Drifted In

Faye and her family while on vacation go on a boat tour of the island, when a storm hits the small boat, she and other passengers are thrown off board. She is separated from her family and washes up on an island which looks uninhabited.

As she tries to survive she meets an handsome man, but he is nothing like anyone who she had known back home in New York.

She must now survive and thrive with a new civilization nothing like her own.


1. Sea Sick

This place had more green than I had seen in my whole lifetime. Little dirt roads instead of busy traffic lined streets, trees and huts instead of skyscrapers filled with businesses. How on earth did my Mother convince my Father to come here for vacation was beyond me. He thrived in the busy lifestyle of New York, the silence here may drive him mad. The island was so small I could almost imagine the strong waves being able to push the ground back and fort, the thought of it almost made me sea-sick.

Our uneasiness must of shown off since my Mother decided to jump into a rant. "Okay look, I know this wasn't the vacation you were hoping for. But we are here so we will enjoy it." She huffed putting her hands onto her hips. 

"Now I scheduled a tour of the island for ten, so lets head over and see if that will change all of your attitudes." She said then walked in the direction of the dock on the bay side of the island. "Benny seems to be the only one enjoying himself" She huffed again.

She was right able Benny enjoying himself, he had never seen anything like this in his life. This was a dream come true for him, or any other six year old. Mostly because he was allowed to get dirty and not get yelled at by our parents, that was something he would get scolded for back at home.

"Mom there are so many puddles!" He yelled with joy jumping in each one with the biggest smile on his face. His little green dinosaur boots were covered with muck, and each time he jumped his blonde feathery hair would flop up and then down covering his eyes.

"Benny come here" I smiled and he ran over. "Look right there"I whispered to him pointing out the biggest puddle so far which he passed accidentally.  He gave me a giant hug then ran over to defeat the puddle.

"Don't encourage him Faye" My older brother Brett said annoyed not bothering to take out his headphones.

I was going to respond, but it would be pointless since he would pretend he didn't  hear if I did. He was just mad since he wasn't allowed to go out with his friends all summer, and was stuck on this vacation with us.

"Oh my gosh" my mother gasped after we had walked for a good ten more minutes. I looked up to see the bluest water that I have ever seen, the sun shinning down on it even made it shimmer somehow. You could even smell the ocean breeze better now, and taste the salt in the air. For the first time in these past three days I was happy to be here, any sadness from leaving my friends and boyfriend for two months suddenly vanished and a feeling of calmness hit me.

Everyone's astonishment was short lived when Benny called out "Come'on people lets get on the boat already" his little New York accent came out then he started marching down the small hill.


"This boat is a lot smaller than the picture" Brett complained barely looking up from the show he was watching on his phone. This was the first time that he spoke within the past hour that we had been on the boat.

I ignored him and rested my head on my hand, the ocean seemed to go on forever. As hard as I tried to look, all I could see was blue and the occasional splash. Yet I could get used to living out here.

"Big Bertha here is only as small as you make it"yelled the captain from the upper part of the boat."She's the finest ship you can find around he here"

"Why is it called Big Bertha?" Benny asked me whispering into my ear.

I just shrugged giving him a small smile "Hes crazy" I mouthed. Which did seem to be true, every time a wave hit the ship he would yell out something absurd. Somewhere along the lines of "No one can sink me". "Benny you can go up on deck and ask him why." I laughed giving him a little nudge.

"Can you go with me" Benny asked innocently holding his hands behind his back sticking out his little belly. 

I got up, I never have been able to say no to him. Just as we walked a couple steps a strong wind came out of no where shaking the whole boat causing me to fall against the rail nearly going overboard. I looked behind us near the back of the boat and some very dark clouds appeared out of nowhere it seemed.

"Captain do you think we should head back"My Dad yelled over the suddenly loud rushing waves which were now able to sock the boat back and force quite easily. My mom grabbed onto Benny with one hand and held the seat with another attempting not to fall over.Even Brett who usually seemed unfazed by most things perked up to the change in weather, he had even taken out his earbuds and put his phone away.

"No, no that would do us no good now" the Captain yelled. "These storms pass as quickly as they come on" He assured. "We have two options. We can either head back but it's risky considering we have to pass the rocky side of the island it may sink us" He yelled over the roaring ocean. "Or I can try to head around the storm and miss it entirely, which I think is our best option"He yelled again turning the motor towards the ocean.

"I don't know about this Dad" I yelled to him worried. The storm seemed to be heading in the direction we were going. He must of been thinking the same thing because he pulled out the life jackets from the case next to him and handed each of us one. Even though I knew how to swim quite well this made me uneasy, I was very experienced with pool swimming but not as much with the ocean kind of swimming.

Our boat seemed to be making some progress, we were now further away from the rocks for sure. But now I could hardly see the land. I walked towards the front of the boat. "I think we should turn around" I yelled turning around letting go our the rail for only a second.

Just as I did the Captain yelled "Everyone hold tight its about to get rough".

A giant wave hit the side of the boat, which made me lose my footing sending me overboard into the cold water. I kicked as hard as i could fighting to get back up to the surface to take a breath, all air felt like it had been knocked out of me from the strong wave which had it me.

I gasped taking a breath when i finally made it up. "Help"I yelled to the boat which had already been pushed a good distance away, or was I the one being pushed.

"Faye look out" I heard someone yell.

A wave way to tall to out swim was right behind me, I closed my eyes not wanting to watch, and then everything went black.

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