Mimi is a new girl to the University. She had a pretty easy going life until - boys started to join her life... How will she get through such studies? Not only are there boys, but there are also many girls after her and Mimi is trying her best to escape the madness! Luckily, she finds friends named Lisa and Joy which are there to help her.

Author: tyheartsmimi

Co-Author: trbl.


Author's note

I hope you like this multifandom fan fic :)

2. ♡ First day of college


     Today is my first day of college! I know it's a big change for me too. Growing up was never something I feared, it was more of what I wanted. Mom says growing up is just going to give me heart burn - I don't know what heart burn she's talking about.

     My name is Han Mimi, or Mimi Han - and I am going to be a freshman in the university. I am eighteen years old and I still have never had a boyfriend. The more I think about it, I realize that I have never actually been in a relationship before. Who knows if College will direct me in another way?

            Oh, who am I kidding? No boy will have a crush on me if my life depended on it! I’m approximately 5’4 and I don’t think guys would like a girl too short. My hair is long, black, and curly – this is probably greasy looking to boys. My last couple of features are very basic. Tan skin, freckles, and green eyes.

            Okay, where to start? I grew up in America. Dad is Korean, while mom is American. I got more of the American look though. So, I basically grew up as a half blood knowing both languages and cultures. People always looked at me as a normal person in America, but ever since I stepped one foot in Seoul, people started to give me looks. I don’t know if the looks are good, or if they’re bad and that’s why they can’t get their eyes off me.

            I grab my suitcase out of my hotel room I booked for a couple of days. Moving to Seoul before school starts means I have to at least live somewhere till then. I have never ever lived in a hotel before, but the one I lived in for three days was pretty nice!

            The walls are plain white, but they are very shiny. There is one queen sized bed, a flat screen TV, one nightstand table with a lamp, and a single bathroom. I’d say it’s roomy for a solo comer.

            My phone dings as I begin to pack my suitcase up. I pick it up and check who’s texting me. It’s my mom.


Mom: Hey! How’s your first day so far?!?!?!?!

                                                                        Me: Mom, it hasn’t started yet –

Mom: Oh right, the time is different over here…

Me: That’s okay, I’m headed to the school right now 😊

Mom: Well, good luck and don’t forget to text me before you get to class!

                                                                        Me: Rodger that


            I set down my phone for two seconds until I get another text. Rolling my eyes, I pick up the phone and read the new message.


Mom: REMINDER!!!! Try not to get caught up in boys.


                                                                        Me: k.


Mom: I’m serious because I don’t want you to go through what I went through…


Me: MOM! I promise I won’t get caught up in boy drama, I’m not that girl you know…


Mom: Good girl! Love ya!


            At this point, I think it’s smart to just leave her on read. I shove my phone into my back pocket and prepare for the day. I roll my bag over to the body mirror/closet door thing and look at myself. I was dressed pretty cute today, and I can’t wait to show myself off – not that I’m that type of girl or anything, but it’s still nice to flaunt your outfits, you know?

            Finally, I head out the door and venture towards the semi-crowded streets. This my friend is going to be an adventure worth waiting for. A new girl at a new university, how more exciting can it get?

As I finally reach the bus stop, I feel like I’m waiting for hours. The air is really warm and perfect for my outfit. People around me still give me stares that I can’t tell the temperature of. Some Korean Commoners have their backpacks on and suitcases as well. Some of the people here with me appear to be foreigners like me!

            The bus finally decides to come, and I board it. It’s filled with more tourists than Korean people. I manage to squeeze my way in and stand while holding the metal rod attached to the ceiling. Boy – I hope I get to the University station quick, so I don’t have to stay cramped in here for long.

The woman next to me is holding a crying child. Her little boy just keeps kicking and punching the air and people around him. His mother looks very upset with him and I can’t just let this be this way for the whole bus ride! Just as he starts to bawl harder and receive evil looks from people, I remember I have lollipops in my backpack!

I reach my hand in and pull out a pop for the little boy. As I hand it to him, he just sniffles and stares at it. I can feel a smile arising his mothers face as I do this generous act. The little boy takes it and is just sniffling now. No more tears out of him! I smile at the little boy.

“Gamsahamnida.” She thanks quietly. I do nothing but wave the generosity away with a mouthed, “Your welcome.”

            Finally, after feeling cramped and guilty for keeping my roller out in the walkway for people, the bus finally reaches the university. Beautiful people surround me and just go on with their lives. One guy is dancing to some kpop songs while the rest of the people are just walking and laughing with their friends.

            As for me, I don’t have any friends – not yet at least. Hopefully, I will find one sometime soon. I make my way into the office building to retrieve my dorm room and class schedule. The line isn’t so long because the council really has their stuff together and goes by quick.

            After I grab my schedule, I turn around and accidentally bump into someone tall and muscular. I rub my forehead and look up. In front of me is a tall masculine boy who has a look of disgust on his face. People around us gasp and keep to themselves after the tiny incident. To describe him, I would say he’s got tan skin, brown hair, and sparkling brown eyes. His personality doesn’t go well with his looks.

“Hey, watch where you're going.” He asks me, crossing his arms. My eyes notice his muscular arms and I gulp a bit.

“It was an accident.” I say, turning my head down and trying to rush past him. My alternative is to always forget the mistake and move on if it’s not worth an apology.

            Before I could even take one step away, he stops me with his hand. I look back up at his sparkly eyes and sigh.

“What?” I ask him.

“I don’t care that it was an accident, I want a direct apology.”

            He straightens up his broad body and crosses his arms again. Who does this guy think he is? I’m actually in the mood to punch him right in his perfectly shaped face. My fists clench, and I smile at him. My smile is so forced, my cheeks are beginning to hurt. I don’t want to cause any trouble on the first day of school. Classes start in 3 hours and I can’t let anything bad happen before then.

“I don’t think a rude person deserves an apology.” My mouth drops the smile and I roll my eyes as I begin to walk away again. He grabs my arm and pulls me back again. This time, his expression seems to have changed to angrier.

“Who do you think you are?!” He shouts at me. People start to draw their attention towards us again.

“Han Mimi, and you are?”

            He starts to breath heavily. It’s almost like this guy can’t take criticism! I watch as his face looks very mad when he looks down at me. Now his teeth are starting to grit. The worst part is, I can hear the teeth gritting.

“You don’t deserve to know my name. Not after all of this. I actually can’t believe you don’t know my name.”

“How would I know your name? I’m a foreigner, I’ve never been here before.” I cross my arms this time with a yawn. I’m getting tired of this guy.

“Really? You don’t know him? How funny.”

            We both turn our heads to the left to see a girl. This isn’t any ordinary girl. She has beautiful long dark brown almost black hair, pale skin, perfect cat eyes, and such a skinny figure. She also has two girls at her sides, I’m guessing those are her side minions.

“You must be new.” She says, looking me up and down, “I’m Kim Jennie.”

            She looks really rude now that I think about it. So rude and so pretty! She’s just like the girls from the movies… Her friends are also beautiful too! How can someone so mean have such good karma? Jennie coughs and elbows the girl to her right. The girl whispers to herself shocked and fixes her posture.

“I’m Nancy Mcdonie, but don’t call me that.” Nancy greets, rolling her eyes. She probably feels forced into talking. Jennie elbows the other girl and she ends up introducing herself too.

“Oh, hah – uh I’m Solar, but everybody calls me Solar.” Solar smiles and Nancy, Jennie, and this rude guy next to me look at her annoyed.

“Solar, everyone calls you Solar. You don’t have to say that they do.” Nancy rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

“That’s what I said…” Solar’s voice lowers, and she fidgets her hands a bit, “Ha-ha, whoopsie….”

“Anyway,” the guy says, “Why don’t you lovely girls tell her my name? – oh, and maybe a little bit about me.”

            Jennie blushes and smiles like a happy human being. Wow, first time I’ve ever seen something like this from her. She’s usually very petty looking.

“It’s Lucas Wong. He’s the most popular boy in school even though he’s just a sophomore! He’s known for his amazing singing and looks – how could you not know him?!” Jennie finishes with excitement and looks as if she’s about to jump on him any moment just to cover him in kisses.

“Oh, don’t forget to add, he’s totally Jennie’s boyfriend.” Nancy adds in a monotone voice.

            Lucas opens his mouth a bit to say something but then stops and just lets Jennie hug him. Something is already so weird about this school. I feel like Nancy is the type of girl who secretly hates everyone – even her closest friends because of the way she comes off.

“Oh yeah! Ha-ha – Jennie and Lucas are always dating.” Solar perks, paying more attention to the butterfly flying by, than her friend hugging Lucas.

“Cool.” I say, and I try to walk away again.

            Not surprisingly, Lucas grabs my arm again. His left hand grabbing my arm, while is right arm is around Jennie, who might I add, seems to be enjoying herself.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

“Uh – I only have three hours to do everything and I don’t want to waste it here.” I look up at Lucas and I could feel the cold stare of Jennie on me,

“Okay?” he answers me with a rude tone.

“Okay? You were the one who asked me – “

“I think it’s best if you just leave.” Nancy jumps in, smirking at me evilly.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I tried…”

“OH MY GOSH JUST GO ALREADY!” Jennie shouts. Lucas jumps back a bit but then goes back to hugging her.

“Way ahead of you.”

            I march away and they all eye me down. Even about nearly a block away from them I can still feel a hard stare. So suddenly, college is starting to get annoying. Will there ever be something to look forward to? I can’t stand annoying people and boys who think they’re so hot and cool – ugh. If only I had someone or something to keep me calm.

            Okay, let’s just focus on something more important. Where am I going to be spending my nights? Oh yeah, room 365 on the 7th floor in wing B is going to be my calm place! – hopefully if I get good roommates.

            In wing B, the elevator is full or people and there’s people waiting in line. I sigh and stand in line waiting…and waiting some more… and some more… Okay, I can’t be in this line anymore. There has to be an alternative. To my left, there is a flight of stairs – bingo.

            Although the staircase is very, very, very – long, I still manage to at least try to get up as fast as possible. It feels like forever. Finally, someone offers me a hand. He’s tall, and lean and he has a hat on so I can’t quite see his face.

“Thank you.” I thank, bowing a little after we step up some stair steps.

“No problem, just doing what I can to help out today. It’s quite crazy on the first day don’t you think?” He asks me. I shrug my shoulders as he manages to carry my suitcase and his own up the stairs.

“Well, it’s my first day, I wouldn’t know.” I look down and sigh. He whips his head in my direction and stops in his tracks.

“Your first day? Are you yeodongsaeng?”

            I turn to look at him. To my surprise, he is actually quite handsome. He’s also a foreigner! If I would guess where he’s from, I would say he’s from Mexico? Spain? Brazil?

“Depends, are you in an older grade?” I ask him. He smiles, flashing me his very white teeth and amazing jawline definition. Wow, this university has some handsome boys…

“I’m a sophomore. I moved here from Spain two years ago to pursue my studying. What about you?” He turns back to look up, and I can see my hallway just ahead.

“I’m from America. Mom is Korean, so she lives here while I grew up with my dad. It’s more like 18 years with Dad, and 8 years with mom. Then, in the end, I get the rest of my life with both!” I sigh and smile because the thought just makes me so happy.

“What a unique story.”

“Thank you! – my hallway is right here!”

            He walks me to my dorm room and hands me the handle of my suitcase. All the girls are giving him drooling looks while mumbling about. He breathes in then out and continues to smile with his mouth closed.

“Thank you so much for your help, is there any way I can repay you?” I ask him, pulling out my room key. He shakes his head, still grinning.

“I think your name would be nice.”

“Oh – “A cute boy wanting to know my name? I’m so surprised of todays outcome. My mom is going to be furious if she hears the truth.

“It’s Mimi, but you can call me Mimi – wait – “I shake my head and bury my face in my hand while laughing, “That was embarrassing.”

“No, you’re fine! You just sound like someone very close to me.” He giggles and scratches the back of his head.

“Is it a girl named Solar? Because I just met her…” I lower my tone because meeting Solar and her posse was not exactly the best.

“Yes! She’s actually my close friend.”

“That’s nice. What’s your name anyways?” I ask him, smiling a bit.

“It’s Cristiano.” He pronounces it in a Hispanic accent which would make any girl melt!

“Well, Cristiano, I just want to thank you again!”

“No problem Mimi, I’ll see you around.” He turns and walks away. Girls heads peek out from doors and corners just to see him. Is he popular? Must be.

            I scan my key card and open the door. Inside smells like lavender and it’s so big! It’s like a whole living studio in here! With a mix of lavender, it also happens to smell like cookies! With joy, I run over to the window and peek out. I don’t see any sign of that rude boy and his rude girlfriend, so that’s nice.

“Anneyonghaseyo.” A girl greets from behind me.

            I turn around and in front of me is a beautiful girl with bangs, long orange/brown hair, pale skin, and a very skinny body figure. She has a beautiful straight tooth smile and big wide eyes. I almost wish I looked like her.

“Hello! I’m Mimi Han, I’m your new roommate…?” I hand her my schedule and she examines it before handing it back while nodding.

“I’m Lisa. This is our dorm and I’m super excited to share with you and our other roommate!” Lisa perks and chuckles while sitting herself down on the edge of the bed.

“Another roommate?” I ask her. I thought we only had one other roommate?

“Although the schedule says we only have one other roommate, we actually have three to a room do to population issues! She joined us late because of some technical issues, but she should be back in just a second – “

            The door makes a ding noise and a girl with long black hair, pale skin, juicy red lips, big eyes, and a skinny figure walks in with grocery bags. She reminds me of that Kim Jennie girl but more polished and more kind looking. Jennie does not look very kind at all.

“Oh, hello.” She greets with a mouth closed smile. To me, she seems kind of shy.

“Hi, I’m Mimi! I’m one of your new roommates!” I stand up and walk over to her, “Can I help you with your bags?”

“That would be very kind of you Mimi. I’m Joy, I just moved here from Gwanju.” Joy greets.

            She doesn’t have to smile very much to get me to like her because the truth is, I like her very much. She is so kind, and her voice is very soft. I feel like she’s not a very social person, but if you got to know her, she could become more open around you.

“Wow! I just moved from America.”

            They both look at me wide eyed, especially Lisa. She grins and hops over to us to help Joy with her groceries.

“I knew you were a foreigner! I just didn’t know where from!”

            The rest of the three hours I had to spend was spent with my amazing new roommates. I actually got a lot out of Lisa. Lisa is from Thailand and she is also a dancer. Joy, I didn’t get much out of her because I think she’s still a little too shy.

            Eventually, we figured out that our first period is math. We all had it together considering we are all majoring in the same thing. I just really hope Joy at least likes us a little. She seems like she does, but just has a hard time coming out.

            In class, the three of us sit together in the high bleacher desk seats. Except I sit next to a boy too. Lisa is on my left, while this boy is on my right. He seems to have circle glasses, and dark hair. Almost like a nerdy boy to me.

“Hey, I was wondering if I could borrow a pencil?” He asks me, gulping a little. I smile and nod.

            When I reach into my bag, Lisa seems to be making strange noises in which only Joy and I notice. We look at each other with concern, then look at Lisa. Lisa licks her lips and mouth’s, “Phone” while pointing at it. She probably want us to look at her phone.

“Here,” I hand him a mechanical pencil and grab my phone to look at what text she’s sending me. Joy does the same.

“Thank you.” He says.

            I read the texts from Lisa:

Lisa: Hey, keep your phone down! I don’t want anyone to see what we’re talking about!


                                                               Me: What’s going on?


Lisa: The boy next to you is LEE TAEYONG! He’s a professional before he has his degree! He’s one of the most handsome and professional in the school! He even nearly beats Lucas Wong – who might I add is crazy intelligent!


            So that’s what’s so important about this guy huh?


Joy: Lee Taeyong…you mean the one who helped that one guy create a holographic computer?

                                                          Me: Wait, he’s done that?


Joy: Yeah, Taeyong is really well known around here. I’m surprised I didn’t notice him with his glasses on.




“You know,” Taeyong starts to whisper, “If your friend is interested in me, why doesn’t she just talk to me?”

            A huge grin is plastered across his face. My eyes widen with fear. Oh no, he just saw our whole conversation! Lisa’s eyes look like they’re about to pop out of her tiny head and she slams her head down on her desk. The professor doesn’t notice quite yet because there are so many students.

“Did you just snoop on our text messages?” I ask him, in a whisper tone. Taeyong licks his top lip and nods. He also looks like he’s about to laugh.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. While you were mad texting, I discovered the pencil you gave me didn’t have any led.”

            He raises his eyebrows at me, Joy, and Lisa who seems to be still head on the table embarrassed. He lifts the pencil and clicks the end a couple times to show that there isn’t any led. I swallow nervously and hand him some led from my hello kitty pencil pouch.

“There.” I say.

“Thank you.” He says again, inserting the led to my pencil.

            We begin to actually listen in and take notes. In the middle of it, the bell rings so quickly, I don’t even think that was the full 100 minutes. As we all stand to pack up our bags, Taeyong grabs my arm – what is it with guys and grabbing my arm today?

“Before you leave, here’s your pencil.” He hands me the pencil and I nod while gulping. Lisa is already out of there in no time. His eyes follow her on the way out and so do mine and Joy’s.

“Also, just so you know, my friends call me TY.”

“Oh, well why are you telling me this?” I ask him, genuinely confused on why he’s even talking to me like I’m his friend.

“Because, you let me borrow your pencil. Let’s be friends.” Ty smiles so cutely and holds out his hand. Nervously and slowly, I take it and shake.

            Before I even know it, Joy busted out of there too. As I am about to do the same and I’m so close to the exit, I hear a person yell,

“Hey!” I turn around and look up the bleachers to see Ty calling for me, “What’s your name?” He asks.

“Mimi!” I shout back.

“Mimi? Nice to meet you today.”

            Sure, he’s cute, but he is also very scary. I don’t know how to tell my mom about the beginning part of my day, but let’ just hope there’s no weird drama for the rest of the year.


Hi! Thank you so much for being a supportive reader! Please tell me what you think!!!!!!!! We worked hard on this just so you guys could be satisfied!

-Mimi & trbl.








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