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1. New Introductions

He can still remember the rising and closing of the curtains. The standing applause of the audience and whistles from the back of the crowd. The smell of the auditorium stage and the rather pungent smell radiating off the players. 6 years and it's still fresh in his mind. 

6 years of his life that were practically wasted. He didn't mean for it all to go wrong but after his parents split he's had a fear of marriage. He doesn't want to get divorced so he just never gets married. 

He had his first girlfriend her name was Jessica but they didn't work out. Seven months into their relationship she outright proposed to him. He said no and hasn't seen Jessica since then. 

He had another girlfriend her name was Raven. She was a sarcastic person with an insane attitude. Two months into their relationship and she got down on one knee for him. He said no to her in a polite way. 

His last crazed girlfriend was Clarisa. A typical drama queen and entitled spoiled rich kid. Don't know why he had picked that one out of the sea but of well. She proposed just like the other two and of course he said no. 

Then he spent the rest of those years going through university and having random flings with girls. It wasn’t like he was appalled to the idea of commitment or marriage he just didn’t want to marry the wrong girl. He meet Ronnie, Rocky, Laura, Beatrice, and Julie. Each one failing each lacking what he was looking for in a girl. 

It wasn’t until one December night he was walking home. He had had the worst luck in the history of the world. He had decided to fly home to see his family. There was heavy snow though and his plane was delayed 4 hours which means he didn't board until 12:45 am. He didn't land until 2:15 and then had to take a taxi. He didn't have enough cash to go all the way to his parent's house so he had to walk 4 miles back home. 

Only to stop at a bus stop from being dead tired. Right when he was about go doze off a girl walked up and started talking to him. 


”There”s pickpocketers around here you know. Falling asleep here they're bound to take your cash.”


Confused, dazed, and shocked he responded ”What? Uh yeah, I know that I just I'm tired.”


”yeah I can tell by the way you were falling asleep and drooling on the bench,” she said. 


”I was not drooling thank you very much,” he said. 


  ” I beg to differ anyway my name is Jenna what's yours,” she said. 


”Uh Jacob my name is Jacob,” he said. 


”well it's nice to meet you Jacob maybe I'll see you around,” said Jenna. 

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