52 Weeks of Positivity

52 Weeks of Positivity is a collection of weekly writing prompts designed to keep focus on all the good things happening in the world. They are a way to sharpen your pen and explore new roads to walk on.

Join in and follow my progress as the weeks fly by.


Author's note

If you are looking for feedback then leave some for me and a link to your story. I will drop by your story as soon as I have time and leave a comment rughly the same length as your comment.

2. Dear 2019, please come in


Dear 2019, you’ve barely begun
But I already have hopes

for what is to come
for friendships, for exams
for books I shall read
for tasks and for challenges
I shall complete
for happiness, laughter, and smiles
for growth and for joy
that will last a long while
for a sweetheart to capture my soul
friendships and soulmates
I’ll take it all
So dear 2019, do please come in
I am ready for you to begin


Prompt: A new beginning

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