So this is a story that I thought of for, uh, no specific reason. Just because you read it doesn't mean it's true! Anyways, this is an Eddsworld story. Eddsworld belongs to Edd Gould. Thank you.


Author's note

Just because you read it doesn't always mean that it's true!!!

1. Chapter

Far held Eduardo close to her by his jacket. Yes, Eduardo was taller than her, but she made herself terrifying. “Don't you ever hit Jon like that again, you hear me?” She growled. Eduardo grabbed her the same way she was holding him. “Obviously, you don't know who's in charge.” Far’s feet were barely touching the ground. “I've told myself plenty times.” She said. She let go of him with one hand, and took a swing at his face. He fell to the ground and Far fell on top of him. “I didn't like that punch, maybe I could return it!” He shouted and punched her eye. She punched him back, “No refunds!” 

Tord and Matt hurried outside to see the two throwing punches at each other. Matt pulled his younger sister off of their neighbor. Tord looked at the damage she had done in amazement. Eduardo had a bloody nose, black eye, and a chipped tooth. He was lying there, smiling. “Hey, princess, looks like you need your boyfriend and brother to keep you out of trouble.” Far growled, “DON’T CALL ME PRINCESS! And I don't need them!” 

Tord felt a sharp pain in his chest as Far said what she had. Matt turned Far to face him. “What was that all about? The fight? ...saying you don't need us?” Matt looked worried and sad. “Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your ego worse than I hurt his face?” Far said as she pointed to Eduardo. “I-I, uh…” Matt stammered as Far tore from his grip and went inside their house. 

Tord walked over to Jon. “So, what happened? We just heard screaming and came out here.” Jon looked at the ground in shame. “I did something that upset Eduardo, and he punched me on the cheek. Far just happened to be in your front yard when this happened, and started arguing with him, and he argued back, and then their verbal fight turned into a physical one.” Tord felt another pain. ‘Why does she care so much more for Jon then she does for me?’ He nodded. “Alright, thanks for the information.” 

Far ran through the front room. Edd looked at her in concern. “Are you o-” he was cut off by Far yelling. “Shut the heck up or you’ll get it too!” She never stopped walking though, she went straight to her room. She slammed the door behind her. She locked it and went straight to her bed. Roe was probably hanging out with Amber again, and she was kind of glad she wasn't in the room. Far held her knees to her chest, and let the tears escape her eyes. 

Amber came out of her room with a chinchilla on her shoulder. “So, Roe. What do you think that could have been?” The rodent made a squeaking sound. “Yeah, it was probably her.” Amber replied with a little concern in her voice. She approached Edd. “That was Far, wasn't it?” She asked as Edd nodded. “Do you know what's going on? She's worrying everyone.” Edd looked at the ginger, hopefully. She nodded. “I do, but I think she might get mad at me if I tell anyone.” Edd groaned. “We all want to help her, but I don't think we can if we don't know what's going on.” 

“Alright, but if she finds out I told anyone, we are all dead, and I don't want to die again.” She told him. Edd was fully aware that Amber, Far and Hailee traveled dimensions together, and Far was the only one who happened to be alive in their home world. In fact, everyone that lived there knew. Amber sat on the couch staring into her lap. “Well, our home world just happens to be a world full of infamous serial killers called Creepypasta. This is because ideas come true in our dimension, if you believe hard enough that is. But, the so called ‘father’ of the Creepypasta, has some of the people who work for him, or even him himself, stalks people. This gives them a sickness that is almost impossible to get rid of. She has this sickness and on top of the stress that that is giving her, she is actually still a lot younger than she is now. That's all the information I can give you for now.” 

Edd sat next to her while she was speaking. “Oh, I wish I could have known sooner. I feel so bad.” Amber nodded. Roe gave a sad squeak as she jumped onto the arm of the couch. Tord came in with Matt slowly following. “What happened out there?” Amber asked. Matt let a tear fall down his cheek. “She said she didn't need us.” Tord felt another stab in his heart. Then he was caught off guard by Amber grabbing his arm. “You, me, my room, now.” She said as she dragged him there. 

She entered her room and looked at him. “You must be wondering why Far acts like this.” Tord nodded. “Yeah, but how did you know that?” Amber chuckled. Do you really think crossing dimensions was going to take away my ghost abilities?” Tord nodded, “yeah, actually.” Amber shrugged. “Well it didn't. Anyways, she's just super stressed. She has this sickness and there are two known ways to cure it. There's nothing you can really do, but this sickness puts lots of stress on her, and in addition, she has to hide the fact that she travels dimensions from her parents, and she also is a really young girl in our home world struggling with school.” She explained. “Well, we need to find another way to cure her!” He said. “We can't, it's too risky. I was sent to Earth after I died as a mission to keep her safe, and do you know how hard that is, keeping an insecure, little girl from getting hurt from the dangers surrounding her? I'll tell you, extremely!” 

Tord gasped quietly. “Insecure? Getting hurt? What do you mean?” Amber sighed. “I've said too much, but there’s no going back now, is there? She's insecure just like I said, she is actually one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet, because she just can't bring herself to you know, hurt someone. When we came to this world though, she decided that she needed to be more mean so the people here wouldn't treat her as they did back at home.” Tord was confused. “What? What is she insecure about though, and why?” Amber stared into his eyes. “She says she is ugly, fat, a terrible person because she punched someone back in junior high, but it wasn't her fault. And she says that the universe hates her because whenever she tells anyone any of her weaknesses, friend or foe, they always use it against her. But you know, I've been with her her entire life I know everything. I know she's stronger than she thinks and she has grown to be a beautiful, amazing woman...I just can't seem to get her to see it. In fact, if you go up to her door right now, I bet you could hear her crying, shouting false things into the mirror, pounding, or even a pencil on paper.” 

“Why would I hear pencil on paper?” 

“That chest of her’s, you know what's in it?” Amber asked as Tord shook his head. “She keeps drawings, of how she's feeling. She sometimes even put the lyrics to a song that expresses her right then on the paper. She always feels like she needs to be alone, but what she really needs, is someone like you to keep her company. She actually likes your presence.” She told him. He stood up. “I need to go.” She nodded. 

Far laid on her bed, curled up in a ball. “Why did you hit him? Didn't you know, he is a human being?” She said to herself. ‘Yeah, he's human! He's not a Rack like you are. He doesn't understand you, no one does.’ Far shook her head. “You're wrong. Amber knows! She understands!” ‘No, she doesn't!’ Far stopped talking, and so did the voice in her head. She started sobbing again. 

Tord approached her bed room door. He heard her cries. ‘Amber was right, crap. Maybe I should start being nicer to her.’ He thought to himself. Without thinking anymore, he took out his lock pick, and picked her lock. He opened her door and she immediately shut up. He went up to her, “hey, look, I know you want me to leave you alone, but at the same time, you're kinda glad I'm here.” He sat on the edge of her bed, and put his hand on her side. “I want to help you with whatever you're going through.  And I want you to know, that, whatever others may say, like Eduardo, you're an amazing girl and you're the light in my world of darkness.” Tord stood up and left, with closing the door behind him. 

After he left, she tightened her ball. “I'm his light…” she repeated to herself. 

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