Sister 2 Sister

Elise and Alexis are the newest editions at Santa Monica High school; and also quickly trying to adapt to the upper crust lifestyle of southern California. Where kids driving their own cars to school is the norm...and dating the hottest guys is a must. Cali seems to be everything Alexis has ever dreamed; and a complete culture shock to her older sisters System. Elise a beauty in her own right has no problem telling the world to take her or leave her. While Alexis is out to create a whole new persona. and The days of being bullied and called busted are over. But will Santa Monica High drama be more either of them to handle. Will Alexis knock anyone out of the way; to become the hottest girl in school? Even her Own flesh and blood? Be careful cause in the game of Love and popularity...everyone is fair get hurt.


6. All White everything



     Its the first day of school and as Tradition Selena is dressed in and All white Chanel one Piece pants set. With a white leather coat from Barneys. As she sat in her white Range Rover she checked her Gold and brown hair for any stray hairs. After that she grabbed her phone and called Janelle; her best friend out of all the The Queen Bees.

   "Yo Sel what up bitch?" She said in her sultry voice.

   "What up Slut?" Selena replied in a sassy tone.

  "I hope you bitches are ready because this year i plan to make the ultimate entrance."

"You already know I'm Ready. I made sure my dad got my baby white Mercedes waxed and shined up the rims."

 Selena rolled her eyes....Janelle loved calling her car baby. But at least she did what she was asked. Thats why she loved her so much. She knew what it took to be at the top. Didn't ask questions like those others girls who honestly are just fillers. Janelle however was her real friend. And they would ride this train together.

     She smiled and started her car.

        "Well look I'm on my way to your house...are the girls there yet?"

  Janelle groaned " Yea annoying as Bia is here....talking about her trip to Milan over the summer....AGAIN!"

  hahaha Selena chuckled " Yeah she stupid annoying about it. But im just trying to see all these FREE designer clothes she said she was given. You know she don't need all that shit!"

   Janelle laughed "Girl who are you telling. She saids this white skirt set she wearing today is one of the pieces...hmm i am not impressed Sel!"

   As Selena drove closer to her house she switched the call on the speaker of her car....she wondered if Bia was close by. But then she got her answer when she heard Janelle respond

   "Yes bitch...i meant it when i said that outfit aint all that! Its just my opinion damn...Bia dont be so sensitive."

Selena chuckled like "Bitch! you were saying that in front of her! You have no soul."

  "Cold as Ice...well at least about fashion. Im sorry bia come here....come wanna ride with me?"

   Selena could here Bia say really??? yeah.  Selena knew Janelle didnt want her ass driving with her alone. Selena laughed at how mean Nell could be. But then she thought on the line

          By Rank they had Three cars Selena up drove in the back of the line and in her car alone during this tradition. Next in Line was Janelle in the middle she drove with whoever she pleased. And in the front Selenas  drill master was Amber. She drove a white Caddilac and the two puppy dogs drove with her. She pretty much made sure they knew the ends and out of being apart of the crew. But to be honest...she wasnt feeling Bia and that that other girl Rossana. They both thought they was too cute. She fixed their asses though once they got to school.

        Selena pulled up in her range rover and saw Amber already in the car with the two puppy dogs; Rossana and Carrie. As Janelle and Bia walked to her car...she immediately got annoyed by Bias outfit. It was a skirt set from the Furlo and Bonnie collection...and it was....

     "Trash...." Selena shouted from her car.

Bia eyes locked with Selena and she looked at her clothes....then Selena said 

   "Omg Puppy dog im kidding...its cute. Go head with ya bad self!"

Bia smiled "Omg Selena thank you." Janelle looked at her bestie like really?

  Then she made a face and said  "And that is why i think you should switch places with Carrie. Let her ride with Janelle. They both wearing white rompers lets stay uniform okay? Now hurry up lets go!"

   Carrie exited the caddi with Amber...and quickly went in the passenger seat with Janelle.....Janelle silently happy texted Selena.... "Thannnnk you! my bitch!" Selena responded.... "thank me later....lets get moving."

  After Bia shyly got in the back seat with Rossana Amber pulled off....then Janelle and Selena right behind. They drove through the streets like a crisp white celebrity line. Last year they all pulled up in Red drop tops...this year white would really turn heads.



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