his right arm. He could still feel a slight soreness coming from his right shoulder. To think this was torn off from his body. He looked at her bed:
"Tiffle," Brent said as he stood up. He could feel a certain heaviness over himself. He walked out on his balcony. Fairies were moving around the castle. Astraloinus was directing them. Hayden was talking to a few soldiers and Tiara was preparing defenses at the stairs themselves. Brent had been told to stay here. He could use a small amount of wind magic but not enough to defeat an opponent:
"Fairy wind," Brent said moving his hand in front of his face. A small breeze erupted from it hitting his hair:
"Feeling somber?" Brent heard a familiar voice:
"You have been silent for so long. I thought you were dead." Brent said. The whole room twisted and he appeared in the white room. The little girl looked at him:
"To think that wind fairy was my key...How sad." Amaterasu said as she looked at Brent:
"What do you want?" Brent asked:
"I'm just talking to my little, broken, Brent," Amaterasu said with a laugh. Brent looked at the little angel:
"Who are you...They seemed to know all about you." Brent said:
"You ask me this now...After so long?" Amaterasu asked with a grin. She slowly stood up straight and looked at Brent:
"My name is Amaterasu...The greatest criminal in angel history. The strongest demon among the angels. The fallen angel herself." Amaterasu said as she laughed the wings moved slowly around her:
"So you really are a fallen angel," Brent said. Amaterasu nodded:
"Aren't you gonna pick up your metal scythe and charge up those stairs like a mad man?" Amaterasu asked with a grin:
"What can I do? My soul bound is severed...my connection to Tiffle is gone. I can produce minimum wind magic but I don't even think I can muster up a fairy wind." Brent said. Amaterasu laughed loudly as shadowy hands creeped out of the shadows behind her. They began to move toward Brent and wrap around him:
"You've given up. your despair taste so sweet." Amaterasu said with a laugh:
"Will you just leave me be. I might be sad but I won't ever let you take control you fallen demon." I said. Amaterasu hands crept back into the shadows. She walked a few steps closer to Brent in a skip-like manner. She then stopped in front of Brent and lend forward a bit looking straight up into Brent's eyes:
"Want that power?" Amaterasu asked:
"What do you mean?" I asked:
"I will offer you a nice little deal. I will allow you to use my full power until you've gotten you little Tiffle back...And you will give me a good amount of your soul. I won't take too much don't worry." Amaterasu said with a laugh:
"You are insane if you think I'm gonna take the help from you," I said:
"Listen to me...Pretty boy. I hate the angels more then I hate your guys. The enemy of my enemy is a friend." Amaterasu said as she levitated up. Brent looked at her as she flew around him:
"I want to slaughter those winged bastards and I wanna do it as quick as I can. So if you accept this we both will be happy." Amaterasu said. Brent looked at her as she flew around him:
"Tiffle would never forgive me for accepting the help from the likes of you," I said:
"Tiffle won't be around to forgive you if you don't," Amaterasu said with a laugh. Brent glared at Amaterasu. The girl giggled softly and then moved right up in front of Brent. Both of her wings wrapped around Brent and the two were now just a nose-tip away from each other:
"Accept my power, Brent. Take it! We will slaughter those Seraph bastards...Take back your little girlfriend and my key...And smile while doing it." Amaterasu said with a giggle:
"I won't." Brent said:
"Okay, okay, okay. What about we make a concrete deal then. What about I say that I will allow you to use my power to the fullest and use it to the max without limits and I take a good ten percent of your soul. It's a low price for the power of the most dangerous villain." Amaterasu said. Brent raised both eyes:
"I want that fairy to be here more than being with them. It's like I'm giving away the only key to my prison to the wardens...I want this to Brent. Let us do it!" Amaterasu said. Brent sighed and looked at her:
"I die you die...Try anything funny and I will stab myself to death. You will go down with me, Amaterasu." I said. The angel smiled and then nodded:
"Expose your neck." Amaterasu said. Brent nodded and moved up his neck. Amaterasu moved forward and bit into Brent's neck. The darkness grew in the room as Brent felt his body warm-up. A black aura erupted from Brent and his eyes turned slightly cold. He blinked a few times

He woke up in his bed. He sat up and looked around him. There she was. Amaterasu stood at his side:
"Greetings, fairy boy." Amaterasu said:
"You are out?" I asked:
"For the amount of time, the contract is here. I will be outside the prison. I won't be able to run away from you tho." Amaterasu said as she smiled. Brent looked at her:
"Now try calling for me. You are used to having Storm's feather...but now call me." Amaterasu said moving her hand forward:
"Come to me, Amaterasu!" I shouted. The angel laughed with an evil tone as she turned into a black light. She flew up and hit Brent's hand. The light glowed from Brent's hand. brent motion down to his side and then pulled his hand slowly up again. He produces a long thin Katana with a few chains hanging from the hilt. There was a black and purple light coming from the blade. The hilt of the sword has a golden and black pattern and there a few feathers around the hilt:
"Oh. It's so nice to stretch my powers again. We have a soul bound so now I can turn into a weapon too. I'm not a scythe but I know you had training in all blade fighting. Now go. We are on the hunt for some angels!" Amaterasu shouted. Brent nodded and walked out of his room. The katana in hand. The black aura erupting from him. 

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