Avengers 4: End Game

the Snap has separated the remaining Avengers, with Tony lost in space with no chance of survival, and the rest grieving for the losses on earth. with no means of contact to Tony and missing reports streaming in, they must locate Thanos to bring back friends, family, loved ones and part of themselves to balance the universe once more.


Author's note

!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! sorry if this story is close to the movie. remember the date of release: April 26 2019

2. Earth: Avengers HQ

the Avengers Head Quarters in Upstate, New York looked grimy. instead of its normal white glow, the white plates were caked with dirt. the lawn hadn't been mowed because the caretakers were gone. inside, Bruce was looking at Missing reports. Scott Lang was a big picture, and he thought that this man was the so-called 'Antman' the smaller picture was of Shuri, whom he met in Wakanda. she tried to get the stone out of Vision's head, but failed by a sneak attack. Vision had exploded when Wanda blew the stone up while it was still in his head. Thanos had the Time stone, and used it to get the Mind stone, ripping it out of Vision's head. Wanda was dead, as well as Bucky, T'challa and more heroes. he assumed that Tony was dead as well. he saw Shuri's photo get replaced by a young boy's face. the name caption was Peter Parker, who was last seen on the school bus on a field trip according to Ned Leeds. the photo was simple: jacket unzipped on a white shirt, hair combed and a straight face, like you see on drivers license. the classified information was what Bruce looked at, and it shocked him. the information was forbidden for police and sent straight to the avengers. now he knew why.

He was the Hero he saw in New York with the fuss on the Time Stone: Spider man. 

he put his head into his hand and sighed: it had been a long day looking at Missing reports, all in which he knew were prenounced 'Dead' by his standards. he closed the high-tech computer and walked out. Steve was outside, talking to Natasha about what they should do if they see Thanos again.Steve hung his head and from the light outside, Bruce saw he was crying.Bruce knew Bucky and Steve had been close since World War II and been fighting by his side since. seeing Steve cry for his dead friend was a shock for Bruce, especially when he had known Steve for many years and hadn't seen this man change his emotions once.Natasha looked hopeless because maybe not even half of them remained and none were able to get a dint in trying to stop Thanos. Bruce barley could keep the Hulk Buster in one piece just by facing one of Thanos's minions. even Vision was helpless.

Rocket came in and sat down glumly.

"Rabbit, calm done. i've lost family too and we need to fight back." Thor said impatiently.

"how do we if we aren't even half? how do we if we can't find or kill Thanos? as much as i want to kill that grape, we are useless against him!" Rocket said in a low angry voice. 

"uh, is anyone home? this is Scott Lang!" a voice called over the cameras at 5pm.

"we met a few years ago, at the airport and i got really big." a man said at the front door. he had an old red van parked outside and had a jacket, jeans and a t-shirt. he had black hair and brown eyes. Bruce couldn't recognise him from anywhere.

"Antman, Antman i know you know that!" the man continued.

"is this an old message?" Steve asked, getting up.

Nat got up behind him."that's the front door."

"yeah that's me. can someone buzz me in?" Antman continued.

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