Sea Of Jades

There was once a legend,
A legend lost and much forgotten by humans,
Sea Of Jades.
A legend about tribes fighting in wars.
A legend in which gods were viewed powerful.
This is a story about:
And Love
Namu Tala learns upon her journey in saving mankind, how a wish began from the Sea Of Jades can become a blessing and a curse.

Namu Tala discovers she wished for something that can’t be reverse. In the times of crisis, she was brought back years before the industrialization of the Philippines. In her adventure, she learns hidden truths and learns about the meanings of: Trust, Freedom, Faith and Friendship. Among her adventures she must save herself and mankind.But, what will she learn on her quest? What will be waiting for her in the Sea Of Jades in the end?


1. Epilogue

Once upon a time, When gods walked on the earth, They left mankind a gift for their prayers, Sea Of Jades, A sea that glow in the water, A sea that granted any wish, A sea some people saw as a tool instead of a gift, A sea lost and much of it is forgotten, For none now lived to remember it in the present, A sea that some feared it will start wars, A sea that was feared by some and still used as a weapon for many,    

A sea that still hasn’t been destroyed..

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