If you were to imagine what this world would be like if every human being dressed the same, acted the same, talked the same, had no uniqueness at all.
This world would be so, so different in so many ways. It would be dull and so boring that you couldn't even think for yourself.

Clarette Vinetta is her name. She is who decides to be different. To dress in red, instead of the greys, blacks, and whites. She is 15 and she decides to make things different. She is the Abnormal.


2. Fly


Chapter 1:


Wearing White meant that I was still a child. Still growing and learning the ways of being Normal. Normal is the norm. You wear all white, grey, or black depending on your age. Since I'm fifteen, I wear grey, keep my brown hair long and past my shoulders. Wearing black meant you were past 30 and were mature.

To be completely honest I hate it. I want to be Abnormal, which is where people who are themselves and do what they want and wear what they want, they are not the norm. 

I want to be the opposite of the Normal. My favorite color is red, which nobody knows, and I love lions. Also not ok. Sometimes, when my dad and mom are asleep, I sneak some grey clothes that I colored red from some red ink from a stolen marker I kept from school and pretend to wear red in the mirror.

Now, there is color in the world, reds, greens, oranges, all kinds of shades. But they aren't allowed to be talked about. Since I was a baby I was taught to be quiet, soft-spoken, and like everyone. They say it's because it will keep the world under control.

There hasn't been another Abnormal for over sixty years here in the city, until now. We were killed if we were unique, so I must be quiet about it. Which I'm pretty good at pretending to be Normal. But one day, I will spread my wings and fly away. Right now, I live in New York, but I will find others like me. I will be myself. I will be Clarette Vendetta, the girl in red.  



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