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3. Jacob

The clatter of the kitchen utensils. A guy enters in his pajamas looking stern at the other fellow in the kitchen. 


     “At this rate you’re gonna send Jacob away before tonight,” he said. 


    “He ain’t waking up anytime soon I could drop every dish in here, and he’d still be sound asleep. You were up when he came home. The kid was dead tired.” He said. 


      “Just keep it down Antonio we don’t need the kid waking before she gets here.” He said.


  “Ok, wait who’s coming?,” Asked Antonio.


  “Jacob’s fiancé who else would come to welcome him home? Kris  Kringle?,” he said. 


           At that moment the broom drops signaling an echoing sound throughout the house. 

    Antonio turns around and Jacob is standing there staring wide eyed at the two of them. 

    “My what?,” Asked Jacob. 


  “Your fiancé apparently I never would’ve guessed you get married before me.” Said Antonio.


        “Get married, me I’m not getting married?” Said Jacob defensively. 


        “Tom said you were he even invited your fiancé over for today.” Said Antonio. 


  “What? Tom! I don’t have a fiancé! What in the world gave you that idea?,” said Jacob. 


      “You don’t? I got the invitation to your wedding in the mail.” Said Tom. 


    “That makes no sense I’ve never even proposed to anyone. I’ve been proposed to, but every time I’ve said no, so there’s no way I’m getting married.” Said

    “Ok, let’s drop it for now. How’s college treating you?” Asked Tom. 

        “Ugh it’s stressful at the moment. I’m glad to be able to get away for a little while.” Said Jacob. 


      “How’d you sleep? Tom here said you were dead tired coming home last night.” Asked Antonio. 


      “Uh I had this very weird dream last night. At least I believe it was a dream. There was a girl there and she was going on about pickpockets. It was very weird.” Said Jacob. 


    “Hmm that is weird. 

The three spent hours trying to decipher Jacobs supposed dream. They then talked about Jacobs supposed fiancé that Tom has invited. 

“Wait okay let me get this straight. A random person who claims to be my Fiancé is going to be here in 5 minutes?” Said Jacob. Ok let’s get this over with then.” Said Jacob.

At that moment the doorbell goes off signaling this fiancé has finally arrived. Now it was time for Jacob to settle this right here and right now. 

Opening the door Jacob steps back shocked at who’s standing at the door. 

“Raven?” Is that you?” Asked Jacob. 


    “Jacky I’m so happy to see you! I can’t wait to get married!” Said Raven.


    “Raven we aren’t getting married. You proposed and I said no that was it. Pretending to be my fiancé is just wrong.” Said Jacob.


    “You’re just tired sweetie, but don’t worry I’ll take great care of you.” She steps up running her fingers through his hair. “I was thinking maybe we should move our wedding date up to tomorrow.” Said Raven.


    “What no! We aren’t getting married!” Said Jacob stepping away from her. 


    “You heard him Raven he said no.” Said Antonio.


  “Oh shush It I’m talking to Jacky not you.” Said Raven. 


    “Leave Raven I don’t want you here.” Said Jacob.



“No we need to finish planning our wedding. She tries running her fingers through his hair again Weren’t you” listening silly.” Said Raven. 


  “Stop touching me. Ugh fine if you won’t leave then I will.” Said Jacob while slamming the door behind him. 

He climbs onto his bike and rides over to joe’s diner for some time to cool down.

“Hey Joe can I get a chocolate smoothie please.” Said Jacob. 


  “Sure thing coming right up.” Said Joe.


     Sad and stressed he sits pondering his thoughts while he drinks his smoothie. 



“Hey is this seat taken?” She said.

           “What? Uh no I suppose not.” said Jacob. 


“You look like you were hit by a truck. What happened?” She said. 


  “Girl troubles that’s all. I come here to wind down.” Said Jacob. 


  “I come down here to calm down to. It’s always so calming compared to what’s beyond those doors.” She said. 


  “Yeah I understand what you’re saying. It’s refreshing to sit in here where it’s quiet compared to the noise outside.” Said Jacob. 


  “What brings you out here today?” Asked Jacob.


  “Boy troubles that’s all.” She said.

           “Oh well I’m Jacob.” 


    “I’m Jenna. It’s nice to meet you.” Said Jenna. 


  “So are you in college or something?” Asked Jenna.


“Yeah I’m in college. What about you?” Asked Jacob.


    “I’m also in college.” Said Jenna. 

The two talked about various things from what they did in college. They girl\boy troubles they’re having at the moment. They talked about the problems with various tv shows and movie endings.

After they finished their smoothies they didn’t want to stop talking so they took a walk.

Jacob claiming to have known a shortcut lead them right to a pond. The pond was frozen over because of the cold weather but they sat on the ground admiring the view. 

When they finally got back into town after Jacob claiming he knew 4 different shortcuts which ended up being all dead ends. It was dark out and getting colder by the minute. 

Wanting to escape the cold they went and got some hot chocolate before heading back to their separate houses. 

Now after hours of being gone Jacob returns back home. 

“Jacob thank goodness we were worried about you,” said Tom.


  “What? Why? I texted you that I’d be back later.” Said Jacob.


  “That’s what I told him but he figured you’d be gone two hours not the entire day.” Said Antonio. 


    “What were you even doing that took you the entire day. I figured you’d go to joe’s then come back.” Said Tom. 


  “I met a girl at Joe’s and we got to talking. We lost track of time that’s all” said Jacob.



  “What was her name?” Said Antonio.


“Jenna Walker and she gave me her number.” Said Jacob.


    “ well that’s nice for you.” Said Tom. 


    “Yeah glad you had a good time.” Said Antonio.

Across town Jenna is being bombarded by questions from Felicity and Clyvin. 

“Was he cute please tell me he was cute.” Said Felicity. 


“I guess he was I don’t know Felicity I wasn’t checking him out.” Said Jen. 


    “He seems pretty nice.” Said Clyvin.


“ He was nice and I had lots of fun.” Said Jen.  


“I gave him my number so we could meet again.” Said Jen. 


    “That was a good idea I can’t wait to meet him!” Said Felicity.


      “Seriously sis she just meet him today calm down a bit.” Said Clyvin face palming. 


    “Never I don’t calm down. This is to exciting!” Said Felicity. 

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