The Wrath of Herobrine

EnderKing, a Minecraft player gets sucked into the game of Minecraft and realizes he's been called in t stop the evil Herobrine with the help of his friends CottonCandy and Tigerman.


4. Alternate Dimension

Me, CottonCandy, and Tigerman materialized in a room made entirely of endstone, aside from the floor which was made of obsidian. It was a small room, maybe 5 blocks tall, wide and long. In one of the corners, was a small chest. I opened it, and there was tons of tnt, dispensers, redstone, buttons, water bucket, wool, and redstone torches. And last, there was a paper and it read:

Use these materials to your advantage . CracK the code, and you will succeed.

-The Enchanter

The enchanter was a ancient villager. He was the one who sent us on this mission and called us into the game.

We heard a sorrowful roar above us. I gasped in shock.

"Tigerman, dig through the ceiling." I said.

He looked at me confused, but he did so. We climbed out of the hole and the sky was dark with obsidian pillars stretching into the sky. We were in the end, the home of the enderman and the Enderdragon.

"Be ready for anything." I said.

"Ready." CottonCandy and Tigerman said.

All of a sudden we heard a large explosion.

"Quick, get behind the pillar!" I said, quietly. I looked on the other side of the pillar and what I saw surprised me: Three wither heads floating around with ribs underneath it. I turned back to my friends.

"We're not here for a dragon." I said, "We're here because a wither. The wither must have killed the dragon."

"Well, let's go!" Tigerman said, quietly.

"Wait." I said. I notched an arrow with my regular bow, aimed and fired it at the wither. I heard my arrow hit the monster. Then, it spoke.

"Do I have another victim?" It said in a metal sounding voice. It started to approach, and we started to move around the pillar so it wouldn't see us. But, then CottonCandy screamed. The wither was on the other side. I fired another arrow and ran. The arrow missed because the wither didn't make any noise.

Then, I was hit in the back with an explosive wither skull. It almost sent me cascading over the edge of this pale landscape. It had full health everytime we hit it with arrows.

"It's not working!." I yelled.

"We need a weapon with major damage!" CottonCandy yelled.

"Wait, I got it!" Tigerman yelled.

He began to build a structure with the materials the enchanter gave us. When he finished he had built three TNT cannons.

"FIRE!!!!!" he yelled.

We all fired at the wither, our explosive weapons tearing its HP appart. Finally it was dead, the smell of gunpowder in the air.

"WE DID IT!" I yelled. But, then the sorrowful wail sounded again.

In a huge crater behind where the wither died was the dragon. I ran to it.

"It's dead." I said, fearful it would attack me.

"I'm not gonna make it." It spoke, "Please, can you do something for me?"

It lifted its large wing and underneath it was a baby enderdragon about as big as a horse. I put my hand out to the baby dragon and it licked my hand with its purple glowing tongue. It was now my pet. The mother dragon wailed again and rose into the air and burst into light, leaving behind a portal. We jumped in the portal, taking the baby dragon with us.

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