The Wrath of Herobrine

EnderKing, a Minecraft player gets sucked into the game of Minecraft and realizes he's been called in t stop the evil Herobrine with the help of his friends CottonCandy and Tigerman.


6. Ares

The villager stood in front of me, with a devilish smile, the point of his sword just barely against my throat.


"Greatest warrior?" He laughed, "More like greatest failure!"


Then he grabbed my throat and threw me to the floor.He had incredible strength. My HP dropped, from hitting the floor. He teleported to me, and picked me up again.


"You're a disgrace." he spat, "You defy Herobrine, enderman? He created you to destroy. But, you enderman have a soft spot. You have a heart. Not me. Herobrine wants me to end you. I shall do just that."


Then he threw me up into the air, teleported up and slashed at me. My enderarmor absorbed the entire blow, not damaging me at all. I grabbed him, but he teleported out of my grasp, before we hit the floor.


I got up and pulled my endersword out of my inventory, and me and the villager ran straight at each other. He went for the first hit, which against me, was a fatal mistake. I always wait for my opponent to make the first attack so I can counter attack. But, instead of slashing he teleported behind me, and then attacked, but when he saw he wasn't harming me with me with his attacks, he yelled out in anger.


"Why won't you die?!?" he screamed in anger.


"Maybe because you suck." I said, but it wasn't me. It was something inside of me.


"WHAT?!?" He yelled out, even angrier, "I'm Ares, the greatest Minecraft warrior! I may be a villager but, I'm capable of things you can't even imagine!!!"


"Riiiight." I said, again, involuntarily.


His eyes began glowing a fierce red. My eyes glowed brighter as well.




Then, he teleported to CottonCandy and put his sword up to her chest.


"She will die!" he yelled. Everything slowed down, as he slowly began putting the sword closer and closer.


I heard a voice in my head say: Use your enderpearl.


Time was still going slow, and I pulled an enderpearl out of my inventory.


Good. Now concentrate on it. The voice said.


I concentrated on the pearl. It began to glow purple. I already knew what it was going to do. Time when normal again.


"Ares." I said


Ares froze and turned to me. When he saw the pearl, he dropped CottonCandy in fear.


"I think I am the greatest Minecraft Warrior." I said.


I when I pointed the glowing end of the pearl at Ares, purple flame shot out like a purple laser beam. After that, Ares knew no more. He was dead.


"EnderKing?" Tigerman said, "How did you do that?"


"I am the Enderman King." I said, with a smile.


"How are we gonna open the portal?" CottonCandy asked.


I pulled out my ender pickaxe and hit the obsidian. With one hit to every block, the portal was open. CottoCandy barley put her foot in and screamed. She pulled it out.


"What?" I asked.


"I felt my HP drop when I touched it." She said, scared.


I thought for a little bit.


"We're going in. " I said.


We jumped in and we all screamed in pain as out HP dropped.



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