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encouragement for those who need it. If you need someone to talk to I'm right here.


1. Negative thoughts.

Hi. I know what you're thinking. Not my usual stuff but hey everyone's got to shake it up a little. So anyway have you ever felt like everything you do will never amount to anything? I know I do. In fact it's exactly how I feel most of the time. The thing is though. I don't let it drag me down and stop me from doing what I love. It shouldn't for you either.


Taking negative thoughts and dwelling on them will do no one any good. It's given me nothing but grief. You tend to fail if you think you are. You're more likely to succeed in a class if you walk in with an a good attitude and good thoughts. If you walk in with a bad attitude it's not only going to suck for you. It's going to suck for everyone else who has to deal with your attitude. It tends to spread it around and then you have a whole group of people no longer in a good mood.


Not fun.


Also negative thoughts can affect your appetite and sleeping habits. Most of us people who think negatively tend to stay up all night and think about every bad thought we have. Some who think we are too skinny will eat a whole lot to try to gain some weight. Those of us who think we are too big will not eat much at all. IN fact some stop eating completely. Let me tell you one thing.


Bad for you.


Really bad for you. Anyway you shouldn't be thinking like that because you are perfect just how you are. Some people who believe in god I can say god mad you the way you are and god doesn't make mistakes. Those who don't believe in god and belief in other things well just saying now that nobody is perfect but no one is ugly or to big or too skinny. Y'all are just fine the way you are inside and out. 


I've heard this saying so many times that I know y'all are probably just as sick of hearing it as me but it's true. "Don't judge a book by it's cover." They might be pretty on the outside but let me tell you. Just because the outside is wrapped up in a bow doesn't mean you'll like what's inside when you unwrap it. Of course some people are gifted with utter beauty on both the outside and inside.


Well good for them. 


Just remember y'all are amazing. We all have to live together in this world whether we want to or not so why don't we make this experience the best we can make it? Live our lives like tomorrow is the end of it. Like there's no tomorrow. Dwelling on the past or gnawing your fingernails about what's going to happen in the feature will do you no good so just think about now. Be amazing and do amazing things because we all are brilliant in our own way. We all can make the world a better place by just believing in ourselves and what we are capable of.


Now go out there and chge the world.


Kasy out

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