Sister 2 Sister

Elise and Alexis are the newest editions at Santa Monica High school; and also quickly trying to adapt to the upper crust lifestyle of southern California. Where kids driving their own cars to school is the norm...and dating the hottest guys is a must. Cali seems to be everything Alexis has ever dreamed; and a complete culture shock to her older sisters System. Elise a beauty in her own right has no problem telling the world to take her or leave her. While Alexis is out to create a whole new persona. and The days of being bullied and called busted are over. But will Santa Monica High drama be more either of them to handle. Will Alexis knock anyone out of the way; to become the hottest girl in school? Even her Own flesh and blood? Be careful cause in the game of Love and popularity...everyone is fair get hurt.


7. Who are they??


    After about 35 mins of driving the GPS finally led the two sisters to the school which would be there new domain; for the next two years for Elise and 3 years for Alexis. They pulled into the entrance which was marked student parking. Elise could not believe her eyes at how many people drove to school. And not in regular cars no these cars looked better then some of the teachers cars. Porches BMW high class...Benz...all colors Range rovers...even hummers. Elise immediately knew that her fears of this school being Uppidy kids central, made her head hurt a little. Alexis however looked at all the cars and said...."ooooooooh girl....i hope the guys match the rides!"


    She couldnt help but laugh at my sisters high spirits. Once they parked...She took one last deep breath and grabbed her black and gold studded back pack and headed out.  Alexis loving the warm air and sun shine, dug through her red book bag and grabbed her black shades. And said

    "Alright strut. Strut like your life depended on it."

  Elise hit the lock on the car and said "Yeah im just going to walk like a normal human being. But have fun playing imaginary Runway model.

     Alexis sucked her teeth and flipped her thick hair and began walking out the parking lot into what they could only describe as the outside pit. Some boys were throwing a ball back and forth and almost knocked them over. They scurried passed and heard the howls as we moved along.

   "Damn babe who is you?" one shouted

'Whee woo....pretty eyes over here!"

 " I want shorty with the booty ey baby!"

   They continued on even as their voices faded further away. Soon they were standing around in the front of the school; waiting for the bell to ring. And Elise could see that all eyes were on them. And a lot people were whispering amongst themselves. Alexis began feeling self aware and asked her sister 

   "Hey how does my eye brows look? They not crooked are they?"

  Elise rolled her eyes "Girl would you relax? Nobody is focus on us. Nobody pays attention to the new people."

   But as she saw somebody pull up there phone at them and quickly walk away....she felt need to retract her words.

   "What the hell did he just take a picture of us?"

Alexis shrugged an she continued feeling like a fish in a bowl.

   Soon the sound of horns broke most of the stares and the kids began running towards the parking lot with there phones. Elise looked at her sister....Alexis pulled her older counter part.

    "Well dont just stand there come on! follow the heard!"'

  Really? Elise thought....Follow the heard? "I rather play in dirt." she muttered.

   Alexis walked over to the gate and noticed three empty spots in student parking...She wondered who they belonged to....but she soon would get her answer. As three All white cars honking their horns came down the parking lot; in single file. They all pulled into the parking spots...and people had their phones out. Some were taking pictures....others were on IG or facebook live.

    Alexis was enchanted by the Range seemed to stand out more then the Benz and Caddi. Soon The Caddi doors open and three girls all in white strutted out first. Then the Benz opened up to a Blonde girl who pants and top set seem to shimmer...and the girl driving the car was a black girl who eyes shot a cold stare at everyone. 

   Kids were shouting Janelle! Hey girl...and Amber those shades girl! But then the rover door opened and the kids went wild. And Alexis was face to face with the Queen of the Queen bees....Selena. people were actually treating this girl like a celebrity. In her velvet white pants piece....and white leather jacket....she just seemed to drizzle fabulous.

   Soon a girl with a note pad...with a guy with a Cannon HD SLR camera were pushing through the crowd. She spoke to the one name Selena..."Can we do an interview for the paper later during lunch? We loved to hear how you guys came up with this years entrance theme?"

     Selena smiled and said.... "Sure see then....ladies....lets go inside."

And soon they were parting the crowd like moses parted the red sea. Effortlessly people moved out the way. Alexis knew in that moment that she had to make it in good; with them.

    Soon a Flash took her out of her own thoughts...

    "What the hell? Dont be taking pictures of" 

She looked to see a beautiful boy...handsome about 5 7 in height..and brown skin...with chinky eyes.....she could tell he was a heartbreaker.

   He smiled and said

    "My bad honey dip. You was just looking nice over here...not taking your picture would of been a crime."

She smirked a little then quickly put on a front.

   "Well next time just ask....ill have a better pose for you...."

His eyes looked flirty "Nah you couldnt do better then this." He leaned over and showed her the picture he caught.

The wind was blowing in away that made her hair move like water...and her looking away in a daze made her look...well breathtaking...even to herself. She said

   "Oh're pretty good."

"I take pictures for the school paper....I'm Derek."

"Alexis...nice to meet you..."


   Derek rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend who gave him a fist pump. Alexis noticed the boy looked alot like Derek said

    "Alexis this is my stupid cousin Sean....he's a creep."

Sean interjected "I am not....i just know beauty when i see it. And a newbie...You new shortie?"

  Alexis muttered " and my sister...Elise? Where is she?"

   Almost on cue Elise long figure gracefully walked over to her sister. Running her fingers through her curly hair. The boys couldnt help but wide eye her....she was tall and once she made eye contact with them both....they were staring....her grey eyes strikes again.

   Elise looked at the boys and said "Well take a picture it will last longer?"

"Gladly" Derek said and snapped with ease.....Elise grimaced at the light then smiled...

   "Alexis who are your new friends."

"Derek with the camera...and Sean...with the....lines." she chuckled.

Sean said "Omg all these beautiful girls here i feel like a baby in a candy store."

   Elise laughed "That was so wonderfully corny...that it was actually funny."

Alexis agreed yeah....

   "But who were those girls in the all white."

Sean rolled his eyes "Oh...the queen Bees....they over do the first week every year....even in middle school Selena Janelle and Amber were like that."

   The girl who wanted to interview them came over to Derek.

    "Darling come on...We got to get to Kaden and the basket ball team before the bell.....who are these people?"

   Elise smirked "Wow what a way to ask peoples names."

  "Im Christian." she said a little snooty "Sorry...its just even freshmen faces are not that new. Everybody kind of knows everybody around here...and you guys are really...not from around here...nice army jacket."

   Alexis was getting irritated. She hated passive aggressive behavior. Elise could care less  so before she Alexis could turn her face to make an enemy Elise chimed

    "Im Elise...this here is my little sister Alexis. We just moved here from far....we love the Air of the place."

   Christian face chimed "Philadelphia lovely...Derek and Sean are that far from ya. Virginia Beach right Darling?"

   Derek said "actually no where near...Philly is almost 5 or more hours away from VA alone.....sooo"

Christian smiled "Well there eastern people no less....make sure you guys come to The first day beach party after school okay?"

   Alexis said...."Sounds fun...Derek...will you be there?" she said with a smile.

 Derek smiled back "You bet....I"

   Christian then hit his arm hard and pointed to the basket team.

    "Derek...come on..we got work to do...oh see you two around?" It sounded a little fake but they smiled anyway

"Yea....see you around." Elise said kind of loosely.

   Sean followed behind them...and blew a kiss at them....and headed away.

Elise rolled her eyes hard and said

    "Well that was overly tight feeling. Had to attract the newpaper girls boyfriend huh?"

The bell rang and Alexis and Elise made their way to the school office.

   "Girl I cant handle if the man thought i looked good. She need to step it up...or get behind."

 Alexis looked over her schedule and knew Elise and her would be lucky to have any classes together. Elise pointed and said...."we got English together"

    Alexis sighed "Yeah but nothing else....god today is going to suck without you."

Elise hugged her sister tightly and then stared deeply into her rich brown eyes; enchanting Alexis with her grey ones.

  "I'll see at 3'll be fine i promise."

Elise then did there signature handshake and said "Sister.....

Alexis ended the handshake and said "To sister."

  And both walked their own way...both worried on what they were getting themselves into; at Santa Monica High.



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