The Wrath of Herobrine

EnderKing, a Minecraft player gets sucked into the game of Minecraft and realizes he's been called in t stop the evil Herobrine with the help of his friends CottonCandy and Tigerman.


5. Transformation

When we materialized on the other side of the portal, we were in a long cave. We slowly progressed, cautious of the danger inside of a dark cave.

I looked at the baby enderdragon we were keeping with us. I was almost hypnotized by its appearance.

"What're you gonna name him?" asked CottonCandy.

"I don't know to be honest," I said, "How 'bout Excalibur?"

The baby dragon's head looked up almost as soon as I said that. He licked my hand.

"He likes it." CottonCandy said.

"King look!"Tigerman said.

Ahead of us was a golden crafting table. I motioned for my friends to stay back. I walked up to it. A paper was on it. It read:

EnderKing, craft as if crafting a pickaxe, but with the glowing spheres.

-The Enchanter

I put two sticks and the three spheres the in shape of a pickaxe. Then, all of a sudden, my arms began to craft on their own and when I crafted the pickaxe, the spheres stopped glowing and turned into enderpearls. A black pickaxe popped into my inventory, then a sword, then all tools in Minecraft. And when the set of armor was crafted, half of my HP fell, and a shockwave sent me flying back into the wall. My head hit the wall and everything went black.


I woke up with a splitting headache. I was laying in a nice, soft bed. I saw a villager in the corner. I rubbed my eyes, but my hands felt extraordinarily cold. I looked at my hands. They were cubicle, but instead of being their normal peach color, there were pitch black. I looked at my legs. They were black too. I was an Enderman. I stood up, and I was tall. My legs and arms we bulkier than a normal enderman. The villager turned around and ran out of the room screaming.

Then, CottonCandy and Tigerman burst into the room holding their swords. Tigerman scowled at me.

"What did you do to our friend you filthy enderman?" he spat.

"Guys, it's me!" I said.

"You are not EnderKing!" CottonCandy screamed.

I thought for a second of how to snap them out of it, and I got the idea just before they attacked me.

"WAIT!" I yelled, "CottonCandy, if I wasn't EnderKing, then why do I have this?"

I pulled out my red glowing rose. She pulled out her pink one.

"Together..." she said.

"...Forever. " I replied.

When I said "forever" Both roses began to glow, and me and CottonCandy began to glow. Then my body returned to its original form. CottonCandy didn't change much. But, what I did notice what her eyes were purple. She looked at me in surprise.

"Your eyes..." I said, "Are purple!"

"Your's too." She said.

"Are you guys..." Tigerman said, "The King and Queen of the Ender-."

A big crash happened in the distance.

"What was that?" I said.

I looked out side, and a zombie bigger than the house we were in was walking around in the distance. It had a full set of golden armor, and had a wide diamond sword.

"Uh-oh." I said, "We have to kill it before it kills all the villagers."

"Dude, you have no chance of beating that thing," Tigerman said, "It's bigger than- LOOK OUT!!!"

Suddenly, the front wall of this tiny house was destroyed. When the dust cleared, no one was hurt, but an anvil was sitting in the middle of the house.

I looked outside, and the zombie was holding another anvil.

"RUN!!!" I yelled.

Me, CottonCandy, and Tigerman all ran out of the house, and crouched behind it.

"What are we gonna do?" CottonCandy asked.

"I'm gonna fight." I said.

"Are you crazy?" Tigerman yelled.

I ignored him, and reached form my diamond armor, but what I pulled out was not diamond armor, but a pitch black with purple particle dancing around it.

"What is that?" Tigerma asked.

"Enderarmor..." I said dazzled. When I finished putting the armor on, I swear I felt my eyes glow brighter.

I reached into my inventory, and pulled out my sword. It was black as midnight, with purple particles dancing around it. It wasn't enchanted. Yet. But I didn't have time.

I ran out from behind the house we were sitting behind and stood still there ready to fight. But, I didn't see the zombie. Only the destroyed houses. Then, right in front of me, the giant zombie burst out from the ground like a mining drill, dirt particle flying all over the place.

I ran back a five blocks, so I could stay out of reach of this monstrous creature. The smell of his flesh filled the air around us almost making me gag. His smell was worse than a normal zombie.

"The Enderman King," the zombie growled in disgust, "I will be the monster to end you."

Then he swung his diamond broadsword faster than I even imagined he could. This huge zombie moved as fast as a ocelot. I ducked barely in time for the sword to whiz just over my head.

One hit with that sword, and I'm dead! I thought.

This time the zombie swung downward at my head, and I rolled to the side. When his sword hit the floor, I felt the ground shake slightly around us. That's when I realized melee battle with this monster was inevitable death. I ran away and pulled out my bow, but it was all black like my armor and my sword. I only had one pitch black arrow. I fired it. It hit him square in the face, and when it did, the arrow teleported back into my hands. I fired it three more times. Scaring a hit every time.

He yelled out in pain and ran at me with incredible speed. But, I moved aside just before his blade could dig into my face. I pulled out my Endersword as he passed, and slashed at his back. It tore a chunk off of his armor. But, he counter attacked, and scored a strong hit with his broadsword. I flew halfway across the village, and smashed through the wall of a house. He began running at me I couldn't run back, left or right.

I was about to accept my fate, but then I remembered who I was. I concentrated a set of on a block way just in front of the house. Purple particles began to dance around me. Just before the zombie reached me, I suddenly teleported to that block. I was behind the zombie. His broadsword dug into the house's stone wall, stuck. I pounced and slashed at his back faster than I thought I could, destroying his armor. Once I started slashing at his flesh and his HP began to drop, he gave up on his sword, and turned around and punched me in the face. My HP immediately Dropped dangerously close to zero. I could barely stand.

Then, a small roar sounded over head and flying in the air was my baby Enderdragon, Excalibur. He had grow double in size.He was a bit smaller that the giant zombie.He began to spit acid balls at the zombie. The zombie roared back. Excalibur flew to me, and I climbed onto his back. He flew into the air, and flew straight at the zombie and extended his claws out. I pulled out my endersword. And as we swooped over the zombie, we slashed at the zombie. The zombie yelled out in pain. But, when Excalibur's tail swooped by, the zombie grabbed it and threw me and Excalibur to the floor like nothing. I flew off Excalibur, and Excalibur crashed in to a house, deeming himself unconscious.

My rage boiled over, and I finally lost it. I grabbed my endersword and teleported with ease all around the zombie wreaking havoc on his HP. Finally, I slashed one last time ending the zombie's life, his death leaving behind a blue portal.

Excalibur let out a weak roar. I ran to him, CottonCandy and Tigerman followed me. I thought quickly of what I could do, then I pulled a ender pearl out of my inventory, and I fed it to Excalibur. He ate it happily, his HP coming back. He also grew a little.

"EnderKing," Tigerman said, "C'mon. We're one step closer."

"Wait." a voice said behind us. It was a villager. He had a friendly smile on his face.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I just wanted to say thank you for saving our village." He said

"No problem." I said.

"Too bad your journey ends here." he said.

"Excuse me?" I said, confused.

The villager began to chuckle, his voice getting deeper and more demonic. His eyes began to turn blood red, and his arms separated exposing that he was holding a diamond sword. And he put on iron armor.

"Go through the portal... NOW!!!!" I yelled at my friends. But, the villager teleported in front of the portal and sealed it with obsidian. Then, he teleported behind me. And when I turned around, I had a diamond sword up to my throat..

"Now," he said, his voice sounding like twenty deep voices speaking at once, "I will kill you EnderKing."

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