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2. Jenna

“Wait you actually did that? That’s crazy I wish I would’ve seen it!”


    “Why’s that it wasn’t anything spectacular.” 


  “You’re kidding right Jen, girl I’ve known you for 12 years and not once have you done something like that.”


    “You make it sound like I did something completely insane. All I did was tell him the truth. There were pickpocket’s in the area and, he was falling asleep.” 


  “Yeah, but you talked to him. Last week I tried to get you to talk to my brother and you froze up and then ran, and threw up in my trash can.” 


  “I’ll admit that was not my finest moment. I I don’t know why I talked to him. I just didn’t want him to wake up and all his stuff be gone.” Said Jenna. 


  “Yep sure that’s exactly why you did it.” 


”It’s true! Besides, it's not like I'll ever see him again. I only know his name that's it. 

    ...Oh no Felicity don't you dare!” said Jenna pleadingly. 


  ” Too late already doing it lets see. Hm there's two Jacobs that live in town,” said Felicity. 


”Wait really are you serious? You think he actually lives in this town? I've lived here all my life I think I'd have recognized him.” said Jenna. 


”Yes, that's exactly what I believe I mean from what you told me he didn't seem very worried,” said Felicity.


  ” He was half awake he probably doesn't even remember meeting me. We talked for like two minutes that's all,” said Jenna. 


  ”You’re gonna see him again I will make sure of it. Even if I need to drag Clyvin into it if I have to,” said Felicity. 


”What! No, don't drag your brother into this. Seriously I'm fine not seeing him again. It was nothing serious.” said Jenna stammering. 


” Nonsense we are finding Jacob, and my brother knows everybody who lives in town. Besides he totally needs this gossip!” Said Felicity ecstatic.


    “Felicity no don’t tell him!” Said Jenna while running down the hall.


  “Too late already am ha-ha you can’t stop me.


  “Felicity stop at least wait for me! 


“Man you’re slow I’ve been waiting for ever.”said Felicity sarcastically. 


  “Ha-Ha very funny. Why do we have to tell your brother. He’s gonna think we’re crazy.” Said Jenna. 


  “ First of all he already knows I’m crazy. Second because we used to tell each other everything.” Said Felicity. 


     The door creaks open as Felicity and Jenna enter Clyvin’s room. Layered out on the floor are clothes everywhere. The tv is playing the radio station with his favorite bands playing. In the corner Clyvin is playing a gentle tune on his guitar.

At the creak of the door he looks up at us. 

“Jenna? Sis? What are you to doing In here?” Said Clyvin.  


  “I’ve got some great gossip for you! It’s about our great friend Jenna here.”said Felicity excited. 


  “At this he perks up and looks at me. Really?” He asks. 


“Yeah, guess what! She met a guy during her run yesterday!” Said Felicity.


“What? That’s great Jen did you talk to him?” Asked Clyvin. 


“Uh yeah, I did. That’s why Felicity wanted to tell you. She wants to try and find him so I can talk to him again.” Said Jenna.


  “Cool, and you two need my help since I know everybody in town?” Asked Clyvin. 


“I was hoping you would be willing to help. I mean it’s for Jenna and she’s like our sister right?” Said Felicity. 


“Yeah I’d be willing to help. Is it wha you want Jen? Do you want to see him again?” Asked Clyvin. 


“I mean the fact that I might have to talk to him again scares me, but I would like to see him again. I did tell him I hoped we would meet again. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity.” Said Jenna.


  “Well I think it’s a great idea then. I’ll help you find him I mean it shouldn’t be that hard.” Said Clyvin. 


“Great thanks bro! I can’t wait Jen you’re gonna love this!”said Felicity.


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